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  1. Re: International shipping: any recommendations

    You might check with a luthier in your area. They probably run into this occasionally.

    Other than that, the usual suspects - FedEx, UPS or DHL.
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    Re: The Joy of an OM

    Three times I came very, very near being killed. Reaching 73 is something I deeply appreciate. Watching my grandkids and great grandkids is a joy. Playing my mandolin, no matter how badly, is a...
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    Re: The Joy of an OM

    73 also. Must be something about the age. ��

    I bought an Austin Clark guitar body OM. It has been an adventure and, as you have discovered, it is a different approach to the same music. It is...
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    Re: Speed of bluegrass... is it just me?

    Listen to the words of Monroe’s Uncle Pen. It is all about the barn dancing. Monroe changed traditional old time music but his early years are immersed in traditional tunes.
  5. Re: Octave Mandolin/Irish Bouzouki - how to choose first instrume

    An Eastman MDO305 will get you started if you like the A style. There are other F’s out there or guitar body. Personally, I prefer the GBOM. Austin Clark made mine but it takes awhile to actually...
  6. Re: Backing Irish music with guitar after playing mandolin melody

    There is an astonishing amount of material on YouTube. Mandolessons has a lot of introductory lessons on YouTube and his web site. Sierra Hull has some short ‘hints’ type videos. Basically, all of...
  7. Re: Phone attachments for making videos. Get better sound

    AT2020 works on my phone.
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    Re: ISO 2-Point Builder

    Austin Clark
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    Re: Stuck in customs

    I ordered a carving axe from a seller in Great Britain because his price was a third the price of the “exclusive distributor” of the same axe in the US. I received it in a couple of days including...
  10. Re: Finding a strap with holes the right size for my mando.

    Ditto Poul’s comment. Harbor freight sells an entire gasket punch set for cheap, one of the punches will be the size you need.
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    Re: Is my new mando trash?

    I bought a Brand X mandolin several years ago. I didn’t like it much. So, I took it to a really good setup person. She worked it over doing all of the normal things. It felt great! Problem is, I...
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    Re: 3-Part Chris Thile Master Class online

    Hmm, the live version was great. We have fiber which didn’t help much last week but this week was about as good as we can get.
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    Re: 3-Part Chris Thile Master Class online

    His techies did not even meet the standard for bush league support. I will try the archived version later today but the live stream was a disaster. This all should have been tested days earlier. ...
  14. Re: Strategies for learning without teachers?

    I have had a teacher for a couple of years. With his help, I have made much faster progress than I would on my own with YouTube. Occasionally, I attend a camp (virtual these days). There is never...
  15. Re: Are old strings hard to keep in tune? Why?

    I replace my strings when they get “thuddy”. They tune up just fine but they sound awful. Usually, it is the G and D courses that go first for me.
  16. Re: The waiting begins: order in for Clark Octave

    Took delivery of a Clark GBOM this Summer. Love it!
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    Re: Octave Mandolin Strings

    Ask Austin Clark. Guess you already know him.

    I have a two point on order from Austin. How do you like it?
  18. Re: Ken Cartwright loses home in Oregon fires

    It’s really crazy in Oregon. Entire small towns are being consumed by the fires. Entire counties are on evacuation alert.

    When I was much younger I fought forest fires. There was never...
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    Re: Mandocello Amplifier Thoughts

    K&K twin pickups on an OM fed into an LR Baggs Venue DI and an older Marshal portable speak. It works great on the bass. Probably only suitable for church or small venues because the speaker is...
  20. Re: Seattle and surrounding - looking for jams and musicians

    You might try the Washington Bluegrass Association.
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    Re: Online Mandolin Lesson suggestions

    I am doing one-on-one Skype lessons with Kaden Hurst. There are many others teaching via Skype, Zoom or whatever. Until the latest insanity Kaden and I were doing in person lessons so we just moved...
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    Re: Cafe versus Craigslist

    Certified old guy here. It’s not a generational thing. I prefer text or email until I know someone is serious. I don’t want my phone number in the hands of some anonymous person (at least anymore...
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    Re: Timing issues

    I went through this revelation a few weeks ago. I was working on Sunny Waltz which had a particularly vexing few measures. In frustration, I ran it through the amazing Slow Downer. Following the...
  24. Re: Octave Mandolin question: Teardrop versus mando-guitar?

    I took delivery of a Clark GBOM several weeks ago. It has a deep, robust tone that would be hard to match with a teardrop OM. I owned an Eastman MDO305. Though both the Clark and the Eastman are...
  25. Re: Yet Another “What Strings Do Yiu Use?” Thread !!!

    Check out Austin Clark’s strings. He has them custom made for his GBOMs.
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