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    Re: Coloratura for solo mandolin (2020)

    Very nice. Thank you for posting. (Vintage Gibson snakehead?)
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    Re: Arlo Guthrie Retirement

    Good old Arlo. I hope he enjoys retirement. He's worked hard.
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    Re: RIP Jerry Jeff Walker

    Aww. Too bad. Great songwriter. He had a good long life, though -- longer than I would've expected. I guess he's finally off of the LA freeway.
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    Re: I don't like F styles. Anyone else?

    As time passes, I prefer As more and more. I'm not really sure why. They just seem less fussy. I have some nice Fs, too, but my Collings A is the mandolin I play the most.
  5. Re: The merciless camera (recording ourselves as a reality check)

    I agree video is a useful tool. It doesn't lie.

    I also find the SAW group to be enormously beneficial and have participated off an on since the beginning, life and schedule permitting. Committing...
  6. Re: If money was no object, and perfect bluegrass tone was only g

    Cast my vote for Red Diamond. My F5 is just alien-technology voodoo good. And I have some other nice mandolins. But the RD is the bluegrass (and other) beast. And that goes double if I'm playing with...
  7. Poll: Re: Poll for the Song a Week Social Group Week #532

    I dare you to learn the Bb version. Just for extra credit.
  8. Poll: Re: Poll for the Song a Week Social Group Week #532

    OK, that's it -- next trip is to Dumfries, honestly. I liked Ireland but I love Scotland. Totally ready to go back. My initial sortie was Glasgow, up to Inverness and back to Edinburgh. Adored the...
  9. Poll: Re: Poll for the Song a Week Social Group Week #532

    My extensive research into this tune (typing the title into Google) further reveals that "Hole in the Wall" is in reference to a cozy English pub.

  10. Poll: Re: Poll for the Song a Week Social Group Week #532

    Apparently "Hole in the Wall" was written by Henry Purcell, 1659-1695. Here's a cool video of the tune being played on what appear to be Vulcan sitars.
  11. Re: Amanda Jewell pdf transcription from Skaggs - Campbell

    Thumbs up!
  12. Poll: Re: Poll for the Song a Week Social Group Week #529

    Yes, Simon, Lantern is a good tune. I leaned it, before Blind Mary turned into another come-from-behind winner. So hopefully Lantern will get another at bat. There are some petty funny comments about...
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    Re: Steve Earl and his Gibson mandolins

    I don’t think I’ve seen anybody play a mandolin with a thumb pick. ... “Some bad stuff happen” indeed. : ( But fun video. Thanks for sharing.
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    Re: Virtual Willie Clancy Week and ITMA

    The fiddling collection is wonderful. Thanks for the heads up.
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    Re: Newell mandolin.

    Nice looking mandolin. Congratulations. I've seen these advertised but never played one. Hope you got a good deal. Enjoy!
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    Re: Old vs New Oval

    I have a '24 A2Z and a Gil from the first batch. Both rock. I'm south of you in Iowa. If ya want to meet up for a sampling, get in touch.
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    Re: NMD Pava Pro

    Very nice! I love these.
  18. Poll: Re: Poll for the Song A Week Social Group Week #528

    OK, I found a video of my friend Dr. Frank Claudy playing "Old Decency," so I'm throwing in for that. I'll try to get him to record it with me if it wins the horse race.

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    Re: Kimble or Duff F5?

    Play them both and decide. I like Kimbles but have never owned one. I do have a killer Duff F5. Love it. When I wore the frets down Dale Ludwig did an excellent job installing those big EVO frets,...
  20. Re: Article: Bill Monroe's Spiritual Daughter - Lauren Price Hews

    Lauren is an incredible player and a wonderful person to boot!
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    Re: How much do you practice?

    At least an hour. I like to play as much as possible, around other things that need to happen. The morning is the best time to practice. I usually start practicing with my second cup of coffee. (I...
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    Re: F5 with an OVAL hole?

    I like your thinking. I think I'd give that Collings a serious look and then go from there. I also like your adventurous ideas as to fonts and type sizes. Not sure why we're all always using the...
  23. Re: Come Hither To Go Yonder--Bob Black new book

    I'll have to get my copy out and read it again. Thanks for the poke. Bob is a nice guy and a great player. And a fellow Iowan from up the road.
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    Re: Which mandolin to buy

    Put me down in the "find an old Gibson" category. I used to an A Junior that I paid like $750 for. It was a really cool mandolin.
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    Re: Wireless in-ear monitors

    I like the above part the most! ... Good luck with the in-ears. We've tried virtually everything, including clip on instrument condensers and in-ear monitors. Just remember: You can always go back to...
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