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  1. Re: This weeks mandolin that won't get a bid or buyer

    When I see prices that are way over what they should be, it makes me wonder if it’s some kind of money laundering scheme. You sell to yourself, pay eBay for the privilege, and voila, you money is...
  2. Re: Is there a reason for the fretboard extension without frets ?

    Just the other day, I was wondering about the rational for the extension on my Weber traditional. I am deeply disturbed that no one in the Cafe has the definitive answer; my faith in humanity has...
  3. Sticky: Re: An invitation for members to use their real name

    Scott -

    Best to change mine as well, even though I like the moniker Calocedrus, which is the first part of the scientific name for incense cedar. The full scientific name is Calocedrus...
  4. Re: Danger of imitating an inlay logo/brand?

    Seagull Guitars uses a seagull in a circle for the headstock logo. It’s a nice design. They are a Canadian company that also makes some moderately-priced, interestingly-shaped mandolins. I have no...
  5. Re: Definition of a good mandolin player’s spouse

    For all of you who still have your spouses, please take the time to show how much you appreciate them, even if they sometimes look askance at your mandolin addiction. I lost my wife to breast cancer...
  6. Re: The Traveling Pick Sampler - Anyone Interested?

    I’d like to be added also. I’ve tried a number of picks including BC, Wegen, Dawg, Golden Gate, Fender, Gibson, etc. One of my favorites is a cheap orange pick of unspecified plastic that I first got...
  7. Re: FedEx — wow — can’t follow directions; fakes receipt signatur

    You can also get your packages delivered to the local UPS or FedEx office and go pick them up yourself (within a week). This has worked for me in the past. At this point in time, the delivery guys...
  8. Re: Thinking about learning fingerstyle on a tenor

    As a long-time fingertstyle guitarist, I find it more challenging to switch to four strings. I can’t just use the alternating Travis style (doesn’t sound right) and I find that I need to pay more...
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    Re: Bedbugs And Mandolins

    My son introduced bedbugs into my house and it was a F-ing chore to get rid of them. Fortunately, the infestation was limited to only two rooms. I used diatomaceous earth on the floors and made lines...
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    Re: Mandolin player crossing over to guitar

    As a long-time guitar player (mostly fingerstyle) and now a mandolin aficionado, I’ve found the solution to dealing with the different neck sizes is to purchase, besides the diminutive mandolin, is a...
  11. Re: Modern case options for teens Gibson A models

    I also got a Superior fiberglass case for my 1919 A3, in white, to match my whiteface Gibson. I had to push the front neck support down a little to make it fit, but that turned out to be pretty easy...
  12. Re: Guild mandolins? How many? What's the deal?

    The Guild Madeira mandolins were apparently made in the same Asian factory as the Aria 2-pointers, but with a different headstock. I’ve accumulated a few Guild guitars over the years and really like...
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    Re: Types of Mandolin Collections

    I’m definitely more of the monkey mind/serendipitous type of collector/accumulator. I’ve had GAS for years, which seems to have morphed into a pretty serious case of MAS. It’s amazing was pops up at...
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    Re: What is a "Selected Spruce Top"?

    Came across this old thread while trying to figure out if my new Stradolin two-point mandolin is a model 1500 with “selected spruce top” or a model 1501 with “white spruce top”. The white spruce is...
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    Re: A Pearl of Great Price A-4

    I just had to get a black A-4 to match my K-2. Still hoping to find an affordable H-2 mandola to complete the set. Also have a black L-4 guitar from the teens, but it needs some serious luthier...
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    Re: RIP Jerry Jeff Walker

    When we lived in Austin, we got a chance to see JJW in Gruene Hall in New Brunfels, but most of the crowd was young college students just wanting to mate with each other - they weren’t paying...
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    Re: Know You Rider

    I play the Dead’s version on my guitar, sandwiched in between Uncle John’s Band. Makes for an easy transition. A fingerpicking version since I can’t sing to save my life. A nice tune and fun to play.
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    Re: Are tenor guitars slightly evil?

    Tenors are just another instrument in the mandolin family (collect em all!). I was lucky last week and happened to look at Craigslist. As a result, I am now the proud owner of a Steven Parks tenor...
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    Re: Pick (nerd) journeys

    I've accumulated a collection of picks over the years and have tried to see which I liked best for playing the mandolin. I even fashioned one out of an old piece of piano ivory, but the sound was...
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    Re: Restored Gibson A jr on FB marketplace

    Seeing the funky "restoration" of this mandolin reminds me of my first guitar, a gift from my brother. Someone had abandoned it at his house and he gave it to me with the admonition that I had to...
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    Re: Great 48 in Bakersfield, CA

    I actually live in Bakersfield, but not being a fan of bluegrass, have not attended the 48; however, I can recommend a few things about the city (primarily downtown area near the 48 venue):

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    Re: A model case for old Gibson

    And a Taylor Baby gig bag is perfect for a vintage National style one resophonic mandolin, with about 6 inches above the headstock for storage of tuners, picks, and other necessary accoutrements....
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    Re: A model case for old Gibson

    a visual: 181273
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    Re: A model case for old Gibson

    My K2 mandocello fits nicely into a Guild dreadnought guitar case.
  25. Re: 1939 Regal Custom Mandolin- Carved Top- Two Point- Oval Hole

    Jim -

    Well, finally got over to the climate-controlled storage and got the Regal mandola out. Scale length is 16.75". I'm curious why this is of interest to you. Did Regal change scale lengths...
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