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    Re: Pick Thickness

    The Wegens do come thinner but they are not advertised and you have to order them direct from Wegen. I have a couple of 0.85 Wegen black large triangles which I got second hand. They are my go-to...
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    Re: Culhane’s and Folan’s

    Both sets of tunes are common traditional tunes and can be found in notation form on website
  3. Re: Old, quite unique flatback. Does anyone know anything about

    It looks pretty unique and probably a one-off experiment, so hard to identify the origin. If I had to guess, going by the shape, the woods, the tuners and that you bought it in the UK, I would...
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    Re: Question for UK Members re. BREXIT

    It will take longer, be more complicated and cost you more than at present. You will also need a time machine as the EEC has not existed since 1993!
  5. Re: Lyon & Healy Style A, B, C fretboard - all radiused?

    The Italians may have got there first! Roman mandolins from about 1890, often had radiused fingerboards. They were a feature which helped make Embergher mandolins successful amongst professional...
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    Re: Florian Klaus Rumpf

    Thanks for drawing Florian to our attention. His short composition Schlaflied (lullaby) is a thing of beauty, available on his Facebook page
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    Re: Bach: Bourreé I&II, BWV 1009

    Very nicely played and well-paced. I like the slower tempo, which would be helpful to learners. Did you use a published mandolin arrangement?
  8. Re: Update on "The Irish Mandolin" - and other stories

    I have been enjoying Jill's playing on this site. I have also grown fond of mazurkas recently, in fact I have been exploring all kinds of 3/4 tunes from waltzes to Swedish polskas to French bourees...
  9. Re: Update on "The Irish Mandolin" - and other stories

    Hi Aidan, I have been delving into your site. There are some great resources here, especially the recordings of notable mandolin players and your own compositions. You have done some great work and I...
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    Re: Flat top Arch back mandolin

    Paul Shippey has been making a range of flat-top, carved back mandolins and bouzoukis in the UK for a while now and I have been tempted by them. He calls them 'the axe' and some pros have been buying...
  11. Re: Review: Carlo Mazzaccara Lucia bowlback mandolin

    I have admired Carlo's work for some time. He must be one of the world's preeminent classical mandolin makers. If I was a classical music player I too would be sorely tempted.
  12. Re: Your thoughts on Ellis A4s and other modern, upper tier ovals

    Upper tier as in expensive? I would look seriously at Mike Black of Lawrence, Kansas, who specialises in faithful Gibson A2 and A4 reproductions. I have one of his A4s and I am very happy with it. On...
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    Re: Accompanying a guitarists who tunes down

    I am struggling with the concept 'accompanying a guitarist'. On the celtic music scene I am familiar with guitarists, who are tolerated more than embraced, are expected to play in whatever key the...
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    Re: Off to Scotland

    Don't give up on Skye. It is a great island and Portree, the main town, is a lovely place. Don't try to walk it in a day; that would be daft. Instead do some sections of the 7 day Skye Trail. Lots of...
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    Re: A Celtic Morn - Emile Grimshaw

    What a jolly piece, Michael. Thanks for posting this and congratulations on your impressive technique. Your link to the BMG archive is also very welcome. I have a) nearly complete set of original...
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    Re: Visited Fiddler's Green

    I thought you meant this Fiddlers Green:

    When you get to the dock and the long trip is through
    There's pubs and there's clubs, and there's lassies there too
    and the girls are all pretty and the...
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    Re: Finnish mandolinist HEIKKI LAHTI, RIP

    The you tube site needs a slight correction to find the Finnish mandolin stuff: Google 'Mandolin Mestari'

    UPDATE This gets to the videos better: 'Mandoliini mestari heikki lahti'
  18. Re: Alternative mandolin tuners - Waverly are not the only soluti

    Unless you are referring to the jet engines now powering various Boeings?
  19. Re: J E Dallas London Mandolin- late 19th- early 20th century

    Your wide-body mandolin is unusual for a J E Dallas instrument, but not unknown. I have one that needs restoration, very similar to yours but with different accessories (an elevated pickguard, for...
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    Re: Mandocello History ?

    There was similar fashion in early 20th Century England for mandolin orchestras, similar to what Graham describes for Italy and the contemporary movement in the USA. Before commercially recorded...
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    Re: What's your new fiddle tune?

    Thank you so much JL277z for posting that notation; greatly appreciated. I am so used to playing the regular version of Flowers of Edinburgh in sessions I had great difficulty picking up the crooked...
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    Re: Scotland Mandolin Holiday

    When I go walking in Scotland I often fancy a tune or two but this rarely works out. It should be simple to hire a climbing hut or lodge for a group of musically inclined walkers if enough could be...
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    John E Dallas Mando Family Reunion

    After many years of searching I recently managed to acquire a tenor mandola to form a trio of matching instruments made about a hundred years ago in London by John E Dallas. They all share common...
  24. Re: Jordan Ramsey's Mandolin Nightmares UK edition

    Hi Jordan,
    I have tickets for your Leeds show October 22 and will try to catch one other if possible. I live near Leeds and can offer a welcome at least one predominantly Irish weekly session if...
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    Re: Scotland Referendum

    <Removed by Moderator. Posting Guidelines violation>
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