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  1. Thread: A.J. Lee

    by Bill Cameron

    Re: A.J. Lee

    I don’t usually get interested in “see this incredibly young musician” videos, but she really had a great soulful mature sound by the time she was 12. Pretty good at 10 in fact. Really got it now...
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    Re: Floor stand for octave mandolin

    I guess I have had the Hercules 2-instrument stand for 15 years or so. You set it to the height you like so you can’t really go wrong. The only problem I’ve had is when well-intentioned people assume...
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    Re: Koady Chaisson, RIP

    You guys don’t—er, didn’t— know each other?

  4. Re: Do you take your best or most valuable mandolin to gigs?

    Well, I hope to eventuallyÖgot the Collings summer 2020 after everything came crashing down. Itís different with a mando than with a nice guitar-itís not like the drunks are going to ask if they can...
  5. Re: New restrictions on pearl and abalone into Canada

    No Ranald, that’s called USMC (very annoying name for a trilateral trade agreement) or in earlier years NAFTA. In regards to your experience “under NAFTA, I was charged a substantial customs duty for...
  6. Re: New restrictions on pearl and abalone into Canada

    Dude the real world bottom line is that you will approximately NEVER have a problem with travelling to or returning from Canada with a personally owned instrument. If you are bringing one here for...
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    Re: Koady Chaisson, RIP

    Q: How do you clear a dance floor in PEI?
    A: Announce “there’s a phone call for Mr or Ms Arsenault—Chaisson-Gallant in the lobby payphone”
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    Koady Chaisson, RIP

    This is a complete shocker resonating in the Canadian trad music community today. Koady Chaisson, brilliant tenor banjo player in the East Pointers, has died suddenly aged 37.

    The Chaisson family...
  9. Re: Yet another first (budget) mandolin question

    Looks like a good value! I’ve never seen sapele used for a top before, I’d be interested in hearing it.

    When you get around to your next Mando (and you will) try some models with f-holes. It is...
  10. Re: Mac Wiseman speaking about his time with Bill Monroe

    Didn’t go where I thought it would…talk about saying the quiet part out loud! I have no further comment….;/=
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    Re: Cape Breton Jig

    Nice tune Jason. I don’t recognize it (I’m a part-time Caper) from sessions. Is this your composition “in the style of”? It certainly has the right flavour.
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    Re: Ready to upgrade mandolin - need advice!

    Eastman 505, with the reddish Classic finish-not satin but a much better instrument than the 300s. I have found that the sound seems more open than the sunburst ones.

    But also take note-if you...
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    Re: Eastman MD-404BK Mandolin Frets

    Don’t blame yourself, it”s not a “beginner technique” issue. It’s an Eastman issue. Fret wear is a function of amount of playing time, string type and gauge, and amount of finger pressure exerted....
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    Re: Eastman 305 string preference?

    If you’re searching for a difference in strings, try flatwounds. The D’addarios are good strings and reasonably priced. Flatwounds give you an incredible improvement in comfort and less string...
  15. Re: A likely contentious opinion on electric mandolins

    Of course you can play fiddle tunes on it…it’s a mandolin! Celtic rock anyone?
    With a light delay and Otto-Wah…
    Bending strings like Sam Bush does isn’t really easy on a standard mando scale...
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    Re: Eastman MD-404BK Mandolin Frets

    I’m surprised to hear of any variation in Eastman fretwire in an6 of their stock mandolins. Seems to be the same thin Jescar throughout the lines every time I’ve looked (specs for all models are...
  17. Re: So I guess I'll practice scales some more....

    So, Phydaux…you scared yet?

    Dude, you won’t go wrong spending HOURS on scales, as long as you can stand. When you get comfortable with closed position scales all over the fingerboard (please...
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    Re: Unbranded auction sale mandolin

    I’ve seen worse, but that’s not saying much. The double crack in the top running back from the bridge looks like trouble. The frets have seen better days but at least show that the instrument was...
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    Re: Flat back bent top no label

    $65? Do it! As long as itís decently playable, even if you donít like it you can put new (light) strings on it and do other minor tweaks and sell it for more than that.
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    Re: Am i being unreasonable?

    I am curious about some of the details. It came back tuned GDAE I take it—but, literally in mandolin pitch, or an octave lower as an OM? Did he restring it with regular mando strings? (I used to use...
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    Re: What kind of Mandolin

    Looks like good sonic potential with that big olí sound chamber. Too bad about the disastrous peghead design. Guess the designer missed ďpeghead doís and donítsĒ day at luthiers school. If the neck...
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    Re: Anyone else have no players near them?

    Warning, Iím going tangential here. I play in an Ontario Cape Breton session that was twice a month in the good olí days. Naturally, an hourís drive from my home. We just had the first indoor session...
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    Re: Mandola strings

    Thanks! I’ve had a set of those hanging around for six months and never opened them till just now. (Mostly because I was thinking of getting an archtop mandola to put them on instead of the old...
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    Re: Good Strings For My 17.5" Mandola?

    I would suggest you try a few picks that are heavier than you are used to using on the banjo. I understand it’s nice to have a pick that flexes a bit on the banjo strings, but on mando You have to...
  25. Re: Is the Eastman 505 all that much better than the 305?

    I could swear that the 300 series used to have the same Pingwell tuners as the 500 and 600 series, but now the 300s have cheaper Prolines. In either case, you can swap in Grovers easily-no need to...
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