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    Re: Microphones for home recording

    Well, I got an MXR 990 before they went up in price. That said, there's no comparison. I use SM57s for stage work, but not in the studio. True, sm57s are tough and adequate freq. response.
  2. Re: Cheap beater mandolins that play, for leaving in the car etc?

    NFN: a less expensive guitar runs a risk of having a not-so-straight neck. A mandolin has a much shorter neck, and poses less risk of getting a bad one. Tailpiece on the other hand, can be junk. One...
  3. Re: Cheap beater mandolins that play, for leaving in the car etc?

    Did someone say, Rogue!? I've had a couple forever. Maybe fifty bucks for one. The other was like thirty. It was a blem. Sure I've got a couple other better mandolins, but it's amazing how...
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    Re: Let's hear your BEST musical joke?

    Laughed out loud on the bassist joke!
    Because I just learned to play the bass (the instrument not the fish) recently.
    It's no picnic.
    It was a solid weekend of hard work.
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    Re: Let's hear your BEST musical joke?

    I don't know any musician jokes, just drummer jokes.
  6. Re: Will being a lefty, but playing right handed be more limiting

    Not as rare as one would think.
  7. Re: Will being a lefty, but playing right handed be more limiting

    I claim to be left handed but not severely so. It saves battles with people that think I'm denying some inner predestination. In fact the more instruments I play the less dominant either hand...
  8. Re: Remember that $199 MK mandolin from years ago?

    What an enigma. I just enjoyed reading most of that thread. I think i just figured something out. I feel much less guilty not playing my MK, than if I had an F5G.
  9. Re: Remember that $199 MK mandolin from years ago?

    Yes. I thank Mike Edgerton for that one! If it's the one I'm thinking about. I think they came with gold tuning machines. Does the one pictured?
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    Re: Memorizing a song

    Just for the sake of clarification I think there's two different things in play in my musical life: When a sideman, I never know the key, nor what's coming next. That requires my melodic break or...
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    Re: Do You Baby Your Mandolin?

    Naw. They're just tools. Mind you, I don't spend much on my tools. (Craftsman not Snap-on)
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    Re: Warm up song

    Bonapart's Retreat and or St. Anne's Reel. Why? It's an automatic thing. Or an idiomatic thing. Anyway, it gets my fingers moving.
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    Re: Frank Wakefield

    "Should I kick this one off, or do you want me to?":)
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    Re: Memorizing a song

    There’s "learn mode" then there's rehearsal. Don't quit/move on simply after you learn a tune. Most don’t understand just how much rehearsal is needed. If you can't remember it, more rehearsal. If...
  15. Re: Question for pickers who play BOTH mandolin and guitar

    Only thing to add, is as stated, I pick up a fiddle or mandolin and the scales and melody are right there, in any key. But I pick up a guitar for comp chords. Now, if I rolled or finger pick those...
  16. Re: How do I put 2 recordings from Windows Media Player to YouTub

    Essentially you want to make a slide show with one slide, the length of which is as long as your sound file.
    This is how Ms movie-maker thinks.

    Older versions of movie-maker had "fit to sound...
  17. Re: Article: KFC and Elixir Enhanced Strings with CBD/THC Coating

    Harlan Sanders Signature series? "Like, wow man!"
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    Re: Metronome & flow

    Rather than a click track I use a sacrificial beat track. The click bleeds through. Or maybe I just think it bleeds though.
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    Re: someone's gotta say it

    One more trip around the Sun.
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    Re: Reading music

    I suggest a Fiddlers Fakebook. There's even a primer in the front. It's almost better for me if i don't know the melody. Try to grind it out via notation, then listen to a version afterward to...
  21. Thread: technique

    by farmerjones

    Re: technique

    Maybe the paraphrase should be, one can't have too much technique in reserve, but in some instances, not appropriate to deliver it every time.
    Somebody told Vince Gill on his first studio gig, "...
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    Re: Home Recording Setup for Total Beginner?

    I have a Fostex MR8, with nice mikes, etc. Really haven't used it for years. The modern smartphone has enough quality for me. No, it's not press-ready recordings. But anything good comes through...
  23. Re: WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals...

    I don't know if i'm being bated or triggered? I'm too stupid to tell. Oh BTW, i've got at least two of these MF mandolins. What if i lent them to students? Not saying i did. Asking for somebody else.
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    Re: How to remember tunes?

    I'm not saying it's easy, but if you can play what you hum, you don't really have to remember much, depending upon one's repertiore. I mostly play old Country and some Bluegrass. I don't know what...
  25. Thread: Key of Bb

    by farmerjones

    Re: Key of Bb

    I consider myself more of a theory dweeb. Heavy on the chord theory. Light on the notation. 😊
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