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  1. Re: Interesting Gibson F-10 at Retrofret

    I was about to post the same link to the old thread (2013). I am pretty sure that it is the instrument from the old thread and that it is sitting in New York for over ten years, waiting for a lover...
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    Re: Finger style mandolin

    In the bluegrass field it has been tried out by fearless musicians like John Duffey:

    I have not come into contact with...
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    Re: Pick comparison

    I have used all three brands (being inquisitive/nosey/curious). My "verdict" comes with the usual caveat that there´s different strokes for different folks.

    I would like to point out, that...
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    Re: Adiaha's Bluegrass Camp

    You´re wellcome.

    I once compiled a list of European festivals that found its way on Wikipedia:

    The list is not acurate anymore,...
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    Re: Adiaha's Bluegrass Camp

    I am glad to have been of help.

    Bluegrass in Germany has to do with Germany´s history (as western Germany had the three western allied forces stationed in different parts of the country and...
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    Re: Adiaha's Bluegrass Camp

    Here´s some feedback.

    I have attended Adiaha´s Camp pre pandemic (once). I live a couple of miles/kilometers down the road, so I didn´t stay at the hotel.

    I know many regular attendees...
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    Re: Hogan mandolin

    Adrian Minarovic is a teacher by profession and a musician/luthier by vocation. His output of instruments is extremely limited. If I am not mistaken there are about 25 or so around. From time to time...
  8. Re: Looking for good acoustic mandolin album

    David Grisman`s Acoustic Christmas
    Garcia/Grisman: Not For Kids Only
    Doc and Dawg
    Before there was Thile and Daves there was Bill Monroe and Doc Watson.
    Pickin´ The Blues (Sam Bush on mandolin)....
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    Re: Rudy Cipolla

    Allow me to say that this labor of love is worth every minute. I have taken notice of Rudy Cipolla (Zwiebel in German of all vegetables) many moons back because of David Grisman´s involvement in his...
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    Re: Natural / Blonde Gibson F5s?

    And then of course there is the Tone Poems II, Track 12, Musette for a Magpie, Gibson F-5 "M" Mandolin (1941) (experiemental body shape, blonde etc.)
    This is a link to the booklet (thank you David...
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    Re: How To Attach Photo?

    Okay, so here´s a rub:

    I tried to post a picture from my computer in the "Mandolin Mondays" thingy:...
  12. Re: Anybody dealt with Vintage Gintage

    Browse the classifieds. Bob Page posts there often. He has quite an array of interesting instruments that are not necessarily mainstream brands but allways very interesting. I do think that he...
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    Re: 1936 Cromwell GM-6

    Show us a soundbite of your killer. I do not have any doubt that it's a very interesting mandolin. The oddball look together with a good sound will certainly make it a head turner.

    I am intrigued.
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    Re: Tuner Advice

    This is a possibility:
  15. Re: 1924 Lloyd Loar at Elderly Instruments

    Clearly no!!! While the information is out there to check that it´s not true, I think that we should not get rumor mill turning.

    What I like about this forum is the accuracy of most contributors...
  16. Re: How does it work when people are playing together?

    Your post concerns many questions, and very interesting and important ones for that matter.

    I´ll take your last paragraph as the question. My answer is: Yes, assuming the same key and the same...
  17. WELL DONE! :mandosmiley:

    WELL DONE! :mandosmiley:
  18. Re: Repairman for National Mandolin in Europe ?

    Well, well,

    there is Jürgen Richter in Hamburg: He is a noted repairman. He also built (builds) mandolins (A and F; I tried a nice A-5 style and...
  19. Re: Where to buy a mandolin in Paris?

    Interestingly enough RF Charles has become Galerie Casanova. So M. Charles has been last active (on facebook) in 2020. Is there any information, if he just retired (presumably) or what became of him?...
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    Re: "Noodling" at Sessions

    Unfortunately often enough technically better pickers are adverse to novices (or people they don´t know) to join in a seemingly open session. This is something that really gets my goat. I cannot...
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    Sticky: Re: Loar Picture of the Day

    Here´s the video embedded:

    You´re not a shabby picker yourself, Mr. Hilburn.
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    Re: "Noodling" at Sessions

    No, you would not. Let me quote you:"Hey, I think putting on the new (old) Handel tuners made her sound better, added to the sustain or something like that. Well, they work better than the repros did...
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    Re: "Noodling" at Sessions

    I had to read the sentences 5 times to get the content right.
    Concerning "Irish" stuff: Here (in Germany) people think you can get by with a lot in Old Time, Irish etc. because "everybody plays the...
  24. Re: A major update to the Builder Database

    I always liked the eye candy section.

    If it is possible, keep all the ones that are in the section sort them alphabetically and have the ones that are (still) active linked to an address or...
  25. Re: Article: Lost and Found Mandolinist Scott Napier is All Out F

    It should read: We need more Scott Napier visibility! (no question mark)
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