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    Re: Straps for A style

    That's where I ended up buying mine from, but I think I'll have to get a thinner shoelace or something similar to go around the headstock. My action is pretty low so I think it will have to be quite...
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    Re: Straps for A style

    Thanks for the suggestions! I'm curious, what's the difference between using a leather strap vs something like nylon (I think that's what the legacy straps are made of)? For you A folks, does anyone...
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    Re: Don Williams

    I've loved Don Williams since I was little, and my dad has always been a big fan of his. Fun fact, when my aunt got married about 10-15 years ago now, she said her husband wrote the song "Listen to...
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    Straps for A style

    I just bought my first mando, an Eastman 505, about a week ago, and am looking into a good strap. I'd like to try one that can be tied underneath the fretboard and see how I like it, but I don't know...
  5. Re: Places that provide mandolin lessons in MN

    I'm resurrecting this thread from 6 years ago as I have the same question. I'm about an hour north of the cities though and would would prefer to find someone closer than MSP or STP. Anyone available...
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    Re: Weber Gallatin faded leather look

    Hi Tony! It's not a Weber, but in my search for a mandolin of my own, I found that Eastman carries a 515cc model that they call the comfort contour. It is unbound like the Weber and the edges are...
  7. Pingwell or Gotoh tuners? (Eastman 505 or 805)

    Hey all! I'm trying to decide between the Eastman 505 or 515 models (Pingwell tuners) and the 805 (Gotoh). I was looking at F-style models but I really like the As too so I'll probably get one of the...
  8. Re: Banjo Ben Clark store, lessons and Eastman 515V

    Haha mswilks! Where are they based out of? From their website it looks like maybe somewhere in Missouri but I'm not sure. Oh, and the 515V is now out of stock �� but at least I now know that is the...
  9. Banjo Ben Clark store, lessons and Eastman 515V

    Anyone bought an instrument from the Banjo Ben Clark store? What's been your experience? There's an Eastman 515V available on the site. I've looked at a few different models of the 515 (cc, varnish...
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    Eastman 515 or 515cc?

    Hey all! I'm looking into purchasing my first mandolin and I've got about $1000 in my budget and I was looking at Eastman's 500 series. (I was originally looking at the 300 series, but realized I...
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    Newbie questions -- where to start?

    Hi everyone!

    I'm a longtime country/bluegrass fan looking to maybe start playing the mandolin. Here's a little backstory on me: I played violin when I was pretty young, about 4th grade or so, and...
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