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    Re: Odd headstock repair

    Wow, it's looking really nice! I've been following your repair adventure and it sure looked daunting from the start. Congrats! I can't wait for a video.
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    Re: Aria AM900C - Made in Japan

    My first mandolin was an Aria AM 200CA built in Korea, in candy apple red, no less! (Well, maybe just a smidge darker).

    Despite looking and feeling a bit cheap compared to my 1920s-ish Meyer...
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    Re: The Gibson 1909 collection

    Here's a U Style from 1910:

    Really different tailpiece and bridge(s), of course. What a handful!
  4. Re: Skill Progression/Benchmarks, MAS and Instrument Upgrades

    I'm not sure I can say that acquiring a new/upgraded instrument can be directly attributed to any improvements I've had personally. Both in flute/piccolo and mandolin, I can speak to at least a...
  5. Re: Washburn (Regal) Model 2427 Two-Point Flatback

    (Oops, I fell off the internet for a month! I probably didn't miss anything, right?). Sorry for the delay in my response!

    Steve, thanks for the recommendation! I'll look into the Guardian...
  6. Re: Washburn (Regal) Model 2427 Two-Point Flatback

    Thanks for the info! I don't suppose I was really expecting to get better than a 2-5 year spread. Not having seen this particular model though, I was just hoping for any additional...
  7. Re: Washburn (Regal) Model 2427 Two-Point Flatback

    Thanks! It is rosewood! I was half expecting it to be laminate, maybe, as I understand Washburn/Regal did that, but it doesn't seem to be. The back cracks had me a little worried, but it...
  8. Re: Washburn (Regal) Model 2427 Two-Point Flatback

    Thanks for your response, Nick. I had seen your comment, but didn't have the Washburn book in hand to do any follow-up reading/asking at the time. (I'm borrowing from a university music library at...
  9. Washburn (Regal) Model 2427 Two-Point Flatback

    Hi folks. I've been lurking in your lovely forum for some time now and finally thought I should hop in with a question I've hit a wall on.

    I've recently acquired a beautiful (IMO) old Washburn...
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