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  1. Re: Possible Transition from Light to Medium Strings

    Low-tack paper tape might be a quickie substitute; could also help around the neck.

    Sherry, your trepedation is understandable but, in the grand scheme of things, reminds me of some folks' fear of...
  2. Re: Do great looking mandolins have to sound better?

    Absatively!! After all, don't clean cars always run better than dirty cars?
  3. Re: Fretting sharp on the 12th fret E string

    Suggest going to StewMac's site and look up their Fret Rocker, with instructions. THEN use a credit card to perform the same fundtion: less-than-surgical precision but still highly informative.
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    Re: Mandolin Banjo?

    Uhmm... The onion makes you cry AFTER you cut it??
  5. Re: Advice needed for complement to my Weber Gallatin F Mandolin

    Except for the way-overstated price, you're describing my '17 Gibson A-1. IMHO, there's somthing really special about playing a 100+ year old instrument.
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    Re: To look at the mando or not?

    Well said, Bob!

    Let's be realistic: If you MUST look at your instrument, you're either a beginner (as were we all) or haven't progressed far from being a beginner.

    From the opposite view: ...
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    Re: dumb question

    Happened to me too, but a bit of picking-wrist pressure keeps everything in, uhm, harmony. And probably a good reason to partonize Cafe member Doug Edwards for his excellent armrests:...
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    Re: more accurate clip on tuner than Snark?

    For what little it's worth (and some will surely disagree):

    In the 6 - 10 years that Snarks have been around, I've found them to be somewhat frustrating. Not sure why, as I've never used one of...
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    Re: Hi, I'm new to this

    For your long-term sanity:

    1 - Most strings are cheap. Don't commit to buying the expensive, long-lasting ones until you've developed your own preference, based on your own ears & fingers.
    2 -...
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    Re: Mandolin from a kit

    Point of confusion:
    I see where the paper separates the top from the rims (maybe not on the back?). But it also seems that the top (soundboard) extends up the neck, as an "extra" layer between the...
  11. Re: Invention in C Major BWV 772 Nugget F5 and Northfield Octave

    I nominate this as the Cafe's most useful, clear, accurate, and all-encompassing statement ... EVER!

    Jake: As if your playing wasn't impressive enough, the thoughtfullness and detail of your...
  12. Re: Brass Mandolin Tuners-Waverly?Early 20th century

    My assumption, without in-hand inspection, is that the rounded ends of the capstans were probably peened over, treating them as rivets. That might also expand the shaft and pressure the inside of...
  13. Re: Brass Mandolin Tuners-Waverly?Early 20th century

    Yikes! The last photo is pretty clear: the "replacement" gear has 14 teeth, while the others have only 12!
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    Re: Speed of bluegrass... is it just me?

    FWIW, typical fast bluegrass drives my wife absolutely BONKERS. After 2 minutes or so (most often in the car, where she can't walk away), her pulse & blood pressure are matching the music's BPM......
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    Re: Shim for Bridge Insert.

    Deep issues indeed! But then again ...

    On Netflix' 2020 year-in-review special, Leslie Jones, recently of Saturday Night Live, commented (approximately):
    "I'd like to say that 2020 was a...
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    Re: Shim for Bridge Insert.

    Whoa!! A philosophical question, far more than I realized way back when I read "the best-selling philosophy book of all time", according to Wikipedia.

    The answer, IMHO, is "it depends": Do you...
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    Re: Shim for Bridge Insert.

    Whoa!!! (Yes, THREE exclamation points.) Major head-rush / recollection from, what, forty+ years ago??

    In "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance", two friends are sitting by their evening...
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    Re: Shim for Bridge Insert.

    Remember that paper and cardstock are simply reconstituted wood, possibly with higher density than most, and certainly higher consistency.

    Wish I could remember who but, 10 years ago or so, one of...
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    Re: Music store etiquette?

    Side story, & plug for a great place:

    On my first visit to the Denver Folklore Center, 6-8 years ago, I asked if it I could try out the $4K XYZ mando that was in a closed (and probably locked)...
  20. Re: Making the A and E strings less "pingy" and general newbie re

    My first stringed instrument, a "budget" Kay guitar in 1963 (Thanks, Santa!), had "pingy" unwound strings. Came to learn that's mostly due to 1) budget, and 2) unwound. That's life ...

    Yes, a...
  21. Re: You don't see that everyday (double neck on Reverb).


    Reminds me of a Dali or Picasso face with, ya know, two mouths?

    BTW, the Reverb shots show a small square of particle board, or maybe cork, at the heel; it seems to be stuck on and...
  22. Re: Changing Keys in a Song...Can Someone Help Me Understand it?

    A simple answer:
    Bluegrass is more "tradition-bound" than any music o/t classical, so most tunes are "traditionally" played in a specific key. They don't need to be, that's just the way folks do...
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    Re: What are these tuners?

    Alan: A fine and noble hijack it was! Thanks!!

    HA! I'd been thinking the same thing! But the good news, at least for me, is:

    My tuners work fairly well as they are. For the sake of not...
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    Re: What are these tuners?

    Good question! I've been thinking between a dozen and a hundred or so, as I suspect that many that are removed now will need replacing, and there must be another dozen folks out there in similar...
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    Re: What are these tuners?

    Jim, I assume you meant to say "not particularly super-valuable"? Mine was ~ $400 eight or ten years ago. BUT, it's a lightly built & resonant canted-top flatback, generally akin to that era's...
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