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  1. I just realized that the 4 String Solid Body Electric Mandolin: is really an Electrified Cremonese/Bresciano Mandolin: see? They both have 4 Strings but they sound different. The Cremonese Mandolin has Gut Strings (what would now be Nylon), & the Solid Bodied Electric Mandolin has Steel Strings.
  2. Hi, Jeff. Where in upstate NY are you. I'm in Nassau, near Albany and North Chatham.
  3. Hi Jeff. I was just admiring a friend's Vanden A5 a couple of weeks ago. Probably the nicest one I've ever seen. Gorgeous sunburst etc etc and ran up the first string and tripped myself up when I noticed he had the dot marker on 9 instead of 10. Couldn't believe it. I'd have to change that, not that I play past 7th fret that often.

    Is it just the luthier having a 'guitar head' on when doing this ?

    Jimmy Powells
  4. Hey Jeff! You planning to make Zoukfest by chance? Carolyn? I am leaning towards attending, would be neat to see you all there.
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    JD - just found this site w/ some very cool Fraley. Is it my imagination or did he make it a point of being 20 cents flat on purpose? Sorta like the classical composers @ A336 or 8 instead of A440.??? Any way thanks for turning me on to him (and his wife) - you're battin 1000.
  6. Jeff: Just read your "funny stuff", etc. in your signature line. Good pictures/mando references and funny! Enjoyed it. Got to go, time to play the mandolin at the old folks home. Regards, Mandolinlee. (Lee H.Bayliss)
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    Jeff, Thanks for turning me on to Wild Rose of the Mountain and 1050 Reels and Jigs. My cup runneth over at the moment because of these two finds from looking at your posts/blogs. Bob Grieco
  8. Thanks Jeff. I don't want to part with it because I'm sure it will break my heart when and if i do but needs must sadly. Them's the breaks I guess. Thanks for replying though, this is my fist time on the Mandolin Cafe site in all these years. Good isn't it !
  9. I alway thank everyone for the kind words, and earnestly hope they are kept in mind if and when I manage to torque folks off sometime in the future.
  10. Hey, Jeff....just a short note to say you help me a lot with your insightful and often articulate (sometimes controversial) comments and deductions. I look forward to your comments when I post and you are among the 4 or 5 replyers that I go looking for in a post. Don't get all "puffed-up" with this, eh....(wink)....Canadian, Duane.
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About JeffD
Been playing mandolin longer than I have been gainfully employed. Been fishing longer than that.
Upstate New York
old timey (N&S), celtic, classical/quartet, medieval/ren, contra, bluegrass, fiddle tunes
unrelated to music, or fishing for that matter


Life is short, play hard. Life is really really short, play really really hard.

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The shape of the past

by JeffD on Jul-17-2021 at 2:10pm
The aesthetics are important. Certainly aesthetics are secondary to tone and playability and build quality. But, even within those limits we do need to consider shape of the instrument.

A lot of what is important to me about music is its connections to past music. And the aesthetic connection helps with that. I can more easily see myself as a part of something gigantic with a long history and legacy if my instrument is either old, or looks similar enough to what was used "back

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Updated Jul-17-2021 at 2:26pm by JeffD


New Mandolin Day Endorphins - Rod Neep

by JeffD on Apr-14-2021 at 9:41am
I have a theory that MAS is born of the endorphin hit one experiences acquiring a new mandolin, and the panic inducing thought that we may never experience that again.

I was just congratulating a member on her new mandolin and I got to thinking about this. Not wanting to hijack her thread and her joy on her new mandolin day, I thought I would share my thoughts here.

Rod Neep is a member here, though I we have not heard from him in a long time. in 2009 he did what we would

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It is, perhaps, all there is

by JeffD on Nov-18-2020 at 3:54pm
I have had my share of tragedy and sadness in life. Not significantly more than most and much less then many. My point is not to get sympathy, but to share a few things I have figured out.

Limited resources due to unforseen life events taught me at a relatively early age that experiences are better things to pursue than possessions. Experiences cannot be stolen by thieves or lost through carelessness, or divorce, or destroyed in a hurricane, or repossessed by the bank.

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Updated Nov-18-2020 at 5:15pm by JeffD


Light in the Dark

by JeffD on Jul-09-2019 at 10:35pm
We all go through grey and dark times: Being alone when I did not want to be, being with people I’d rather not be. Not having what I want and having a lot I don’t, not being who I want to be by this time, or worse, having to ask myself, as did Peggy Lee: "Is that all there is?"

Being caught in a lie, or worse, being caught in a truth.

And darker times.

Losing friends over ridiculous arguments far less important (or informed) than was the friendship.

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Updated Dec-03-2019 at 11:01am by JeffD


Bragging Rights

by JeffD on Feb-01-2018 at 4:37pm
There is a syndrome, in my experience much more common among some guitar players, where bragging rights accrue to getting the absolute cheapest most beat up instrument possible. I think it has to do with resolving the cognitive dissonance of playing blues, down and dirty blues, on a guitar costing a couple months pay, or more, at a good job. Authenticity, or something like. But whatever the reason, a fellow carrying a guitar that looks like it was found in the men's room of the New York City Port

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Updated Mar-05-2018 at 9:34pm by JeffD