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  1. Re: F'in Mandolin Shootout with a Nugget, Gilchrist and Hogan!

    Thanks, Jake, for that great demonstration! As I've found with high-end camera lenses there can be sample variation between two of the same lenses - but, often minor at that level of build. And so...
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    Re: Speed of bluegrass... is it just me?

    For years my wife was always telling me to slow down. :)
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    Re: New Pava = 2 New Songs 2 Me

    Lovely music from that Pava!
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    Re: Adrian Gross - Maiden's Prayer that song!! Well done!!
  5. Re: Is playing TABS detrimental to really learning?

    You and I appear to be following a parallel path. Looking into the future I predict if you only learn to use TAB you may think back at my question on this post and wonder if that's not also where...
  6. Is playing TABS detrimental to really learning?

    I never learned how to read music, time signatures, etc. and so five years ago I began my playing journey with an instructor who I thought was really helping me turn the corner. Unfortunately he...
  7. Re: Happy Birthday Dennis Vance, hoping for a transplant

    Happy Birthday, Dennis!! Sending prayers that all your wishes come true - soon!
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    Re: An instrumental tune for octave mandolin

    Lovely tune...that Weber is something !!
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    Re: Body depth - Weber Road Dog & Red Rocks

    When they first introduced them the first thing I thought of was Weber's version of the Northfield 'Big Mon'?
  10. Re: John Ramsey(ave guitars, formly Tejonstreet music) retiring

    Will Sean be taking over the business? Nice place to visit...and good people. Wish them both well.
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    Re: New owner of Pomeroy #243 Oval Hole

    Tis' a thing of beauty!
  12. Re: Autumn Leaves - Mandolin Chord Melody [Tab]

    Thank you for the wonderful video and the Tab! This made my day.
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    Re: New (to me) Morris 2 point mandolin

    Pretty sweet one there!
  14. Re: Meet Marc Orleans - Brooklyn based busking mandolin player

    Don't ya love happy endings?!! Well done, Scott...and nice to meet you Tortchnwire!
  15. Sure hope everyone comes out of this healthy and...

    Sure hope everyone comes out of this healthy and still in business. Dennis - all our best to you especially.
  16. Re: Has Anyone Received Stimulus Check? (Possible Mandolin Conten

    I did...but my other 'habit' is photography and I might buy a new lens instead.
  17. Telluride BG Festival Cancelled: COVID-19 Fallout

    No decision yet on moving it to August or October but chances of it being cancelled are good. Copied from the local source:
  18. Stressful Times: Bringing New 'E' Up To Tune!

    Not to make light of the situation around the world but a show of hands here of who else says a little prayer each time you bring a new 'E' string up to tune?

    ...I do...and I close my eyes and...
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    Re: When You First . . .

    Every time I heard Mr. Bojangles played by The Nittry Gritty Dirt Band the mandolin in the song always made me wish that I played one. First heard it in 1976 +/- but didn't pick one up until 2015.
  20. Very nice...I enjoyed it!!

    Very nice...I enjoyed it!!
  21. Thread: Blue Chips

    by Al Trujillo

    Re: Blue Chips

    First, I wish Blue Chip would offer one in flamin' blazin' Cheeto Orange! Brown blends into everything, especially the floor!.

    Second, the leather pouches sold by PC are really good and I've...
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    Re: Hard Times - Blues tabs?

    Thank you sir! I bought DelGrosso's book earlier this week and am having a lot of fun with it. I spoke with a guy this morning who suggested using all the guitar resources and converting to mandolin...
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    Hard Times - Blues tabs?

    Tabs seem to be just about everywhere, except for blues. Hard Times - anyone have access to tabs for this (or other blues)?
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    Why So Few Resonator Mandolins?

    I've been intrigued by Rich DelGrosso's fine Blues playing and thinking back on my time here on the Cafe can't recall many conversations about Resonator Mandolins. The sound I'm hearing here screams...
  25. Re: Northfield F5S Purchase from Avenue Guitars

    Good people at Avenue. I enjoy visiting whenever I’m in the area.
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