Jessica Waltz

  1. Christian DP
    Christian DP
    I searched for this waltz with the Cafe's search function and found out, that Martin has published a recording in the Celtic section of the main forum:

    Very nice Martin!
    I recorded the tune because it was on the same page as Bygone Days. Again. I tried to strum a swinging 3/4 on my steelstring guitar:
  2. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    Thanks, Christian -- this is another of Alf Warnock's arrangements that we have in our group's repertoire folder. Nice tune, and your play it very well. I especially like your guitar accompaniment. I have started to become more varied in mine, but my tenor guitar rhythm on the older recordings (such as this one) tends to be pretty plodding, and also a bit high in the mix.

  3. Frithjof
    Two nice recordings of a lovely waltz, Martin and Christian.
  4. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    What a fine composition, gents, and two excellent versions performed by you both here. You each have put your own stamp on the arrangements and delivery. I really want to have a go at this one after listening to your two versions.

    Those Alf Warnock Ottawa Ceili arrangements are a great source of good tunes, Martin, so thanks for the link.
  5. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Thanks Martin lovely rendition as usual. And CC, that rhythm! I’m going to have to practice that one. It’s the sort of plodding, searching feeling. Thanks both of you.
  6. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Here is my version paired with Cape John Waltz written by Lloyd Tattric. I got both from Alf Warnock's Ceili tunebook as mentioned here by Martin. This book has lots of great material and well worth downloading. The pairing was simply because one tune follows the other in the book! There are several more equally good tunes that would make great dance sets.

    I played the two tunes on mandolin with guitar, piano and bass backing tracks, the piano coming in in the second tune when the key changes to G from D.

    Thanks again, Martin, for posting the link to this tunebook.

  7. Frithjof
    Both waltzes are very fine arranged and played by you, John. Very enjoyable together with your garden flowers.
  8. Christian DP
    Christian DP
    Your mandolin really sings, John! And nice garden flowers.
    Alf Warnock has also uploaded sheet music for Jigs, Reels and Hornpipes:
  9. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Thanks, Frithjof and Christian. The link you have posted above, Christian, is the same one that also has the waltzes plus other genres. It is an amazing collection of very varied music (and a lot of it is Scottish too!)
  10. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Thanks for an enjoyable supper listening to your version John!
    Alf does have a nice varied selection of tunes with some that have different names to the ‘original’.
    For a random example Rantin' Roarin' Willie around Northumberland is known as Rattlin’ Roaring Willie around Ottawa. On thesession it does say that this tune has various names, but it doesn’t say which ones and where.
  11. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Thanks, Simon. Re the naming of tunes: there is an old joke circulates around some of the sessions which asks "What is the difference between one Irish jig and an other?" Answer - the title!
  12. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    Thanks, all! My recording of this waltz is now five years old, so nice to get good feedback. Lovely set of waltzes from John -- I think Alf has deliberately grouped the tunes into sets and they work well played like that. My own recent version of "Cape John Waltz" (played as a set with Florence Killen's Waltz) is here.

  13. Ginny Aitchison
    Ginny Aitchison
    Martin CC and John, all nice versions. John, you seem to be finding your old piano lessons have come in handy, I quite like that addition.
  14. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Thanks, Ginny. I kept looking at the piano over the past couple of years (it belonged to my late wife) and thinking I would have to start using it again, so I have been bringing it into some recordings and using it too for working out arrangements. Good to have instruments in use rather than just gathering dust.
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