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  1. Re: Got my Eastman mando in the mail today: Manzanita

    Nice playing, but it sure looks like that mando was not treated well by the previous owner. Too bad the truss rod couldn't relieve the bow.
  2. Re: This weeks mandolin that won't get a bid or buyer

    It's wood. It's metal. It works. What more could you ask for? :))
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    Re: Coventry Carol

    What an intricately done video! Thanks for taking the time put that one together!
  4. Re: What Child is This - Greensleeves - Guitar & Octave Mandolin

    Thanks, Hank. Really new to the OM after 50 some years of guitar. The arrangement is (very) loosely based on Michael Hedges' version that appeared as a "hidden track" on his "Oracle" CD.
  5. What Child is This - Greensleeves - Guitar & Octave Mandolin

    A little holiday gift for the group. This is Greensleeves (What Child is This) performed by me using a Taylor 322ce guitar and an Eastman MDO-305 Octave Mandolin. I've also used a Digitech Trio Plus...
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    Re: New Eastman Octave tuners?

    I just replaced the stock 14:1 tuners on both my Eastman MD-305 and MDO-305 with Grover 309Ns. Bushings are the same size, and didn't need to replaced. Not all of the screw holes lined up, and I...
  7. Re: Article: The Mandolin Store Set to Give Away a Northfield NF5

    Congratulations to Paul from Deltona! What a fabulous prize for the holiday season!
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    Re: Violinist- New to Mandolin- Any Advice?

    I'm new to the mandolin (octave mandolin, actually), having come over from guitar. Although I have a violin, I've never been any good at it...I just don't have the ear for unfretted instruments (a...
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    Re: post a video of yourself

    Hi, all. New to the group, and new to the mandolin. I just purchased an Eastman MDO-305 Octave Mandolin last week, and here's my first attempt at posting a tune (although I didn't quite stick the...
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    Re: Eastman Octave MDO-305

    Astro, could you share any info on the pick guard you chose for your Eastman? Thanks in advance.
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