Cu ti lu dissi? (Sicilian mazurka)

  1. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    This is a Sicilian song set to a mazurka tune which is particularly associated with the singing of Rosa Balistreri -- I think she also wrote it. Here is Rosa's recording, and here is a very nice guitar/vocal duo singing the song in a castle ruin in Catania. Lyrics in Sicilian and English are here.

    My recording is based on the setting in John La Barbera's book "Southern Italian Mandolin & Fiddle Tunes" (who seems to think it's a traditional song).

    1898 Giuseppe Vinaccia mandolin
    Vintage Viaten tenor guitar

  2. John W.
    John W.
    I’m enjoying the Italian tunes you’ve presented this evening, Martin. Is John La Barbera's book available these days?
  3. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    Thanks, John. Yes, the La Barbera book is still in print, from Mel Bay. Here's the Amazon UK listing:

    It's a bit pricey as a print book in the UK, but the Kindle version is much cheaper, and I believe there may be a PDF version available from the Mel bay website.

  4. John W.
    John W.
    Thanks v much, Martin.
  5. Christian DP
    Christian DP
    Nice Italian flair, Martin, I must have the La Barbera book too, somewhere...
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