Week #94 ~ Aura Lee (Old Time)

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  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    This week's winner is an Old Time tune, Aura Lee. Here is a link to the standard notation, abc and a midi file.

    Here is the abc from that site:

    T:Aura Lee
    D G F G| A E A2| G F E F| G4| D G F G| A E A2| G F E F| G4| B3/2 B/2 B2|\
    B3/2 B/2 B2| B A G A| B4| B B c B| A E A3/2 G/2| G F B3/2 A/2| G4|\

    I've never played this tune, but believe it to be a tune that EVERYBODY must know! It will be interesting to hear how our members will play this simple traditional tune!
  2. Eddie Sheehy
    At last, an Elvis Tune... Thank you, thank you very much...
  3. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
  4. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    almost 18 million views on this video!

    or this one, with 3 key changes!

  5. Marcelyn
    Just in case anyone is going to sing along, here's the lyrics...

    As the black bird in the spring, neath the willow tree,
    Sat and piped, I heard him sing, praising Aura Lee.
    Aura Lee, Aura Lee,
    Maid of golden hair.
    Sunshine came along with thee and swallows in the air.

    Take my heart, and take my ring. I give my all to thee.
    Take me for eternity, dearest Aura Lee.

    In her blush the rose was born. 'Twas music when she spoke.
    In her eyes, the light of morn sparkling seemed to break.

    Aura lee, the bird may flee the willow golden hair.
    Then the wintery winds may be blowing everywhere.

    Yet if thy blue eyes I see, gloom will soon depart.
    For to me, sweet Aura Lee, is sunshine to the heart.
  6. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Here is a tab that corresponds to the standard notation linked to above.

    And here are the chords for simple accompaniment in G:

  7. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Ok, you singers out there. I wanna hear some lyrics!
  8. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    You people with mad chord skills... what do you do in the second line, where the note stays the same for 2 measures, to create the chord change you hear in the recording?
  9. Eddie Sheehy
    Barb we gyrate our hips and and do a tremolo sneer...
  10. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    (EDIT: Definitely DO NOT play G dim on the second line...It's not even close. ) Also, while doing some research on the chords for this song this evening, I ran across this much more detailed chord chart for this tune in G:

    (I'm looking forward to trying this...as it sounds to me like there are definitely minor chords in the third line)
  11. maudlin mandolin
    maudlin mandolin
    Here is a http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/at...1&d=1297463697link to my mp3. Chords based on an arrangement by Alana Lagrange. Played on a Gremlin.
  12. Marcelyn
    Woah, Duncan, there are a lot more chord changes in there than I was giving the song credit for. I like the way it sounds with all the changes though. Nice work.
  13. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Barbara, this cat has always had mad chord skills...

  14. Chris Ferreira
    Chris Ferreira
    Agreed - everyone should know this tune. But I can't help thinking about the fraternity style rendition in "Trading Places" (with Dan Aykroyd) at "the club". I just recently joined SAW and it looks like a great group. I'm hoping to get my recording set up together soon so I can start contributing!
  15. GKWilson
    I've always liked this song and it came pretty easily. So, I decided I'd post early so I can start learning last weeks tune. Sorry Barbara. I tried to sing a verse, but it didn't come out to well. My voice used to be my instrument, but it gave out on me. That's the reason I started playing mandolin a year or so ago. Sorry about the dark recording again. It looks much lighter on my recorder.
  16. GKWilson

    try again.
  17. Marcelyn
    Gary, that is a beautiful interpretation of the tune. It sounds lovely on an octave.

    Michael, that is one rock'n blackbird.
  18. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Maudlin; soundin' great! That's a really cool multi-track recording. Also you've got a great Old-Time vibe going there - Excellent!
    Michael; Howard Morgen's got it goin' on! ..."due di due di dum dough di bo!"
    GK; well done - excellent job! That's a beautiful arrangement that sounds right at home on your OM (that's a beautiful sounding instrument BTW).
  19. mculliton123
  20. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    David... that was great! Three times through... that's not that short... but it was sweet!
  21. Eddie Sheehy
    A quick run through the chords on a Beard Octave Mandolin...

  22. Eddie Sheehy
    Add an A4 and accessories... forgot the "bling" sunglasses...

  23. GKWilson
    The return of "The Mandonator". Very 'sweet' David.
    Nice job Eddie.
    Question. How can you tell when MAS is out of control.
    Answer. When you can't pay the heating bill.
  24. Eddie Sheehy
    MAS is more enjoyable in California or Florida...
  25. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    Eddie, the playing was great, but my favorite part was the little smile near the beginning, and the lip curl midway through!
  26. Eddie Sheehy
    Thank you. Thank you very much...

    (Eddie has left the building)...
  27. Bill Bergstrom
    Bill Bergstrom
    Eddie, I've been waiting since last night for your post.
    Man... you're the King!
  28. GKWilson
    OOOPS. Sorry Eddie. I guess I was watching your playing too much. I thought you were wearing a hat with ear muffs.
    Sorry. Sorry very much. You are the King.
  29. Loretta Callahan
    Loretta Callahan
    That mandonator is very cool; love it. Never heard one before. I thought Eddie was bundled up too. Had no idea he was dressed in royal garb until I read Bill's post. Kinda like gypsy royalty style.
  30. Eddie Sheehy
    It's low 80's here today... the things I do for my art... I even had blue suede shoes...
  31. Marcelyn
    I love the sound of your A-4 Eddie. And I'd give my right arm to chord like that.

    David, I've missed the Mandonator. What a perfect song to bring it back on. That was beautiful.
  32. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    Here is my recording of Aura Lee. It seemed a good tune to get out my Ozark tenor guitar, which I had not so far recorded. I think this worked quite well, the mellow tune suits the tone of the Ozark.

    I have played the tune three times through: first time the melody, with some double-stopping to get the chord progression established (especially on the repeated notes in the B part), second time just playing the chords, and third time tremolo the melody one octave up. The tremolo part was fun, going all the way to the 17th (and last!) fret -- luckily the Ozark intonates pretty good up there -- but that's the time when one wishes for a cutaway body.

    I did try a vocal verse, too, but I decided there is a reason that I've never yet sung on Youtube (and besides, the strumming drowned out the voice with my setup), so this is all-instrumental.

  33. GKWilson
    Martin your tenor sounds great on this tune. Bring it out more often. You've made me want to drag my tenor out of the closet. I signed a pact with myself not to play anything but mandolin for 2 years. I can get distracted so easily. And I wanted to give myself a good chance to learn to play. But, I already blew that when I bought my OM. Now, where did I put that tenor?
  34. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    So many instruments..... so little time!
  35. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas

    Thanks for the comment. The Ozark is a nice little tenor -- the reason I play it rarely is that my other tenor is a resonator one, and it has more punch to cut through on fiddle tunes. So, when I want to play a tune on tenor I usually pick the reso. However, the Ozark has a lovely tone on strummed chords and it's ideal for a low-key soft melody as this one.

  36. GKWilson
    I found it. I found it. Now look at what Martin has started. There will probably be a run of tenors now. I only worked on the tune for a few minutes as I've been playing it all weekend. But, it took 6 hours to upload to Youtube. I tried adding a new little chord at the end of the high part. But, had a brain freeze when I got there. Martin. Thanks for inspiring me to have some fun.
  37. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Here's my effort.
    (I couldn't get it to properly upload to YouTube for some reason, but I think I have this set so everyone can see it).
    (Edit 2/14: Happy Valentine's Day...What a great song for Valentine's Day! Finally got it to upload properly to YouTube - Firefox Download Helper to the rescue!)

  38. Bernd Bannach
    Bernd Bannach
    Wow, what great players you all !!!!!!!!!!! David your Mandonator sounds terriffic, it inspired me to take out my Dobro of it's case. Hre is my version.
  39. Marcelyn
    Those tenors sound great. What kind is yours Gary, and what is it tuned to? As soon as I get a good mandolin version, I'll have to jump on the bandwagon. Gary, I like those slides or hammer ons. And Martin, I know what you mean about the high part. That's what's killing me at the moment.

    Ed, great chording and super tremelo. Hope you make a lot more posts around here.
  40. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    David; soundin' great! - Love the Mandonator!
    Eddie; excellent versions. The contrast between the OM & the A4 is remarkable...Two completely different moods! (P.S.: Your hair is awesome, but you're wearing too few rings & necklaces!)
    Martin & Gary, this song sounds so beautiful on your tenor guitars! Excellent work!
    Bernd; great job - You're really capturing the old-timey spirit of the song.
    Man, this group knock me out! It is so great to hear this great old song, played on all of these great instruments, performed by all of you talented musicians!
    Marcelyn; thank you so much for your very generous comments! I appreciate it.
    Speaking of the chords, I have a question for the Beatles fanatics out there: The moment I played that odd chord progression, Em -> G7 -> C-> Cm -> G-> E7, I was sure I recognized it from a Beatles song...Maybe something on Rubber Soul? Am I crazy?
    What a fun group S-A-W is! So glad to be a part.
  41. Brent Hutto
    Brent Hutto

    Apparently while not-posting-videos these past months you been working on your tremolo. Beautiful. Didn't realize you could do that so well.
  42. Loretta Callahan
    Loretta Callahan
    That's lovely on the tenor guitars, Gary and Martin! The song just begs for tremolo you two do it so well. I like your chord progressions, Ed.
  43. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Brent & Loretta, thank you both so much for your very kind words.
    Brent, thanks again, I'm looking forward to continue to work on tremolo...I'd like to smooth it out more, and be able to more effectively use it on two courses simultaneously. My gold standards for tremolo are Marty Stuart and Nolan Faulkner.
    So much to learn. Thanks again.
  44. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    Thanks for the kind comments, Loretta, Ed & Marcelyn. Gary, I'm also curious what your tenor is and what tuning you're in -- you seem to have it capoed on the fourth (?) fret, which doesn't much make sense for either CGDA or GDAE tuning. Do you use Chicago tuning?

    I agree with Marcelyn: great hammer-ons and slides by Gary. I probably should have added a few of those, but didn't think of it. I was torn between a tenor guitar version and trying some double-stopped tremolo on my Ajr. If I find the time, I might try it that way, too.

  45. Marcelyn
    To change things up a little, here's a version inspired by Bob Carlin's take on Aura Lee. The basic melody is the same, just faster and in an AABB pattern.

    As on Barlow Knife, Jeff's playing open-back banjo and bass and I'm on fiddle and the Newell flat top mandolin. The footage sports pigeons instead of the black bird and a girl with curly hair in the role of the maid with golden hair.

  46. jordandvm
    Now that was inventive & fun! And your kids are the perfect part for the music. That Newell sounds really good too. What a great idea for this tune!

  47. Ed Goist
    Ed Goist
    Marcelyn - Wow! That's fantastic. Everything goin' on there is the business!
    Your work on the Newell is sweet, tasteful, and wonderful, and I REALLY love your fiddle playing. It has what I call that classic, "dug-in", old-time character.
    Just great. Thank you for that.
  48. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    What a lot of interesting versions of this tune. Great stuff from Eddie the "Irish Elvis" and then there were no less than two resonator mandolins, all kinds of tenor guitars and different mandolins and finally the highlight for me -- Marcelyn and Jeff's string band supported by a cast of at least a thousand kids jumping and cavorting all over the place – or was it just two kids with the energy of a thousand? Thanks for that!
  49. GKWilson
    Marcelyn. I really enjoyed your version. I'd never heard that one before.
    But, your not playing fair. Johnny Carson [and others] said "never follow children or animals".
    I think I'm going to start filming my cat. But first, I'll have to get her a glass eye and duct tape
    on a cardboard ear. [ I live in a tough neighborhood]
    Luckily for Ed and Bernd they got there steller performances in before you posted.
    My tenor is a Breedlove. It was the only one I could find that was made for playing GDAE. But that also makes the neck a bit longer. So, to make my life a little easier yesterday I just capoed it up. The hammer ons and pull offs are like a nervous tick. I just can't seem to stop myself.
  50. Marcelyn
    Thanks everyone, that Bob Carlin version is fun, and I even slowed it way down, I think. Now I'll go experiment on the old Regal tenor.
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