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    Re: Best way to fix this bowed neck?

    Many Neapolitan mandolins have a core of lighter wood overlaid with a hardwood darker veneer. It often looks like the neck was broken at that point but as nico verde says above, "Neapolitan and...
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    Lyon & Healy Mandobass

    I was just cruising around Tom Crandall's inventory page and found this one-of-a-kind beauty from around 1918. I don't recall seeing any mention in my old catalogs (but will take another look) and I...
  3. Re: Francis Poulenc Vals (Mandola/Mandocello)

    Kuno! I love this. Fun stuff and you play it so well with gusto! For everyone's convenience I embedded the video here:
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    Re: Unknown value

    We know a lot less than you. Give us more info and photos. If you have trouble figuring out how to post a photo check here.
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    Re: New Mandolin Style

    I assume that you have built other instruments otherwise this design would be a true challenge for anyone. What made you decide on the integral scroll design? It is a cool design and very unusual for...
  6. Re: Lyon & Healy Style A, B, C fretboard - all radiused?

    Good idea... I will do that with both to comfirm.
  7. Re: The dreaded black A2Z question. With a possible answer...

    I am sure it will be another long-haul keeper for the next owner as well as subsequent owners for the long haul after that. :)

    I will never say that about any instrument I own but this A2 has been...
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    Re: Sweep picking on mandolin?

    Sorry. I am not sure what happened there. I think I posted a pdf and it got converted to two images that no longer show up.

    Here are the two Bickford pages from volume 4 as jpegs:

    192587 192588
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    Re: Gibson A Jr. Natural

    I never saw one although I have recently seen a refinished one being sold currently, maybe on Reverb? I believe that the description mentioned a refinish so probably not what you are talking about.
  10. Re: Old Time Mandolin Workshop with Caleb Klauder

    I have attended all the offered workshops and they’ve recorded all of them and made them available for registrants. So you should register and send in a tip jar contribution and they will probably...
  11. Re: Best strings for a Lyon & Healy type C mandolin

    Dogal Calace Strings: these re the ultralight Dolce ones on my style 3 Vega bowlback. Sort of an aqua-greenish color.

    There are a number of violin string ID charts but I don't know if there are...
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    Re: Identification help please

    I have seen plenty of these sold for rock bottom prices on eBay over the years. I agree built in the Far East most likely China,Taiwan, or possibly Korea. Maybe as far back as the 1970s or 80s. I am...
  13. Re: Looking for a US luthier that does bowlback restoration

    GHS A240 are decent but reasonably priced sets. Better strings for bowlbacks are Dogal Calace RW92b Dolce. Medium strings will destroy these lightly made mandolins.

    i would still be concerned...
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    Re: Old Gibson A, AJr. A 2,3,4 Mandolis

    In 1983, Flatiron announced their carved instruments. I traveled to Mandolin Brothers to try out the two A-5s they had. One was A5-1 and the fancier A5-2. As I recall they were both very similar in...
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    Re: Old Gibson A, AJr. A 2,3,4 Mandolis

    As some wise person once noted, "Gibson's main consistency was its inconsistency." :)

    In my experience, the most consistent years for me are 1920 through the Loar era ~1925. I have yet to play a...
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    Re: Cullng the herd

    How about a Ford Pinto? My dream was to have a Chevy Corvair with the title of Ralph Nader's book on the hood: Unsafe at Any Speed. :)
  17. Re: Looking for a US luthier that does bowlback restoration

    Well, maybe... he seems to be making some really nice guitars these days and made a few batches of carved mandolins. I asked him quite a few years ago about working on some of my higher end bowlbacks...
  18. Old Time Mandolin Workshop with Caleb Klauder

    I have taken all the workshops offered by this Fiddler's organization (not all for mandolin) but they have a nice lineup and you donate what you can—it all goes to the player.

    I love Caleb's...
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    Re: Double Stops Question

    Toomas Rannu has ten arrangements of some Finnish folks songs, simple melodies but solos accompanied by double stops. Check this thread. He has a link for the pdfs of these notated with...
  20. Re: Best strings for a Lyon & Healy type C mandolin

    That Washburn is probably from the same era as mine. They reworked the neck for these, they are bit chunkier. My earlier long scale one had a terrible neck snap due probably due to the design of the...
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    Re: Cullng the herd

    I would also guess (am I wrong) that the Hester is not a hybrid and the Collings would most certainly would be? There are enough Collings Os out there if you every wanted to buy another but the...
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    Re: Brentrup Mandolins

    Since we re-opened this older thread I figured to put this here.

    Hans is sadly selling off his personal instruments in the classified ads: 3-point mandolin, 3-point mandola, and F5C mandolin.
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    Re: F style mandola tuners

    I believe that most mandolas and mandolins use the same tuners and tailpieces but you should measure for sure.
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    Re: Double Stops Question

    I mentioned it above here. There is also a 2nd volume and transcriptions for viola. There may very well be transcriptions for other stringed instruments.
  25. Re: Collings MT2 versus Single Shop Builder Purchase?

    So, when you played the Collings mandolin for the first time, what did you think? If you loved it, go for it. As Mary noted above, they are in demand and are well made. Of course, you can also drive...
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