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    Re: Bravo D'Addario XS Strings!

    I have found them to be long lasting through some mighty hot and humid SC gigs. They are starting to show some wear after many months but still are staying in tune pretty well. They are past their...
  2. Re: How fun, I met my mandolin instructor - Sharon Gilchrist

    Could she fix the rattle in my ears too?
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    Re: Don Williams

    Nice oval hole sound on that mandolin. Don's music was always a bit of sanity in a crazy world.
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    Re: Education (trip to Carter's)

    A room full of instruments is also a room full of sympathetic vibrations and overtones
  5. Re: NMD Ellis A4 Deluxe with Hummingbird inlay.

    I'd wait a minimum of 6 months for the varnish to set up. Don't use polish until then either. Wipe off the with a soft cloth. Just enjoy it now and add that stuff later.
  6. Re: NMD Ellis A4 Deluxe with Hummingbird inlay.

    The beauty of Ellis' work speaks for itself. They are the best IMHO.
  7. Re: Learning The Basics -vs- Being A Slave To The Basics

    One must know the rules implicitly before breaking them.
  8. Re: NMD Girouard Concert A5 (pictures and a video)

    Nice looking and great sounding mandolin. Congratulations!
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    Re: Rubner tuners on Eastman MD305?

    Grover 309's would work and not break the budget.
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    Re: What are you looking forward to?

    I'm looking forward father's memorial service where I will be able to see family members who have gotten 2 vaccines. We haven't seen each other in a long time. We will honor a man who did a lot for...
  11. Re: Torn between 2 mandolins. / Eastman serial number question?

    Larger frets are the ticket on the Eastman mandolins. They really come to life.
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    Re: Are Music Store Prices Firm?

    Guitar Center is not your normal music store. They are a highly leveraged corporate holding. The staff has no wiggle room. I would rather buy from a brick and mortar, mom and pop any day. Most would...
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    Re: Do You Have Too Many Instruments?

    Not yet.
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    Re: TablEdit is back!

    Thank you for helping keep this material available.
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    Re: Am I seeing more A style mandolins?

    You can't judge the world of mandolins by bluegrass alone. F models may reign there but there is no need for the extra expense if all you want is good sound.
  16. Re: Tim Lerch on the last word on scales and modes...

    The thing he says that rings real true with me is, he doesn't know all of the answers. That is due to being steeped in the scales, chord arpeggios and modes to the point that they are just there for...
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    Re: My Grandfathers Mandolin

    I had a flat back Lyon and Healy way back in the day that had a similar butterfly pickguard. It sounded it great but the tuning machines did not work very well, so I did not keep it. Wish I had. My...
  18. Re: What Sensation Should You Feel for "The One?"

    If you pick up an instrument and it starts to grow on you as you play it, then you put it down and come back to it and you notice something else that feels right, then you may have found that one...
  19. Re: Is there a reason for the fretboard extension without frets ?

    That's where I play my ghost notes.
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    Re: Please School Me On Mandolin Strings

    I like GHS but if you have a good mandolin it does not seem to matter. Some feel better and some sound better but what that will be for you is up to you.
  21. Re: Do great looking mandolins have to sound better?

    The ones that sound good, always look better to me.
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    Re: Mandolin flagship song?

    Since you all frame this in limited bluegrass terms I'd expand it to say Dallas Rag is the OBS of mandolin tunes.
  23. Re: New Superior CD1521 Mandolin case Strong Chemical Smell

    Leave it open. When the cat decides to sleep in it, it is fit to use.
  24. Re: Ralph Stanley & Clinch Mountain Boys - GREAT 1972 video

    That mandolin is probably a Gibson A5 like Jethro played. Whatever it is it really pops!
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    Re: Price Tag

    At $4000 an accomplished single maker is just making it. There is a considerable amount of time in each build, not to mention the prices for hardware, the better woods they tend to use. Some, like...
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