Week #157 ~ Tennessee Waltz

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  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    This week's winner is Tennessee Waltz. I am still on the road, so if someone can link to notation, ABC, or video of this tune, I would appreciate it!
  2. GKWilson
    Looks like my front yard.
  3. GKWilson
    Nice Tenor.
  4. GKWilson
    I have a Tenor just like they have. I think I got a lemon. It doesn't sound like theirs.
  5. peddyrmac
    found this intersting arrangement (with tab) last night and think I will have a go at it.

    simpler versio available on the Nigel Gatherer website in 2 keys (D & A)
  6. neil argonaut
    neil argonaut

    Unfortunately, despite reformatting my hard drive, my computer seems to be getting worse, and this is probably the stickiest video I've done so far; if it gets any worse it's gonna end up a slideshow!
  7. OldSausage
    Is that a mighty Wurlitzer doing the accompaniment? Great job Neil!
  8. neil argonaut
    neil argonaut
    nearly, a Hammond.
  9. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    Very nice, Neil. Up the neck, tremolo, singing .....
    You are such a quick study.
  10. David Hansen
    David Hansen
    Well done Neil, here's my take on the Tennessee Waltz.

  11. tomgun
    Not up to a steady waltz beat, been a long time since I've played this, so I went took a little liberty on the pace. Don't judge me - I just lost the girl for crying out loud, as you can see.

  12. OldSausage
    Very nice, David, beautifully played and constructed. And tomgun, I enjoyed that laid back comedy disguising some really skillful playing.
  13. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Well done, David, Neil and all the others. Again a good variety of arrangements and instruments. The tenors got me thinking. Here is my offering with tenor, mandolin and bouzouki. I used Band-in-a-Box to generate a quick backing track for the waltz feel; not a program I use a great deal but just thought I'd give it a go here.

  14. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    Great sound David, as always.
    John, you are your own Band-in-a-Box. Lovely arrangement.
    Band-in-a-Box will feature more prominently in my post
  15. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    Here is what I have got so far. 'Metronome' by Band-in-a-Box.

  16. GKWilson
    One song and so many different, and good, takes.
    Here's mine. I really enjoyed learning this song, and I wished I had a little more
    time to smooth it out a bit. But, I've run out of time for this week. I'll have to go with what I've got. I'll be playing this song for a long tme so it will get better.
  17. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Tomgun, as OS says, your playing is indeed very skillful and the dogs are just naturals. What is the old adage about never performing with animals or children? Manfred, great chordal delivery and yet again a different slant on the tune. GK, again I like your chord playing. As you say, it's a tune that gets into the head and keeps being played or sung.
  18. tomgun
    I'm glad I found this group. What a nice idea. I like all the variety of interpretations and friendly feel. This will be a good practice/song learning motivator.
  19. fatt-dad
    these videos are great! I love all the double-stop stuff (kind of a sucker for dogs too)! I can play the melody by ear, but need to find some tab or such to get the harmony. I may take a go at this. . .

  20. Manfred Hacker
    Manfred Hacker
    Tomgun, I fully concur with OS's comment: very laid back and skillful.
    GK, that's a lovely sounding instrument, smoothed out or not. What exactly is this?
  21. nanaimo
    What wonderful versions of the song! Made me go out and hunt down the notation. Will give it a try (even at my newbie rate of progress)
  22. weirtk
    I haven't posted anything in a long time, but here goes nothing...
  23. GKWilson
    Nice job Weirtk. Keep posting.
    Thanks John. This song gives me a good chance to work on double stops.
    When is your one man band going on tour?
    Manfred. That's my Mike Black GBOM.
    One of these days I'll get a good mic so you can really see how good
    my Black's sound.
  24. sgarrity
    Great playing everyone. That octave mandolin sounds great Gary!
  25. billkilpatrick
    one of the first songs i remember really listening to - the treachery and injustice of it all just bowled me over - still have a soft spot for patti page:

  26. Marcelyn
    Excellent, Bill. What a great stand-alone version.
  27. laura809
    Bill, that was really impressive. My rhythm always suffers when I try to play and sing at the same time. That is one of the reasons I love making backing tracks. Your solo arrangement was so solid that it didn't really need anything else. Your vocals were lovely too.
  28. peddyrmac
    amazing Bill! I'm still toying with this one. Might make it for a submission, but a lack of backing track making skills and no singing makes this a weedy sounding little waltz in my hands!
  29. billkilpatrick
    thanks guys - much appreciated - bill
  30. Francis J
    Francis J
    Bass and uke backing on this, and not a double stop in sight (shame on me!)

  31. billkilpatrick
    solid uke backing there - bravo - really loved your wry little smile at 1:21
  32. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    All these submissions are just great! Every one makes me smile! Bill, it's SO great to see a video from you! Don't wait another year before posting again!!!!
  33. billkilpatrick
    yes ma'am ... :o)
  34. nanaimo
    Well here is a newbie version, just over 3 months into mandolin (taking a break from our song of the month Blackberry Blossom). I wouldn't want to dance to my version as I stretched each bar, and would have had everyone wrong footed!.

  35. tomgun
    Nice playing, everybody.

    Gary, I like the octave mandolin. I have one on order and it'll be a while. I haven't even tried the size yet but the sound is sure nice.

    Bill, I like the chording. Haven't gotten to that yet. It all seems too small to me. You also have a great voice.

    Francis, I don't play it much, but the uke is one of my all-time favorite instruments.

    Nanaimo, very nice. That is exactly how I dance it. In three months? Very impressive.
  36. GKWilson
    Francis. Nice vibe.
    Kelly. Well done. Next time I'm diving in Nanaimo we'll have to get together and bend a few sttrings.
  37. nanaimo
    Thanks for the nice words guys. I know that I have a long way to go but I am inspired by all your presentations.
  38. Tavy
    That's one beautiful tune, and I'm ashamed to say completely new to me.

    Still sore-thumbed and unable to play here, but I can type, so here's the abc for those that like something automated to play along with:

    T: Tennessee Waltz
    |z4 D>E |:"D" F A3 D>E |"Dmaj7" F A3 d>e |"D7" f4 f>e |
    "G" d B4 d |"D" d A4 A |"Bm" B2 A2 F2 |"Em" E4 E>F |
    "A" E4 D>E |"D" F A3 D>E |"DMaj7" F A3 d>e |"D7" f4 f>e |
    "G" d B4 d |"D" d A3 F2 |"A" G2 F2 E2 |"D" D6 |1 D4 D>E :|2 D4 d>e |
    |:"D" f4 f>f |"F#7" e4 f>e |"G" d3 B d2 |"D" B A4 F |
    A4 A>A |"Bm" B2 A2 F2 |"Em" E4 E>F |"A" E4 D>E |
    "D" F A3 D>E |"Dmaj7" F A3 d>e |"D7" f4 f>e |"G" d B4 d |
    "D" d A3 F2 |"A" G2 F2 E2 | "D" D6 |1 "D" D4 d>e :|2 "D" D6 ||
  39. maudlin mandolin
    maudlin mandolin

    Well done to everyone contributing so far but a special mention for Bill's soulful vocal performance. This is the first version suggested by Peddyrmac. Tavy hope you soon recover enough to play again.
    Incidentally, I am having to revert to the old youtube format to get code for embedding. Anyone know how to do it with the new version?
  40. Loretta Callahan
    Loretta Callahan
    What great, if not sad, versions. The melody is so bittersweet. The uke works nicely with this tune, Francis.

    Here's mine: quick and plain, with a nod to the wearing of the flannel. Someday I'll have something better than this paleolithic recording setup.

  41. GKWilson
    Maudlin. That's the version I went with. Lot's of doubles.
    Loretta. Very nice pickin'. I could picture my buddy walking off in the sunset with my true love.
  42. laura809
    Once again I am enjoying the variety of different types of performances. I would have liked to spend some more time with this one, but it has been a busy week. I didn't get a lot of time to work on vocals, which are difficult for me, so I did a guitar solo at the end instead of repeating the lyrics.
  43. OldSausage
    Excellent Laura - among some very cool performances this week, that may have been the coolest yet.
  44. justkaron
    Another escapee from the Newbie bin here with my first video on SAW. This takes guts or brazen disregard... one or the other. I've been trying to learn a musical instrument for less than 5 months. No prior musical training of any kind...just lifelong passion for music. This is all new and oh so fun.

    It's hard to hit that 'post message' button...

    Oh...BTW....playing an Eastman 505.
    Video produced with laptop camera and sound...lousy I know. I'll upgrade soon.
  45. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Loretta, Laura and all the others, congrats on yet more fine renditions including the vocal contributions.
    Justkaron, now you have done the hardest bit - hitting the "post" button - you will find that, just like swimming, once you have taken the plunge you find the water's lovely. It certainly is lovely here on the SAW group. Welcome to the gang
  46. OldSausage
    Hey Karon, great to see you posting videos now - I get the feeling there's lots more to come from you, and I'm looking forward to it
  47. nanaimo
    Thats great Laura! Now if I could only sing.... Karon - Way to go.
  48. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Karon, welcome to our group! Well done! And, I think your first video is awesome.... you may think the sound and video is lousy, but I love the lighting.... just enough to see your hands, the shine of your pretty mandolin, and the lighting on you.... mostly in shadow (nervous about your first video posting), but enough light as to be saying..... I'm almost ready for the spotlight! Very impressive for 5 months into ANY kind of musical instrument.... like David said.... looking forward to seeing and hearing more from you!
  49. justkaron
    OK...Ya'll have made me feel so welcome. Thanks!
    I have a long, long road ahead....and it's hard not to get impatient. But...it's still exciting right now and I have so much to learn that it's easy to see improvement now. That's a big encouragement. I know that doing the videos of myself really helps me.

    We really enjoy encouraging one another over in the Newbie group too. We're getting more active members all the time there and that helps. I know that those of us who're serious about learning watch Ya'll like hawks. We're very attentive to this group and all that you post here is a fantastic resource for us.


    hmmmmmmm...that sounded like we're stalking you.
  50. JayA
    Yet another Newbie member, gate-crashing the SAWS Group Like my fellow Newbies, I've only been playing for a few months, and to echo Karon's comments, we find the videos posted here a great inspiration.

    We were tempted out of hiding, so to speak, by the beautiful Tennessee Waltz. Being new to this, I too lack decent recording equipment and use my phone for videos. Not been able to get something for this, I have instead an audio clip, again recorded on my phone.

    I've no idea how to embed audio, so I'll just add a link and hope that works.


    Many thanks for all your inspirations!
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