Man in the Moon

  1. Christian DP
    Christian DP
    I searched the Paul Hardy tunebook for a tune,which highest note is the d, that I could play an octave higher in thr third position to practice those high niotes. I found Man in the Moon. Measures 7 and 8 sounded a bit stale when played as notated, one long note and one chord for two measures. So I searched Yoitube and found a version by The Full English
    I tried to rework my version after theirs.
  2. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    A pleasant tune and well performed, Christian. I really like the guitar backing track on this one.
  3. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    Very nicely played, Christian!

    We've had a couple of earlier postings of this tune: the first one is as the opening tune in a set of morris tunes posted by Tosh Marshall all the way back in 2010:

    The other one is from Simon last year:

    I like the tune but I don't think I've ever recorded (or played) it, so I may add my own when I get around to it.

  4. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Really nice playing as usual Christian I like the stereo effect too.
  5. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Here’s a recording I did a while ago and posted on one of the other threads.
  6. Christian DP
    Christian DP
    Thanls John, Martin and Simon. And sorry for not posting my recording in one of the existing threads. But since the Cafe's search engine is linked to google, it has become almost impossible to find out, whether a tune is present at SAW or not. You have to peruse the lists and hope to find it. Or is there another way?
  7. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    I find that the only reliable way of doing it is to open the "other tunes" index post and search the page using CTRL-F within the browser. The index now runs to two pages, so you have to search on both.

  8. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Thanks Martin yes and itís important to check the Official tunes too.

    Here are the two threads to find our tune resource.
  9. Frankdolin
    NIce tune and well played by you both! We did a tune called " Mr. Moon" back in the day. And it's the one tune who's complete lyrics still keep me up trying to remember the third line.
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