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    Mandolin Cases

    Seems like we often are in need of a case or an extra case for a mandolin. I am all for supporting the Cafe sponsors when possible but once in a while a really good deal comes along. I was looking...
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    Re: Battle of Evermore

    Blind test I am not sure anyone could tell the difference between and A and an F. You are just as likely to find as much difference in sound between the same model. Take 10 Eastman 305's (or pick...
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    Re: Unsigned Loar on Reveb

    No guarantee it actually sold. I would think if you could afford that one you could have invested a little more and got an actual signed Loar. I think this was listed in the classifieds as well.
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    Re: Women with Mandolins

    Way to many pages to go through and she may be mentioned, but I recently ran across the band sister Sadie. Tina Adair is a terrific mandolin player. It appears she is playing a Sim Daley mandolin. As...
  5. Re: A lovely old 1907ish A4 .. but wait ...

    I was thinking the same thing. Either some one needs the harware of they are going to be parting it out and selling the hardware.
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    Re: Pawn Shop F5L

    It sure seems like a lot for that mandolin (especially not being able to see and play it in person) unless someone knows something about that mandolin or has some attachment to it.
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    Re: Another bridge question.

    If you want a solid but adjustable bridge this might be your answer -
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    Re: A style Kimble, Heiden or ...

    There are MANY really wonderful mandolins. As you mentioned it all come down to finding one that speaks to you. Good luck in the search.
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    Re: A style Kimble, Heiden or ...

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    Re: This Gibson

    Hopefully when it sells he can figure out how to use Google maps -
    it was made in Kalamazoo Tennessee May 12 of 1981 by rich brown.
  11. Re: This weeks mandolin that won't get a bid or buyer

    Looks like a nice mandolin but I would like to know their appraisal folks if I every need to file an insurance claim -

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    Re: Kentucky Brand Mandolins-opinion

    As an example I would take this Collings MT over new Kentucky 950,
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    Re: Kentucky Brand Mandolins-opinion

    Is there a a particular model that you are looking at? It might help to get the information you are after.

    I have owned several - from 150, 505, 756, 900, 950, 1050. All newer (last 6-8 years)...
  14. Re: Thoughts on neck profiles and a mandolin upgrade

    On the Pava website they list the neck profile specs, so you should get an idea.

    An Ellis has a V shaped neck, the Pava more of a rounded V or U shaped. I...
  15. Re: Small hands and neck width - instruments that fit/don't

    I have a Collings MT2 and it has a 1 1/8" nut and a soft V neck that is pretty slim. You might look at Pava's as well. Slightly more U shaped but still in the soft V neck camp. Set up will also play...
  16. Re: Do You Mix & Match Your String Set?

    You might try a set of these GHS strings -basically what you are asking for -
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    Re: Early A4 Needs Fairy Godmother

    The crack in the headstock looks like it goes all the way down the neck to the heal. Also my first thought was that it was wet at some point?
  18. Re: What is a 12-15 Year Old Eastman MD-915 Worth?

    I do think that age would is a consideration in this case and not a positive one. If it is 15 years old it would be a fairly early production. Imported instruments like Eastman, Kentucky, etc. are...
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    Re: Hidden D'Addario Micro Tuners....

    I like and use the micro tuner. I mount it in reverse so is hardly noticeable. On my Collings MT2 I have it mounted just below the A/E tuners where the headstock juts out and you just about have to...
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    Re: Cotton Pickin Kids

    Nice...home schooled kids that don't spend all day on the computer or watching TV?

    The mandolin player is very good. The banjo player is terrific and the young lady on the right playing fiddle was...
  21. Re: Newbie questions -- where to start?

    - You are currently standing at a fork in the road. I would suggest you first decide if you want to play the guitar or mandolin and pick one. If you noodle around on more than one instrument you may...
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    Re: Am I seeing more A style mandolins?

    I can't really comment on the reasons for certain but here are a few thoughts -
    - Gibson started to transition to only making F5 style mandolins about 15 years ago. About that time Collings found a...
  23. Re: Gibson F5 Hall of Fame Bill Monroe Mandolin

    Here is a video with Dave Harvey at Gibson, about 6:30 he mentions these.
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    A Couple To Look At -

    Cruising Reverb (dangerous) and saw a couple that were interesting or had an interesting description.

    Interesting story - to bad it is damaged...
  25. Re: Who Has The Largest Selection Of Mandolins On Hand... Anywher

    You may be thinking of The Mandolin Brothers as being online only? The Mandolin Store was located in Surprise, AZ and relocated to north Nashville last year. The have a brick and mortar store as...
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