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  1. MIchael Lampert audio interview on Kansas City's Neon Jazz

    More about the series here.
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    Re: 10 Questions for Alison Stephens

    Another feature interview celebrating an anniversary today.
  3. Article: Winter Virtual Mandolin Camp with Alan Bibey, Don Stiern

    You can view the page at
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    Re: Shutt mandolins

    Whoa... that one has Bradley Klein's name all over it. LOL.

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    Re: Where are the ' Big guys ' ?

    The vast majority of Facebook's mandolin groups are incredibly lame (nothing wrong with that if they're having fun!) with very little traffic, and at least two run by people that caught hell from...
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    Re: Adding attachments.

    Here's a video tutorial that shows another way. It's done from start to finish so intended for people that are brand new and may not have even logged in.
  7. Comparing Acoustic Disc to a Rounder or Sugar...

    Comparing Acoustic Disc to a Rounder or Sugar Hill is comparing apples to oranges. The latter are massive business entities with scores of titles that exist for the purpose of profiting from the work...
  8. Article: New in Print and eBook - The Complete Mandolinist, Volum

    You can view the page at
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    Re: RIP Tony Rice

    Daniel at Mandolins and Beer podcast put out a real heartfelt Tony Rice tribute episode we just listened to this morning. Highly recommended.

  10. It's the anniversary of Mandolin Mondays #1

    Congrats to David all around for this marvelous series. Having a blast still seeing what he comes up with each week. Here's Mandolin Mondays Episode #1.
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    Re: Monteleones at Rudy's Music

    Could it be they meant to sell the necklace that graces Liz's decolletage at that price instead of the Monteleone? Possibly an errant listing, an honest mistake?

  12. Re: Satan Is Real: The Ballad of the Louvin Brothers

    Anniversary of its publication. Until something comes along better, still the best one we've read that's music related since.
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    Re: Mando-inspired Haiku

    Bought first mandolin
    15 minutes of practice
    Instagram video

    His old guitar sits
    Longing to make a G run
    Rest in peace, Tony

    Hocked the mandolin
    Lost mortgage on mobile home
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    Re: Plans for dark mode?

    No plans, but not due to a lack of interest. This software isn't going anywhere, the new generation version was not to our liking so no new plans for new features, although as some noted, for the...
  15. Re: Possible podcast/youtube weekly series - copyright problems?

    Might be a good idea to contact Hal Leonard Publishing while you're at it. Part of their catalog and they own the rights to it.
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    Re: RIP Tony Rice

    Merging multiple threads as that seems to be more appropriate.

    Rest in peace, Tony.

  17. Noting the anniversary of this. Real proud of...

    Noting the anniversary of this. Real proud of these articles that have appeared here over the years.
  18. Re: Not able to view embeded photobucket photos

    If you're not paying for the product, you are the product.
  19. Emma Borders featured in Weber Mandolins blog

    Really nice feature on Emma and her Weber octave mandolin just up today by Michael Eck. Emma, as you might recall, was a Mandolin Mondays guest awhile back, clearly a rising star at only 15 years...
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    Re: Blem Mandolins

    The information posted above about The Mandolin Store closing is not true. I spoke to Dennis not two minutes ago. He was as surprised and confused to hear this as we were. That discussion ends here....
  21. Re: Article: A Brief History of Evening Prayer Blues

    Birthday wishes to the late DeFord Bailey, born December 14, 1899 in Smith County, Tennessee.
  22. Article: Ask the Dawg - A David Grisman Mandolin Encounter

    You can view the page at
  23. Re: What mandolins are made in North America?

    If you mean Northfield, here's an article that's been out over two years outlining their Michigan built instruments. Their Michigan built instruments are sold by Elderly, The Mandolin Store,...
  24. Re: What mandolins are made in North America?

    There are 399 builders in the U.S. and another 53 in Canada alone in our builder database. You may want to narrow your selection a bit and be more specific about what you're looking for in order for...
  25. Twenty years today since this great recording was...

    Twenty years today since this great recording was released. Get it here.
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