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  1. I'm signed up and ready to compete on the...

    I'm signed up and ready to compete on the scruffiest!
  2. Re: Article: Technique as Connection - Master Musician Jody Stech

    Great article! Heading over to purchase the album!

  3. A beautiful NF5S!

    A beautiful NF5S!
  4. Re: Happy Birthday Dennis Vance, hoping for a transplant

    Happy Birthday Dennis!
    -- A happy, repeat customer.
  5. Wonderful!!!

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    Re: How Do I Maximize An Octave Mandolin?

    Agree -- I would also check out players like Sarah Jarosz, Sierra Hull, I'm with Her band (for different voicings). All master players and worth listening to!
  7. Great read! Always love finding someone new to...

    Great read! Always love finding someone new to follow! Thuroughly enjoy Everything that brought me here! Very eclectic!!
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    Re: Iwamoto F5 mandolin #118 in progress

    Absolutely stunning! I love the look of the top-bound tortoise/white/black/white binding. Haven't seen that combination yet. I like it!!
  9. Thanks for publishing these here! Worth the...

    Thanks for publishing these here! Worth the reading/listening time for sure!
  10. Re: Do You Play ALL of Your Mandolins Regularly?

    As long as I am home, I play all three of my F5s every day -- which one gets played most depends on what type of music I play most that day - and sometimes which one is closest to grab - and sometime...
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    Re: Anyone seen an Eastman El Rey?

    There is also one for sale in the classifieds:
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    Re: True Bluegrass Mandolin

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    True Bluegrass Mandolin

    I was browsing through the Bill Monroe content on spotify and at the end of the play list there is an "Also Appears on" section. And in Bill's section, there is a Rebel label album titled "True...
  14. Sticky: Re: An invitation for members to use their real name

    Hi Scott, You can add me to the list: tbown -> Todd Bowman

  15. Re: Bucky Pizzarelli-style chord melody from Aaron Weinstein

    Love the Pizzarelli family! Great job on Devil and the Deep Blue Sea! And, that Red Diamond sounds amazing doing jazz!!
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    Re: New original tune, Midnight Firefly

    Nice tune Gunnar! And, nice clawing/picking/bowing!
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    Re: Stripped screw on case

    If you have dremel tool with a cutting disk, you can cut a new slot into the head and extract it with a flat head screw driver -- if there is enough of the head left.
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    Re: Octave Mandolin strings

    A quick look through this thread and I have not seen a reference to Northfield's octave sets. They make one set for archtop and one for flattop Octaves. Here's the description from their website:
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    Re: What's the deal with Vintage F4s?

    I've owned a '25 F4 and played several pre-Loar F4's. Generally speaking, the tone of these F4s (2's) is more "woody". I think another way I would describe the tone is maybe last focused or more...
  20. Re: Gibson Master Model vs. Ellis F5 with all of his highest opti

    I have owned both and still own my MM. If either one of them were my only mandolin, I would be happy and content (barring any MAS affects). In the end, I wasn't playing the Ellis as much as I...
  21. NIce to see this article. Dennis and crew at The...

    NIce to see this article. Dennis and crew at The Mandolin Store are great guys to work with and honest businessmen! I've purchased two high end mandolins from them and 100% satisfied with both. ...
  22. Thread: Tonegards

    by Todd Bowman

    Re: Tonegards

    I've used toneguards on all my mandolins, Kentucky, Flatiron, Weber, Gibson (1927 varnish, 2001 laquer, & 2012 varnish), and Northfield. I've never had a finish issue and certainly no indents in the...
  23. Re: What's the diff between Northfield NF5S and F5 models?

    I was just at the Northfield workshop where Derek said that they do not use torrefied tops in their mandolins.
  24. Re: High end Northfields versus other $8-12k mandos

    After acquiring my Artist 5 bar, I am a huge fan of what the folks at Northfield are doing. So much so that I've sold one of my high end F5's and getting a 4th generation F5 and will have $ left...
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    Re: Northfield Marshall Mandolin Summit

    A great event! I will definitely be returning. I can second just about everything that has been said. Great people, great instruction, a jam for everyone! I love that it is a smaller event (38...
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