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    Re: Pick thickness - how to choose?

    FYI, the infamous traveling pick sampler(s) is/are about to relaunch so keep an eye out for my announcement in the next few weeks. No better way to try out 100+ different types of picks for just the...
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    Re: Where are the ' Big guys ' ?

    Stephen tried to propose a Model 1-for-pick sampler in-kind trade but he balked at spending the additional cash necessary to make it a fair value exchange. I couldn't wait for his next F5 to be...
  3. Re: Ricky Skaggs receives Presidential Medal of the Arts.

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    Re: Pick Samplers Still Circulating?

    The short answer is 'No'. They are not still circulating and haven't been since late 2019.

    The slightly longer answer is more positive. Both samplers are intact, in hand, and will be relaunched...
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    Re: Dean Clawson

    Clawson threads always catch my eye because I almost bought one on a whim a while back and wonder if I missed out on one of the good ones.

    Start here and also follow the links provided by...
  6. Re: Anybody going/been to Alan Bibey Mandolin Camp?

    To complete a triumvirate of the usual AB Camp suspects on this forum, I too will be a returning 5th-year attendee. Wary? You bet, but Bibey has as good a plan for safety as can be had at the moment,...
  7. Re: Live From Here - Is There a Better Music Show ANYWHERE?

    An interesting theoretical question, but you may be phrasing it from a slightly outdated view of the show. While in the beginning it certainly carried over much of its predecessor's basic form, as of...
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    Re: East Tennessee Blues

    Here's a good one with a few pickers you might recognize:

    And yes, you should also learn Tennessee Blues as well as East Virginia Blues. Just to keep you on your...
  9. Re: The Traveling Pick Sampler - Anyone Interested?

    Howdy all!

    As usual I'm behind in posting updates to this thread, but I do have some excellent news. Both samplers are in circulation with new recipients, and recent reports of missing picks were...
  10. Re: Cigar Humidor Discs for in-case humidification??

    Hi Slim,

    In theory they would work, but the propylene glycol solution that is normally used for cigars pumps out moisture around 72% Relative Humidity, which is too high for the recommended 45-50%...
  11. Re: The Mighty Cozart! New 8 string electric

    Grabbed one last night because why not. Haven't given in to MAS in a while. Tried an offer like Darryl's and got rejected. Added 4 bucks the next go-around and it'll be here Saturday. But was it...
  12. Re: help me out, how to do vibrato on a 4 string

    During your search, one thing to keep in mind is that by definition vibrato is achieved by modulating the pitch of a note. The most common manual techniques for achieving this on a steel string...
  13. Re: The Traveling Pick Sampler - Anyone Interested?


    I've looked because like you I think it's a great pick and would like to have one, but I can't find that particular pick in stock online anywhere and don't even know the model. But, since...
  14. Re: The Traveling Pick Sampler - Anyone Interested?

    And that's why it always sits front and center. :cool:

    You done a good thing, Cal.

    C. ~/:/~
  15. Re: The Traveling Pick Sampler - Anyone Interested?

    Sampler #1 inventory

    1. Hawk SB
    2. BlueChip CT-55
    3. John Pearse Fast Turtles Medium 2.5mm
    4. John Pearse Studio Extra Heavy
    5. Gravity Gold Tripp Standard 1.5
    6. Gravity Striker XL 3...
  16. Re: The Traveling Pick Sampler - Anyone Interested?

    The Pick Samplers are both back on tour!

    Here's a pic. #1 on the left, #2 on the right.


    They both have close to the same number of picks total, but #1 has a slight edge in different...
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    Re: Do We Really Need Another Pick Thread?

    V-Pick or original ProPlec version?

    I've been playing more electric mando than previously lately and found a sharply pointed V-Pick Lite Freakishly Large to be the quietest pick in my arsenal...
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    Re: Sam Bush rocks out on E-Mando

    Awesome. Great sounding band and certain to polarize as is Sam's wont. He pulls some fantastic tone from that Mandocaster (would love a detailed rig rundown) and his wah-wah-filled solo at the end...
  19. Re: The Traveling Pick Sampler - Anyone Interested?

    Howdy all. As it does, life has gotten in the way of posting to the forum recently so my apologies for any ignored requests to be added to the recipient lists for the picks.

    The lack of any info...
  20. Re: The Traveling Pick Sampler - Anyone Interested?

    Hello all,

    The bad news: Pick Sampler #1 has gone missing yet again. I was notified exactly 2 weeks ago that it was in the mail to me and should arrive in a few days but it hasn't shown up yet....
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    Re: Odd mandolin on Ebay

    While I've never seen a SIR mandolin, I'm assuming you're referencing this real production C.F. Martin guitar:
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    Re: Sam Bush Documentary

    Bumping this thread because "Revival: The Sam Bush Story" is scheduled for release on November 1st! I didn't know much about it until today when I saw an updated post elsewhere but it looks like...
  23. Re: The Traveling Pick Sampler - Anyone Interested?

    Finally a new list update! I try to place names based on first come/first served with some adjustment for being a previous holder or being on both lists. Hopefully everyone is good with the queue:
  24. Re: If you could ask Chris Thile and the Punch Brothers one quest

    I'll pretend this question was posted in good faith. Here's a sampler from about 5 minutes of YT searching:
  25. Re: Blondes have more fun? Not the fake ones.

    For posterity:




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