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    Re: Northfield Recurve or Hiscox?

    The Airloom is lighter, and does fit a mandolin with ToneGard. I have not used a Hiscox, but have seen them in person. Larger, heavier and presumably more protection against impacts. The Hiscox is...
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    Re: Weber Bridger mandolin

    Can't help on the instrument, but the Bridger mountain range is in Montana
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    Re: compared to a Weber mandolin.

    Don't think you'll find an F style with a wide neck at the price point you'd want. You should be able to find an A style. Maybe a 1930's Gibson A-50. One of the maple back and side models. Or even a...
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    Re: Homemade Tuning Peg Tool

    Have also worked on the holes on my Strad-O-Lin. Made a good difference. At first thought it was the tuners, but when I removed them, saw they were original Waverly. So figured it was probably the...
  5. Re: NMD: I just bought this from the Mandolin Store...

    Very cool. Saw that and thought someone is going to get a great deal.
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    Re: My lovely new Morris A5

    Very nice. A great looking instrument. Have only played one Morris and I was very impressed with the quality and sound. Definitely an instrument you will enjoy.
  7. Re: Who Has a Northfield F5-S with Airloom case?

    I have an Airloom and the F5-S did not slide or bounce around inside. FWIW, my Brentrup also does not slide or bounce around in that Airloom when I've used it.

    Like Keith above, Tone-Gards were on...
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    Re: Golden Gate "Clown Barf" Extra Stiff Pick

    One thing I've noticed - the CB Stiff is thicker than an equivalent Fender Heavy triangle. And the edge is definitely different.

    Don't have a Fender Extra Heavy to compare with the Extra Stiff,...
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    Re: New and Vintage leather mandolin straps

    Just received my first Sully - vintage - for the Brentrup. It's very nice. Fast service, fits perfectly and really visually compliments the instrument.

    Also have Lakota on other instruments and...
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    Re: PEEK Pick by EML Picks

    Really like Tortex on my flat top mandolins. Add a good snap for the tone I'm trying to get from them.

    Had a long time love/hate relationship with Wegen picks. Until getting my Brentrup. The TF100...
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    Re: Picking Fiddle Tunes?

    Yup. And that's where Doc was playing a lot of fiddle tunes, for one reason or another. It's explained in the biography entitled Blind But Now I See.

    Also interesting that I usually don't hear...
  12. Re: My Tone Gard review. Get one for your mandolin

    Agree with both the keeping finish good and the ToneGard not working on some instruments. On my Strad-O-Lin, nothing. Yes, though on my Brentrup and Gibson A Jr.

    Know I mentioned this in other...
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    Re: NMD - Northfield Big Mon

    Very nice. A friend's Big Mon is what first got me interested in Northfield. Really nice instruments. And love the sunburst on that one.

    Another vote for Lakota Leathers. Although the Northfield...
  14. Re: Northfield Airloom Tura case versus Hoffee carbon fiber case

    Well, probably close to a half inch deeper (taller) than normal. The Brentrup will not fit in a Travelite, fits fine in an Airloom, and barely fits in an Airloom Deluxe. In the last, the bridge does...
  15. Re: Northfield Airloom Tura case versus Hoffee carbon fiber case

    Standard Hoffee latches lock. All three of them.

    My biggest question on the Tura case is whether it is arched enough for a taller than average bridge? It's one reason I went with the Hoffee over...
  16. Re: 3-point Gibson conversion from 1972 on eBay

    I think someone here in Minnesota had a conversion like that. Can't say for certain, though, because that was during the time I was only playing guitar and didn't study mandolins enough.

    As to the...
  17. Re: Andy Irvine's Sobell instruments missing amid airport chaos

    Double fingers crossed he gets them back soon and with no damage.

    Would hate to be flying now. Especially with instruments. Even a carry on mandolin case doesn't seem safe enough anymore. (And...
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    Re: First Purchase Recommendation

    Agree that an A-5 style would be a good choice. Especially in that price range. A Kentucky KM-900 or KM-950 would probably be a fine choice if you can find one used. (There is one Craigslist in...
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    Re: Temperature and Outdoor Gigs

    Have played "good" mandolins (and guitars) from about -10F to around +95F. Main things is try to avoid rapid changes of temperature (harder to do in the cold).

    As I have a tendency to sweat a...
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    Re: Clip On Tuners / What Cha Got ?

    Have become used to having the tuner on the instrument so it's easier to adjust tuning during a set. Today we are playing outside and will probably retune twice during our set. In this band, the...
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    Re: Northfield mandolins - USA or China made?

    It looks like the Elderly Instruments 50th Anniversary Northfield F5 is made in Michigan -...
  22. Re: Can anyone top this amount of Blue Chip pick wear?

    Nope. My oldest one does have some wear after all the years playing it, but one has to look hard at it to see it. Got that way from playing guitar about 10 hours a week for I would guess about 8...
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    Re: Describe your MAS progression

    Update from post #63 -

    In the past 2 years have basically turned over everything except the A Jr. and Eastman octave. Last year found a used Peter Coombe flattop that made me rethink a lot about...
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    Re: Best Beginner Mandolin on a Budget?

    While I personally love Stradolin's and have a great one, not sure it's what I would suggest for a first instrument.

    My suggestion would be a properly set up Kentucky KM-150. While I like Eastman,...
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    Re: Clip On Tuners / What Cha Got ?

    Decided to use a Unitune this past weekend when the Finnish-American band had some shows at a festival. Realized on a crowded stage, it works best not on strobe mode in that situation. Plus, was able...
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