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  1. Re: Today in Mandolin History - February 27, 1923, Thaddeus J. Mc

    I liked the part where Gibson could now use “wood which has not been heretofore considered satisfactory..............and further, great care in selecting stock is not necessary”.
  2. Re: Beginner with new Gold Tone GME-5 questions

    Barre chords just take practice. A good setup helps to insure the action is good. It’s a time where playing like a guitar helps.

    Your example is a very common one and a very useful shape. ...
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    Re: Tips for moving up the neck needed

    If you play tunes in first position with open strings, they are not easily movable. Since you know those tunes, practice those tunes using your pinky, then change keys up the neck. You'll begin to...
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    Re: Olive wood for mandolin body?

    Tourist shops worldwide are known for the use of native materials in high quality items. Myrtlewood?
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    Re: Music Store Etiquette

    In terms of etiquette, jams, like music stores, vary. In the olden jamtime I regularly played in 2 swing/jazz jams and all the folks played from charts on some, if not all, tunes. Don’t worry about...
  6. Re: What 7th Chords Go with What Major Keys?

    The simple answer is:
    Key. Seventh chord (dominant seven)
    C. G7
    D. A7
    G. D7
    A. E7.

    This shows the...
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    Re: Olive wood for mandolin body?

    Given that olives have been cultivated for centuries, I’d suspect that if the wood were suitable in any commerce it would be well known.

    Like many ‘fruit’ trees, olives are not grown from seed and...
  8. Re: New to mando...coming from guitar...where would you start?

    Mandolins are plucked violins, not little guitars. Great online resources including a classic Mike Marshall youtube for beginning ergonomics. Search for a player you like, there will probably be an...
  9. Re: How do you think of the fretboard - closed patterns or just n

    That would be the goal, just singing along with your instrument.

    Takes a bit to get there though:)
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    Re: Ibanez 513 (Selmer/Maccaferri D-Hole)

    Pretty rare apparently. 513 is the model number for the ‘Jethro-style’ two point. Can’t find any reference to this model.

    Very cool.
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    Re: Experimenting with Logic Pro

    Very cool. I have no idea how you would make that happen, but I really enjoyed it.
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    Re: TablEdit is back!

    And thanks to Scott for preserving this resource.
  13. Re: How do you think of the fretboard - closed patterns or just n

    You need to know both to be really proficient. The note names/locations are absolute while the patterns are relative, ie, the intervals. But I find my pattern facility varies with the finger and...
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    Re: How to practice Circle of 5ths

    The chart, easily findable with Google, shows the relationship between chords. There are several online sources to explain the info represented by that chart.

    You don't need to learn all of the...
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    Re: Gassing for next Mandolin

    A used A style is the place to look.
  16. Re: Thoughts on neck profiles and a mandolin upgrade

    When I had my 2 point made, I measured the width and depth of my favorite neck at 3 points and used a profile gage at those same 3 places to provide the necessary info for the builder. Perfect match...
  17. Re: Is the position of the braces on a mandolin important?

    Nope. They get in the way when you pick. Even Loar knew that:)
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    Re: Gibson mando date and model?

    Did Batson D. Belfrey play mandolin?
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    Re: Do You Have Too Many Instruments?

    No, I'm usually short one:)

    But it is on order:mandosmiley:
  20. Re: Is the position of the braces on a mandolin important?

    The first guitar Arthur Overholzer built won an international competition. You can certainly bring a lot to your first instrument.
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    Re: Strings for a K-1 Mandocello

    Hi Tom. Didn’t know you played mandocello.

    Nice of you to join us.:)
  22. Re: Is the position of the braces on a mandolin important?

    A search of ladder bracing on this site through Google doesn’t return much. The little bit it does return is about guitars and flat top mandolins.

    I get the value of the removable back jig and...
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    Re: Michael Cleveland on Mandolin

    Michael and Nathan Livers played a blazing duet a couple of years ago at the Stevenson Wa festival. I was surprised the instruments didn’t burst in flame:)
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    Re: How Would You Play This Double Stop?

    When I sing the melody, the 'once' note and the note before it is D. In the first strike its the fifth the G chord, but the second strike its the root of the V chord, ie, the D chord. So to me, the...
  25. Re: Is the position of the braces on a mandolin important?

    Yes. Could maybe make the long braces smaller, thinner not shorter.

    Edit: just noticed in the ‘recurve too thin’ thread has a comment about a European builder who uses cross bracing. Hmmm....
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