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    Re: What Christmas song are you working on?

    "Christmas Cheer", a decidely not-cheerful sounding but great minor-key tune from 1703 edition of Playford's "Dancing Master." I dug out my alto recorder as I think it will fit into the sound I...
  2. Re: Whiskey Before Breakfast - Interesting Approaches?

    I would look at some of the original Canadian and M騁is takes on this song, with crooked versions being very common. I'm sorry, but I'll have to go digging to find where I saw them last, it was a...
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    Re: Home Recording Setup for Total Beginner?

    I just want to say thanks to Mitch for his suggestion. I play in a slow fiddle jam that met in library meeting rooms to play. After Covid shut down that option, the jam leader and I flipped for it...
  4. Re: virtual events in countries other than USA

    Go to The Session ( ), and search under Events using "online" as your location. There's a whole grunch of things going on.
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    Re: Suggestions on a beginner "set list"

    I still have my copy of your book, tend to play my Irish tunes like I learned them at O'Gara's, and I teach folks to play 'em that way. Thanks for such hosting such a great session to learn tunes! ...
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    Re: LaPlant mandolins

    Lloyd is not really into the internet, but he is really, really into playing every single fiddle tune you know till way past everyone else has called it quits and gone to bed. At 91.
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    Re: 7th fret: 3rd or 4th fingers?

    Slight variation on the original question. Just recently, I realized that when I'm playing in flat keys, I will ALWAYS finger Eb on the A string and Ab on the D string with my fourth finger. When I...
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    Re: Article on Chief O誰eil

    It has always appealed to me that O'Neil learned "Off to California" while working as a sheep herder in the mountains of California as a young man.
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    Re: Bach -- played on a WHAT?

    At least they didn't use a uke.
  10. Re: Anyone trying to play Afropop styles on the mandolin?

    I've always loved the rippling chordal notes of soukous guitar, and always wondered if there was somebody out there who had figured out how to do it on mandolin with crosspicking.
  11. Re: How can I convert unsearchable PDF files to searchable PDF fi

    First, a very nice thank you to all that offered help, and secondly, I found a solution that works for me! I can now generate my tune books in a PDF file that is entirely searchable by PDF file...
  12. Re: How can I convert unsearchable PDF files to searchable PDF fi

    Is there any software out there besides Adobe Acrobat Pro that can digitally scan the PDF files I produce, perform OCR on any image it finds that represents texts, then overlay that text on the...
  13. Re: How can I convert unsearchable PDF files to searchable PDF fi

    OK, just spent a very frustrating few minutes trying to delete the wrong attachment. I really, really, do not like this forum software in regards to pictures and attachments.

    Here's a tune I...
  14. How can I convert unsearchable PDF files to searchable PDF files?

    Hi, this is for the tech folks out there. I've searched the Forum intently, but haven't seen an answer to this. I've been using ABCexplorer for years. It's freeware by G駻ard Dumont of France, and...
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    Re: Slow Jam Tips Needed

    I was going to mention that, but had gotten quite verbose already. I'm a tune guy, one of those folks who can't even talk, let alone sing while playing, but I play all the standards for folks who...
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    Re: Slow Jam Tips Needed

    Coming from a different tangent, I lead a slow jam online via Zoom. We used to meet in person, but many older members, so won't be doing that for a while. Not bluegrass, more old time, so everyone...
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    Re: Home with the girls in the morning

    Around the Twin Cities, you'll hear the melody, but it's in old time jams and called "Snake Chapman's Tune." I was a little confused till I learned how Snake heard Bob Wills on the radio and came up...
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    Re: Fiddle Tune (and more)

    I was passing through Madison, Wisconsin and got to an old time jam, helped someone named John set up the chairs. Nice guy, and he played great fiddle. Only later was I told that was John Lamancusa. ...
  19. Re: Transcriptions for Butch Baldassari's "Travellers" Album?

    Hi Jake,
    I went through my .tef files and found whatever I could that came off the Traveler's album. Some of the tunes are almost exact transcriptions, such as El Grillo, Birdland Bounce, Chief...
  20. Re: Transcriptions for Butch Baldassari's "Travellers" Album?

    There are a lot of TablEdit .tef files out there from either Mandozine or CoMando that covered most of the tunes on the album. The versions are close to what is played on Travellers, which I agree is...
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    Re: Irish tenor banjo

    I literally had a 1925 Bacon tenor banjo handed to me by a neighbor who was moving and said he didn't want it and would I be interested in taking it off his hands?! I had it run through a guitar shop...
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    Re: ABC Converter?

    I have been using ABCExplorer for years. It's freeware designed by a French guy. Designed for Windows XP, it runs fine on my Windows 10 computer. Edit, play, transpose, print PDFs, JPGS, and other...
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    Re: NMD 1989 Flatiron Performer A

    Welcome to the Flatiron Performer A Club, you're going to really like it. Good thing you've got the wrist rest and pick-up; won't get too confusing if I sit next to you with my '96 Performer-A.
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    Re: "Dark" Fiddle Tunes?

    I second tmsweeney:

    Check out Peter Ostoushko's "Chickamauga" off of "Meeting on Southern Soil" with Norman Blake. It is as dark as the battle.
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    Re: Notation Software?

    Exactly! I love the older collections that are out there. I randomly clicked on one link, that of the Jackson Manuscript of 1823 in Lancashire. I know so many of those tunes from fife and drum or...
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