Where'd Everyone Go?

  1. Frank Johnson
    Frank Johnson
    In jail or what?
  2. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    Yup, got locked up for makin' moonshine... lol
  3. Frank Johnson
    Frank Johnson
    Phew! Did they let you out so you could donate blood and make a little money for bail?
  4. Roger Mace
    Roger Mace
    Its now the busy playing season ;-) Festivals and conventions everywhere.
  5. Frank Johnson
    Frank Johnson
  6. Bernie Daniel
    Bernie Daniel
    Yup been out of circulation here myself as well - -I think someone said it -- its seasonal. This has been a pleasant summer in Ohio and everyone is out doing things -- I think we are in for a cold snowy winter and that is when the chat will pick back up!
  7. k_rowan
    well, i don't get to hit to many festivals anymore, but.. i did just start lessons with a guy in northeast ohio, and found 4 jam sessions, mondays, tuesdays, wednesdays, and thursdays..

    i'll be getting more information in a couple weeks, but i know 1 is fairport on thursday nights, at the senior center, at around 7:00

    the others are in willoughby, eastlake, and chardon.. if and when i get more info, i'll let ya know if interested
  8. MikeBrennan
    Hey k_rowan, I'm in Perry, Ohio. I'd be very interested in the details of those jams around here, so if you get more info please post it.
    Mike Brennan
  9. Brooke
    Hi Everybody,

    I am a seriously green-afied new mandolin player. I have a Michael Kelly mandolin. Can play a few BG tunes while looking at the music... looking to get going here. Anybody in the Cleveland area?? I am in Cleveland Heights. Also looking for a teacher if you know of someone to suggest. Thanks! ~Brooke
  10. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    Welcome Brooke! There are several Cleveland-area pickers, they should be chiming in before too long.
  11. Dawgeared
    Hi All,
    I'm newly registered but have been reading the forum for awhile. I'm posting with some information for Brooke. This post may not be as soon as Tracy was thinking it would be, but here it is.
    There are a couple of picking circles you might be interested in here in Cleveland. One is right in your neighborhood at the Fairmount School of Music on the first Sunday of the month starting at 2:00pm going until at least 4:00pm. The room where we pick is upstairs of the Roots of American Music store front, the door upstairs is just to the west of ROAM. It's east of South Taylor in among the store fronts on the north side of Fairmount Blvd.
    The other circle I know about that you might like is at the CanalWays Visitor Center in the Metro Parks off of E 49th south of Grant Ave. Hank Mallory works at the nature center and hosts the circle there once a month on a Saturday, sometimes the 3rd, sometimes the 4th. This month's circle is October 24th. Starting time is 1:00pm. Generally 3:00pm is the official stop time but you know how that can go. He's been having themes through the summer, which has been a great way to come up with and learn new songs. This months theme is 'John Prine', but really any song will do. Best to have 4 or 5 songs ready, three to four chords in a song to keep it fairly simple so we can all join in. If you're not comfortable leading a song you can pass and just play along. Both circles are relaxed and welcoming to all levels of expertise. They are a lot of fun and I hope to see you at one or both. Jim
  12. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    Better late than never, Jim!
  13. John Gardinsky
    John Gardinsky
    The 21st should be a go for me, I'll let you know for certain Tracy. Good for you to take the initiative to organize this thing. John
  14. Tracy Tucker
    Tracy Tucker
    Awesome, John! There may be several of you coming from the Columbus area... do you want me to put you in touch with each other and see if you can't get a carpool going?
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