Week #59 ~ All of Me (Swing / Jazz)

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  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    This week's winner is a first for this genre.... swing / jazz

    All of Me

    Here are two TablEdit files from www.mandozine.com

    Here's a page with a midi file of the tune

    That's about all I've got to offer on this tune... should be very interesting!
  2. Eddie Sheehy
    Chords and Lyrics:

    All Of Me

    written by Seymore Simons and Gerald Marks

    All of me why not take all of me
    A7................................ Dm
    Can't you see I'm no good without you
    E7 ..................... Am
    Take my arms I wanna lose them
    D7.................... G7
    Take my lips I'll never use them

    C ................................ E7
    Your goodbye left me with eyes that cry
    A7 ................................... DM
    And I know that I'm no good without you
    ................ Fm......... C................. A7
    You took the part that once was my heart
    .... Fm ......... G7 ....C
    So why not take all of me
  3. Eddie Sheehy

  4. OldSausage
    Yes, that chord melody version is amazing. I have no idea what I'm doing with jazz, but here it is anyway. Backing provided by Band in a Box (J_Combo setting):

  5. Marcelyn
    Wow! You guys are awssome!
  6. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    I agree, ya'll are amazing.... sounds like you've been playing jazz your whole lives!
  7. Eddie Sheehy
    Ahem, that's not me in the chord version - I just wanted to show what I'm aiming for... hopefully by the end of next week...
  8. Tosh Marshall
    Tosh Marshall
    David, if that is you having no idea of jazz, I'd hate to see ya when you know it!!!!! I think you are more than capable of most forms of music. Splendid stuff....
  9. Tavy
    That really is great stuff there! Amazing how you come up with this so fast as well!!!

  10. Rob Gerety
    Rob Gerety
    Terrific stuff. Lord this is fun. OS - what kind of mic are you using to lay down your tracks?
  11. OldSausage
    Thanks folks. Rob I used just a plain old Shure SM58 in this one.
  12. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Eddie, I was about to accuse you of chopping off someone's head, and passing it off as you! haha!
  13. OldSausage
    I see that "All Of Me" is one of the tracks on Don Stiernberg's new CD that the Cafe is promoting. Maybe he'll come and play it for us! I'm quite tempted to get that CD now.
  14. Rob Gerety
    Rob Gerety
    That Shure mic sounds pretty darn good to me.
  15. Eddie Sheehy
    It Shure does... great job David.
  16. BlueMt.
    The chord melody version that was posted is done by Justin Branum on a 67 Gibson EM-150. Well done, Justin.

    OS, Your version was great!

  17. mculliton123
    Mando, schmando!! this song screams out for the melodic strains of the Tiple.

    (sorry if i scared anyone's cat or small child)

  18. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Michael, I can tell you were super enjoying yourself, and rightly so! Wonderful! I'm not saying this is difficult, or anything, but we've only had 2 submitters so far! Good job both of you!
  19. mculliton123
    Thanx, Barbara, it IS a fun tune. And you're lucky, i had a whole medley planned but thought better of it <g>.

  20. Marcelyn
    Okay, I'm completely impressed Mike. I had to share that video with my husband, the yuke player. His comment was, "That is the definition of cool."
    I'm all for your incorporating more singing and more tiple into future videos.
  21. mculliton123
    Thank You, too, Marcelyn !! there are a lot of great old songs with that same chord progression. i bet your husband plays a lot of them on his uke, too. Why not do a duet sometime?? that would be "cool" also!!

  22. Marcelyn
    Maybe when I've improved my mandolin skills a little more. We record a lot of tunes together on separate tracks, but I have a feeling if I put him through as many takes as I go through for a video it would be grounds for divorce.
  23. mculliton123
  24. Mark Robertson-Tessi
    Mark Robertson-Tessi
    Just arrived in New Hampshire last night, glad to see a jazz tune on the group. Nice versions, OS and michael. Never fooled with band in a box, but it sounds like it would be handy to jam to when trying to work out lines. I fooled around with a chord melody version this afternoon, came up with something. Needs polishing, but here's a shot at it anyway. Reverb courtesy of my in-laws' old ballet studio!

    Mark R-T
  25. Loretta Callahan
    Loretta Callahan
    My first post here. I love these jazzy sounds. It's like Django himself is here. I love the tiple rendition. It has an island feel to it. Did I count 10 strings?

    All this talent is more encouragement for me to practice even more than I do.
  26. Marcelyn
    Wow, Mark, you've really outdone yourself this time. Incredible!
  27. mculliton123
    Mark, i thought you were going to melt those frets the way you were smokin' it. cool, jazzy version.

    Yes, an american tiple has 10 strings in 4 courses 2-3-3-2 and tuned like a ukulele, you know, my-dog-has-fleas
  28. OldSausage
    That's really interesting, I learned a lot from that, thanks Mark.
  29. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Mark, all I can say is OMG!
  30. Eddie Sheehy
    Wow! Amazing renditions. You guys are smokin'.

    Mike, a Ukelele is tuned MDHF (my dog has fleas) ?
  31. Eddie Sheehy
    Mike, when are you going to play Somewhere Over The Rainbow on that beastie?
  32. mculliton123
    Eddie, who you likin' in the World Cup? I have some friends in NZ and i'm pulling for the All Black's, but i know it's a long shot, eh?

    Yeah,Tiples and ukes are tuned to MDHF and i play it in the Key of D'oH Major.
    I already posted Over the Rainbow in March, thread name was 'something completely different', i think. But i didn't sing lest Judy rolls over in her grave.
  33. Eddie Sheehy
    The NZ soccer team are the All-Whites... go figure... Not really a long-shot (that would imply they had some chance)...Still, Heck might freeze over too...
  34. mculliton123
    There is a small town in Michigan actually named Hell and, yes, it does freeze over every winter.

  35. OldSausage
    I've been there and back. Actually I think the All Blacks would stand more chance of winning than their soccer team.
  36. mculliton123
    Well, they did get that last second goooooooaaaaaaaalll against slovakia, but in the end they ain't got the legs for the long run.
  37. mculliton123
    David, did you mean 'been there and back' literally or figuratively.?? 'cause they used to host one of the largest hot-air balloon festivals in the country at the Hell Creek Ranch ; had lots of bands and all that festival stuff. always a sell out, so it's possible.....
  38. OldSausage
    No, I was speaking figuratively. I've never really been to Hell, but I'm sure I'll get there some day.
  39. mculliton123
    Cool, it's about 10 miles northwest of Ann Arbor and.......OK,ok. i'll probably see you there.

  40. Marcelyn
    I have to go through Hell every time I visit the inlaws. Literally and figuratively, 15 hours in a car with two kids, Dora the Explorer DVDs, and a puking dog.
  41. mculliton123
  42. Eddie Sheehy
    Sounds like your whole trip is Hell...
  43. Marcelyn
    The literal Hell was actually quite scenic. And the figurative one was at least slightly mitigated by all the fun mandolins I stopped to try along the way.
  44. mculliton123
    Yes, Marcelyn, the literal Hell is beautiful. we used to go see the mass hot-air balloon lift-off every year. quite a festival with BBQ and Bands and all such stuff. there is a large ranch there now where you can board horses but i think the balloon days are over. alas
  45. OldSausage
    Something needs to be said about a handbasket at this point.
  46. mculliton123
    Hot air balloons have baskets,or at least the gondola is usually a woven kinda thing, so that would be leaving Hell in a (hand)basket, No?
    monkeyheads poor attempt @ humorDOTcom
  47. ChrisStewart
    Here is my try (as usual I gave up on trying to get a clean performance)

    (and I did not get a very swingy or jazzy feel)

    ...but it was a fun tune

  48. mculliton123
    Chris, nice playing, really liked your break, there, groovy instrumental!!
  49. mculliton123
    Another reference to a very hot place...

    this is a new one on me but then i haven't been south of thed mason-dixon line in quite a while.

  50. Eddie Sheehy
    Michael, one boards a ship and one mounts a horse... I'm not sure what the correct terminology is for placing oneself in a basket - hand or otherwise...
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