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    Re: Kentucky-brand info

    I have a Kentucky KM-805, and while it is a nice instrument, it is not near the quality of my Collings MT, my Pava Player, or my Weber Bitterroot (all of which I consider very near professional...
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    Re: Where to buy the long classical picks?

    I have the Pettine, Galli, and PickBoy picks, and use them all. I prefer the Pettine (purchased on eBay some time ago,) but I use the PickBoy for everyday use, because they were cheaper and easier to...
  3. Re: I have MAS and check the classified hourly…

    I have never managed "release" yet, I only "catch." I also play guitar, and I have all of the guitars I have ever wanted, and (like my mandolins,) they are better than I will ever live up to. They...
  4. Re: I have MAS and check the classified hourly…

    I check the classifieds nearly every day just because I love looking at mandolins. Haven't bought another one in about 5 years, but no harm in looking. "Just because I'm on a diet doesn't mean I...
  5. Re: Do you take your best or most valuable mandolin to gigs?

    Depends on where I'm going. To play at church, yes. At jams, not usually (but I take the #2 instrument.) I rarely take out the one I take on vacation/travel with.
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    Re: Estate Sale Bowlback

    I have 4 playable bowlback mandolins, and I paid less than$200 each. YMMV, but you asked for "ballpark."
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    Re: Lyon Healy bowlback? Approximate date?

    Looks a lot like my Lyon and Healy bowlback, mine is early 1900s. Yours has a case, that's a nice touch. If you decide to restring it and play it, you need ultralight strings or you will ruin the...
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    Re: Is this how it starts?

    Ha ha Sue, you joined the club! I (about 3 years ago) bought an oboe and am teaching myself to play oboe. I wanted to play in the local orchestra, and all of the instruments that I already play are...
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    Re: Pick for Classical Music

    I use Blue Chip TD35 and/or TD40 for classical, but I have used Jazz picks too. Basically any pointed pick will work. I prefer a thinner pick in general, but particularly for classical.
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    Re: Always use a strap? Even when seated?

    I use a strap for all of my mandos except my bowlbacks. 2 reasons - position consistency (mandolin neck height) and safety - my cats and dogs often feel the need to be on my lap, and I don't want my...
  11. Re: Considering a trade - is it me or the mandolin

    I have small hands and am also "older," I find the standard nut comfortable. I have slightly different neck shapes on all of my mandolins, none are particularly uncomfortable for me, so I agree with...
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    Re: 1920 Gibson F4

    Congratulations! Enjoy!
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    Re: McClung Armrest

  14. Re: Intermediate Mando - Good Mando to Step up to?

    I'm 66, so you could be my younger sister! LOL!! And my Collings is an MT, I listened to an MT2 and liked the sound of the MT better (and it was cheaper) and I have not been disappointed. I listened...
  15. Re: Intermediate Mando - Good Mando to Step up to?

    You could call The Mandolin Store (NFI), I did when I was upgrading, and told them what kind of music I was wanting to play, and how much I could spend, and asked for their recommendations. Then I...
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    Re: Pickguard or no pickgaurd?

    I never had an armrest until my Collings came with one (bought used.) I tried it, and loved it. Now I have armrests on all my mandos, it keeps the edge from cutting into my arm (comfort.) Side...
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    Re: What are you looking forward to?

    Being able to walk without a crutch sometime fairly soon
    Seeing my son in person.
    Being able to play and sing music with others again.
    If I never wear a mask again, it will be too soon.
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    Re: Is this how it starts?

    I might have to decline the MAS vaccine, if one is ever developed. It might make me reject my instruments....
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    Re: Found an old Sicilian bowlback

    Thank you for the comment - my Puglisi is my favorite of my bowlbacks - just sounds and plays so nicely. Better than my American Conservatory mandolin.
  20. Re: Small hands and neck width - instruments that fit/don't

    I too have small hands and very short fingers, and can play both C- and V- neck mandolins with comfort. I have to alter fingerings with some chords, because I just can't reach, although picking is...
  21. Re: I decided to hang it on the wall: it might be safer there

    You are correct - I too would be willing to take it for safekeeping, but you got the first offer in, so you do it and make the sacrifice for all of the rest of us.
  22. Re: What Sensation Should You Feel for "The One?"

    What he said. I got that feeling from my Pava and my Weber, and I decided I needed to try a Collings. I finally found one I could afford, paid for it, and when it arrived, it gave me the same feeling...
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    Re: New player - Mandolin

    As for picks, I too came to mandolin from guitar (acoustic/folk,) and started with my guitar picks. I find many people recommend thicker picks for mandolin than I care for. I prefer less than 1mm...
  24. Re: Newbie looking to identify type/age of mandolin

    Nice that you also have the case! Use GHS A240 ultralight strings on it to restring it. Enjoy!
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    Re: Anyone been to Nashville trying mandolins?

    I don't know if all the stores are willing, but TMS did (for me) play two mandolins that I was interested in on the phone so I could hear them back-to back (I ended up buying both because I couldn't...
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