Kontra Sei

  1. David Hansen
    David Hansen
    Here's something that features my mandolin playing, Kontra Sei comes from an album of Danish folk music from the island of Bornholm, which is actually off the coast of Sweden. The title, Kontra Sei contains no Danish words so I don't know where this originally came from but it's a catchy tune. The video is photos of Bornholm since I don't know what Kontra Sei means.

  2. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    Thanks, David. I think there may be a typo in your Youtube link, as it doesn't load. [Edit: Now fixed, so I remove the duplicate link]

    Lovely tune, and great arrangement. I really need to learn a complementary instrument with sustain such as the concertina or the flute -- it makes for so much more variety.

    No idea what "Kontra Sei" means either, but I note that the Spillefolk.dk site has lots of Danish tunes called either "Kontra" or "Kontrasejre", so it appears to be a type of dance.

  3. David Hansen
    David Hansen
    Thanks Martin, I think I've fixed the problem, other sites require the YouTube prefix to post but not here. I've seen the "Kontra" tunes at Spillefolk but I can't find a translation in any Danish dictionary. Kontra does translate to contra, aka contra dance, so it's some sort of dance in duple meter I suspect.
  4. Bertram Henze
    Bertram Henze
    There is an optimistic marching quality about it, David.
    The name is a mystery, though. Spelled Contra Sei it could be Italian, meaning "Against Six", which seems to indicate that this is the march of a rather small army, but guessing may lead us astray here.
  5. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    You always manage to come up with such great tunes, Mr Hansen. This one is no exception. Your arrangement really suits the tune, and the mandolin gets its rightful place in this one. Good to see you posting here again as well as on your YT channel.
  6. Ginny Aitchison
    Ginny Aitchison
    Excellent as always, David. I like the melody. Martin....if you are looking for another instrument, David and I have both purchased the Low D flute - and both of us are as incompetent with it as the other. Not as easy as all the YT lessons they show. Maybe if I practiced more...
  7. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Light and graceful, and great concertina playing, thanks David.
  8. David Hansen
    David Hansen
    Thanks Simon, did you get your concertina yet?
  9. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Hummmm, I guess you saw the paragliding vid, David!

    Unfortunately the concertinas are just too expensive for me. The problem being that I’d love to invest a year or two of really hard work to become reasonably proficient at playing the concertina, singing and sharing more too (sessions etc) but I can only do that with a good quality instrument. I keep remembering my joy and frenetic activity when my Ashbury octave mandolin arrived and demanded to be played well. It’s funny, almost like an identity change.

    It’s that and the realisation that being 62 years old means I have to work out a lot more physically in order to stay in my fifties for the next twenty years!
  10. Christian DP
    Christian DP
    Great musical and visual imressions.
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