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    Re: Music Store Etiquette

    Admittedly, a few REALLY expensive instruments were in a cabinet. But that did NOT include the $40,000 D'Angelico archtop that I got to savor for 10 or 12 minutes!
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    Re: Strap for a Martin Style C

    Rather than just above the nut, I tie on thru the tuners to avoid fretting-hand interference.
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    Re: Music Store Etiquette

    Absoluely! Stan had a central room with maybe 180 mandolins hanging. One chop chord easily summoned a choir of heavenly voices!

    So glad I did. The more time passes, the more my "Mandolin...
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    Re: Music Store Etiquette

    When considering a specific upgrade, I'd checked in at the front counter so that they'd know I brought an instrument into the store. I'd have a harder time "setting up shop" with a music stand,...
  5. Re: Do Martin mandolins fetch higher or lower prices than Gibsons

    You want "rare"? A college roommate, in the mid-60s, owned a Ford Taunus. Nope, not a US-built Taurus, which didn't exist yet, but a German-built small sedan. He'd boast that nobody EVER re-sold...
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    Re: Mandolin bridge spacing?

    IMHO, do yourself a favor and work on being adptable to a variety of neck shapes. Plus, width & string spread aren't everything: radius & back architecture also affect how the fretboard feels in...
  7. Re: What is a 12-15 Year Old Eastman MD-915 Worth?

    FWIW, I did my own casual survey 8-10 years ago, across guitars & mandolins, and found that it took 20 to 30 years for a high quality, highly regarded brand-name instrument to equal its original sale...
  8. Re: Learning to find the notes on the mandolin neck

    Two thoughts, seemingly almost trivial, but they helped me thru your current stage of confusion:

    1- When I was at your point on guitar (uhm, six decades ago?), learning "up the neck" first...
  9. Re: Quality tuners for F style - opinions welcome

    Just taking a shot here:

    My mandolin orchestra owns an older Gibson mandocello that's v. difficult to tune, even after I lubed the tuners. Haven't really had time to get back to it BUT...

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    Re: Poe mandolin question.

    When I saw Mandolin Orange in North NJ 5-6 years ago, Andrew Marlin was playing a Poe. It should be in some of their earlier videos. WAY nice, in my humble opinion!
  11. Re: Best Oval Hole A Mandolins for Orchestra Playing?

    If my experience with the Bloomfield (NJ) Mandolin Orchestra is any help, what brand/model/style/age of instrument is about the least of considerations.

    First, you need players. Then, players who...
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    Poll: Re: Poll - If there could only be one?

    Uhmm... Bought a couple of barely-used guitar case covers from Mr. Dudenbostel, including an interesting 15-minute phone call. Does that count?
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    Re: Where to start with Jazz Mandolin?

    From a respected Cafe member (both the book and the website!):
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    Re: Can You Identify This Strap?

    Appears to be high quality, heavy materials. Reminds me of a Sully's Strap (NFI). He has a variety of designs, but usually stamps them with his oval logo.
  15. Re: Anyone here ever seen a peacock mandolin like this?

    Since it's Gerard's first post, let me summarize what most of us are probably assuming. I know of four primary reasons why a bowlback may have too-high action, some noted above:

    1 - The bridge is...
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    Re: Mandolin G + D octave strings

    FWIW... Before getting into mandolin, and wanting to NOT sound like the other guitars in a jam, I'd sometimes play 12-string capoed a bit up the neck, say at 7 or higher. Sounded sort of like a...
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    Re: Couple of tunes in calico tuning

    Whoa, THANKS!! You just pushed me into an hour of combing thru Google Maps' sattelite views. Seemingly off topic, but ...

    I spent a big chunk of my adult life, even met my wife, as a whitewater...
  18. Re: Possible Transition from Light to Medium Strings

    Low-tack paper tape might be a quickie substitute; could also help around the neck.

    Sherry, your trepedation is understandable but, in the grand scheme of things, reminds me of some folks' fear of...
  19. Re: Do great looking mandolins have to sound better?

    Absatively!! After all, don't clean cars always run better than dirty cars?
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    Re: Fretting sharp on the 12th fret E string

    Suggest going to StewMac's site and look up their Fret Rocker, with instructions. THEN use a credit card to perform the same fundtion: less-than-surgical precision but still highly informative.
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    Re: Mandolin Banjo?

    Uhmm... The onion makes you cry AFTER you cut it??
  22. Re: Advice needed for complement to my Weber Gallatin F Mandolin

    Except for the way-overstated price, you're describing my '17 Gibson A-1. IMHO, there's somthing really special about playing a 100+ year old instrument.
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    Re: To look at the mando or not?

    Well said, Bob!

    Let's be realistic: If you MUST look at your instrument, you're either a beginner (as were we all) or haven't progressed far from being a beginner.

    From the opposite view: ...
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    Re: dumb question

    Happened to me too, but a bit of picking-wrist pressure keeps everything in, uhm, harmony. And probably a good reason to partonize Cafe member Doug Edwards for his excellent armrests:...
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    Re: more accurate clip on tuner than Snark?

    For what little it's worth (and some will surely disagree):

    In the 6 - 10 years that Snarks have been around, I've found them to be somewhat frustrating. Not sure why, as I've never used one of...
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