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    Re: How Long do your J74Strings last?

    I cannot use J74s or any other phosphor bronze due to this very issue. I can ruin PB strings in just a few hours.
    I have used Nickel Bronze and they were much better, but for the last year or so I...
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    Re: Sierra Hull on Steven Colbert

    I liked it. Always amazed by the guys that go out of their way to tell everybody how much they don't like something on here.

    If nothing else you should be able to appreciate the fact that a whole...
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    Re: On Line Lessons

    Well, I have been a member of Artist Works with Mike for about 4 years. Can't recommend it enough.
    The pre-recorded curriculum is great but the real different of AW is that you can send a video of...
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    Re: Wet Tuning?

    drives me absolutely nuts when my pairs are not in tune with each other. Guess I prefer my mandolin dry
  5. Re: Ricky & Marty Play Bill's Mandolin on "Big Night"

    Really cool show. I'm not going to get hung up on analyzing it, let's just appreciate that it was pretty cool that these guys got to play it and we got to see it.
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    Re: DAWG picks. YES, they work

    I have a Dawg pick that was given to me by Richard Somers (co-writer of Ricochet) so I cherish it for that connection. Dawg didn't have any on hand the last time I got to see him in person.
    I have...
  7. Re: Breaking down "the old home place" mando break

    Yea! One of the coolest breaks. I love all that 70s Skaggs stuff. Wayne is a great teacher and it is a really cool channel he has started. Help him out by liking and subscribe!
  8. Re: David Grisman - 'Home is Where the Heart is'

    Here Today is one I just discovered recently after being mentioned by Mike Marshall on Artist Works. I really like it!!!
    Dawg and Vince Gill?? Come on!
  9. Re: C.J. Lewandowski has been diagnosed with COVID-19

    It's a very curious virus and I think we are a long way from understanding it still. Hope that CJ remains OK!
    I have a friend though who has been on 100% oxygen for days in the ICU with it. One day...
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    Re: 3-Part Chris Thile Master Class online

    I didn't get to catch it live and it sounds like I didn't miss out too much. I got an email from them that said they would have it fixed for next time.
    The internet is a tricky thing sometimes. Took...
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    Re: Wrist Tendonitis?

    I went through a period of what I would call discomfort in my left wrist. Per Mike Marshall's advice I try to keep it as straight as possible without any awkward bending. One thing I noticed was that...
  12. dang, too old! Great idea though

    dang, too old! Great idea though
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    Re: Mandolin Heroes Podcast

    thanks for the reminder, I will check it out!
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    Re: Monel strings

    These GW monel strings are really great, and not just cause you get a picture of Gabe on the cover.
    I'm on my second set and I am very happy with them. As good for better than D'addarios and in the...
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    Re: 3-Part Chris Thile Master Class online

    Chris replied on his Instagram that each class would be archived for 30 days after.

    Thanks MC for the heads up, I am excited for it!
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    Re: NMD Kelley A5

    Congrats! Skip and Kevin are both really great guys. Kevin let me stop by fairly late one evening when I bought #54.
    A couple of years later, Skip was very generous in his pricing and did a great...
  17. Re: Our version of David Grisman's 'Ricochet' / quarantine video

    If anybody wants to learn this without doing quite as much hard work, Mike Marshall does a very thorough breakdown of all three parts in his ArtistWorks class
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    Re: Recent Kelley mandolin

    Awesome! Glad that helped. My #54 sounds way better now in my opinion that in did when I got it. May be my playing or 'opening up' or whatever (see countless discussions elsewhere on the forum about...
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    Re: C.Mangan RoundCore Monel

    I love the Gabriel Wiseman monel set that CM has, have been using them for a few months now (2 sets).
    They are the "custom medium" gauges I prefer and I think they are as good or better than the...
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    Re: Recent Kelley mandolin

    Sounds great Skip! Hope OH is treating you well, but feel free to come back to NC ;)
  21. Re: Is playing TABS detrimental to really learning?

    Why don't we write it out in "shape notes"? I found those pretty easy to read in the church choir LOL.

    But seriously, I think the only way TAB or even notation for that matter is detrimental is if...
  22. Re: Stewmac shipping outrageously expensive and NOT eco-responsib

    Yea, it's a worldwide issue unfortunately and not just one vendor.

    I'm obsessed with buying old records on Discogs though, and you can usually get multiple records through media mail for about...
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    Re: Mile Twelve win an IBMA Award

    well deserved, congrats David Benedict and all!
  24. Re: Article: New Music from Gabriel Wiseman - Off The Cuff

    Great job Gabe! This is a really nice mandolin record, y'all check it out!!
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    Re: Mandolins "Opening Up"

    We're on this again?! lol

    There are SO many factors. The instrument, the temperature, the humidity, the strings, the way you are playing that day, the amount of wax in your ears, the room you are...
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