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  1. Re: A take on Tipsy Gipsy (clarinet included!)

    Outstanding! And fun. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Re: Our version of David Grisman's 'Ricochet' / quarantine video

    Thanks, everyone for your kind words!

    We used The Amazing Slow Downer (Willie, paid app) and Audacity (me, free) to slow the tune down and pick out the parts. Not easy with 3 mandos, but Willie...
  3. Our version of David Grisman's 'Ricochet' / quarantine video

    Just wanted to share this project I was fortunate to be a part of. My best buddy, Brian 'Willie' Williams figured the three mandolin parts to Ricochet, one of the tunes I've dreamed of playing since...
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    Re: Resoldering k&k twin foot?

    Thank you, again everyone. I got everything stripped, tinned, and resoldered. Sealed the rubber covers in with some glue. Put everything back on the mando and it works as good as new.
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    Re: Resoldering k&k twin foot?

    Thanks everyone. Yeah, mandroid, that's what I have figured out. Its just so dang small! I have the wires stripped and tinned and am ready to solder them in place. Just gotta get think it through...
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    Re: Resoldering k&k twin foot?

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    Re: Resoldering k&k twin foot?

    Thanks. That's what I was wondering. Whether solder would 'stick' to the piezo. And I also assume I'll have to strip the wire and redo the whole thing. So the question is, is there one or two wires...
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    Resoldering k&k twin foot?

    Hi all. I switched my k&k to another mando and must've pulled the wire a bit loose where it's connected to the treble 'foot'. Will simple soldering work to fix the short? As is, it does not work....
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    Re: Thumb Pain

    I'll add that the neck shape, for me, can greatly affect thumb pain. In my case, I played a newer Weber mandolin with a very CEE shaped neck. I called it a 'baseball bat'. Prior to this most of my...
  10. Re: Tenderly Don Stiernberg & John Carlini

    How cool is that! I love this site. Thank you, Mr. Stiernberg, OP, and Scott T (and everyone) for cooperating to make this wonderful world of mandolins and mandolin enthusiasts.
  11. Re: Recommendations for a quality but affordable mandolin

    My recommendation? Visit bigger shops that have a bunch and play them. In lieu of that (because distance or feasibility or whatever), find something you're curious about here on the cafe. Just pull...
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    Re: Jazz tune of the month anyone?

    I'd love to participate. Thanks for offering, Pete.
  13. Re: 3 Favorite Mandolin CDs (not by Bill, David, Ricky, Sam & Chr

    Dawg - Dawg '90
    Dawg - DGQ first record
    Josh Pinkham - solo mandolin duets

    just off the top of my head. impossible to choose favorites
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    Strap for A with 2 end pins

    My 15 year old strap keeps popping off and I think it's time for a new one. Can anyone suggest a nice small profile strap that easily attaches to an A5 that has 2 end pins (one on the heel)? If...
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    Re: Neck profiles on mandolins?

    Most of the eastmans I've played have a rounded D or C shaped neck. I'd call most kentuckys i've played 'rounded vees'. My duff is a straight-up vee, which have such a point that it kind of points...
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    Re: This is incredible...

    I don't have a dog in this fight. I like Thile but understand why people don't. My reaction to him, having been around since before he was around, is the near single-handed movement of the solo...
  17. Re: Journeying through musical styles on mandolin

    Thanks Daryl - I saw where you were taking that class and considered it myself, but (drumroll, please) I just had a new baby! So I haven't even been playing much, just strategizing the next phase...
  18. Re: Journeying through musical styles on mandolin

    I hear you!! Tony Rice is a good example, going back to bluegrass and maybe more attention and album sales form something that was amazing but probably not as available to the average listener.
  19. Re: Journeying through musical styles on mandolin

    thanks for the link, cat. Interesting read. Though I wasn't trying to come across as whining that i'm not good enough, I do suffer from that syndrome. I do love the music and will continue to...
  20. Journeying through musical styles on mandolin

    I had the pleasure of interviewing Tony Rice over the phone in the mid-90s and he said something that I have just come to understand.

    I asked him about the 'whole Grisman' thing and one of the...
  21. Re: Considering AT Pro35 - worth hanging on to K&K preamp?

    Thanks guys. I decided to use the $150 to get an AKG C1000 after all. something about being tied to a mic on a stand appeals to me more than having a cord dangling from my hip. So far it's been...
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    Re: Best from Carter's

    I can almost guarantee it's the newer Duff. The older one ('84?) had the top replaced. It's ok but no where near what Paul is putting out now (of the 3 2014-2015s I've played). Anyone considering...
  23. Considering AT Pro35 - worth hanging on to K&K preamp?

    Now that I have a mandolin with a pickguard I'm thinking about moving from my removable K&K pickup and purchasing an AT Pro35. Can my K&K preamp be used to supply phantom power to the Pro35? I will...
  24. Re: MAS for your day, Duff A-5(new) just posted on youtube 8/4/1

    Carters had that Duff when I was there a few months ago but it wasn't on their website. I fell in love with it and was lucky enough to procure it's sister on the used market. Both are birdseye back...
  25. Re: akg c1000s - trio using two plus bass through amp

    Thanks for the replies guys. I don't understand most of it but it sounds like getting this mic 'just because he has one' is probably not my choice. From what I can understand, it sounds like he may...
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