Newbie at 69

  1. Dolph
    Evening all, very much a newbie here.. recently purchased a lower end Loar 110 A.
    And just received the set up pdf from Rob Meldrum (Thank you Rob) Will be working on that. Books I am using are Alfred and Mayor Mandolin Tutor. Looking forward to many years of enjoyment!!!
  2. HonketyHank
    Welcome, Dolph! My first mandolin was a The Loar and I got bought it at age 68-11/12, which rounds off to 69. So we have a lot in common already. I certainly am still having fun five years later. I may even play a little better now, too.

    Don't hesitate to ask questions or let us know how you are tackling the learning process.
  3. SOMorris
    Welcome, Dolph. Enjoy the journey!
  4. Sleet
    It's much cooler to be 69 with a mandolin than without one. Hope you love it.
  5. Dolph
    Thanks all for words of encouragement.. looking forward to posting more as I learn.
  6. Sue Rieter
    Sue Rieter
    Lotta people starting in their 60's or so. Glad to see I'm in good company.
  7. anniewild
    Just started with my first mandolin at almost 66, glad to know that I have company along this journey!
  8. Ed McGarrigle
    Ed McGarrigle
    After multiple failed attempts, at 66 a little is starting to stick. And better or us than a lot of behaviors I’ve seen some cohorts pick up over the years .
  9. darnedsox
    'nother newbie @ 70 here. Just bought a mando and looking to learn. Any tips directions and advice..where and how to start etc is wayyyy welcome. I wanna keep it fun, but willing to work
  10. darnedsox
    doub;e post
  11. HonketyHank
    I started with a lot of visits to . Starting with his lessons on basics and then working on various tunes. Good, clear, instructions. Free, too. I still consult his website for specific tunes and to review lessons on technique.

    I'm still having fun, too.

    Welcome to the oldie newbies!
  12. Sherry Cadenhead
    Sherry Cadenhead
    I'm a happy member of this starting-at-60+ club. What a joy it's been to play music during the pandemic!
  13. Hammerless
    Hi Folks,
    I'm glad to learn that I'm not the only six decade plus newbie to the mandolin (63; just started learning 4-5 weeks ago). On other posts I explained my crappy mandolin issues; they are now resolved! Last Friday I received, from TMS, a new Kentucky 276 and I love it! This instrument sounds great to my novice ears and is so much easier to fret. Besides I've got a copy of Mandolin for Dummies. I'm still plugging through consistent strumming and smooth three finger chord changes but still enjoying it.
  14. NDO
    I guess I’m just a young buck starting at only 55!
  15. Mark Gunter
    Mark Gunter
    I'm a young 66 now, so I must have been about 61 when I started, though I had been playing guitar for about 50 years at that point. After 5 years of mandolin, I'm still very much hooked and still looking forward to a lifetime of learning. and were the ones who got me started, along with eventually buying lessons from and - and jawing with people in the newbies group, working on the tune of the month, and recording my progress all helped me along in this journey which is really just beginning 5 years in.

    Welcome to all the old newbies, hope you stay involved and have a blast.
  16. MrMoe
    Belated welcome Dolph ! there is a wealth of knowledge in the Café forum. I have been looking for some time and find new and helpful info almost every day. I am another youngster in this thread at 57, which is fun!. Very much a newbie player trying again left handed after some injury's. Enjoy the journey. Best Regards, Maurice
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