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    Re: Method book recommendations

    Old ##### started with the Jack Tottle book (

    Another incredibly great book is the Niles Hokkanen (heīs a member here)...
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    Re: Go Dave Harvey!

    Boy howdy, that is awesome.

    Whatīs not to like. The video has
    - Dave Harvey (Gibson luthier and mandolinist extraordinaire)
    - Larry Sparks (with a great solo at top speed)
    - the "one of F-5"...
  3. Re: Hidden D'Addario Micro Tuners....

    I am not partial to micro tuners. I donīt like anything added to my instrument. But:

    - Why not turn the tuner around and have only a miniscule thingy reach over on the headplate. That way you...
  4. Re: luthier recommendations in or around Berlin, Germany

    I forgot that there is Bluegrass Breakdown, a bluegrass band in Berlin. Who if not they know of reliable luthiers in your area. They are one of the oldest bluegrass bands in Germany.
  5. Re: luthier recommendations in or around Berlin, Germany

    There are a couple of points that I'd like to adress.

    You bought the instrument pre lockdown from a music shop (?), luthier (?). Finding out if they are able to deal with setup issues is...
  6. Re: How Do You Play Angeline the Baker and Why?

    The question of the key arises when you play with others. I had a funny situation with a well known mandolinist, that played ATB in a different key. It was easier for me to play in "his" key than it...
  7. Re: The First Loar in Fretboard Journal

    Yes the Fretboard Journal article is really nice. I would also recommend to check out the information on the restoration (including further pictures) on Steve Gilchristīs website:...
  8. Re: The First Loar in Fretboard Journal

    The one that Steve Gilchrist restored? The one with the crack on the bass side of the top? This one?
  9. Re: rarest of rare in the classifieds, great instrument, super pr

    Well time takes a toll and the change of the millenium is long past. I saw your video. I wonder what Filip Bato is up to these days. He was quite a busy banjo player and I remember jaming on Bela...
  10. Re: F'in Mandolin Shootout with a Nugget, Gilchrist and Hogan!


    Now that is a very good mandolin presentation.

    I very much like the presentation of the different musical styles on the different mandolins. I like that itīs the same piece played on...
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    Re: Price Tag

    This is about the best post in this thread!!! My daughter would probably not aprove though. She loves the real thing...

    On the other hand: The price is determined mostly by availability and...
  12. Re: Refinishing A 1919 Gibson A3 Whiteface...

    Well, it might not have remained his favorite...
    I really like Spruceīs contributions (all the Monroe stuff and all).

    Whatever happened... could it be, that Spruce just didnīt get to record...
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    Re: Types of Mandolin Collections

    This is a great thread Tony!

    Sometimes itīs not a question, that you "want" to collect... Sometimes out of necessity, out of curiosity, out of a change of ability an accumulation of instruments...
  14. Re: Gilchrist and Heiden - Big Indian Blues

    Drat. Themīs nice instruments.

    I played a Heiden at TAMCO a couple of years back. It was dandy. Also the Gilchrist is from a great period. I played #500 (ex Compton) and #502 and they are very...
  15. glitch on guitar ad; do your math

    I do not want to criticize sellers in general. Everybody thinks their instrument is special. You may think that you have the really big thing to sell.

    I also do not want to criticize buyers....
  16. Re: $1000 Budget - What should I get?

    Unfortunately thereīs no such thing as an Strado-F.

    As far as I am concerned there are distinctions between the 30ies Strad-O-Linds and the 40ies Strad-O-Lins and the later Strad-O-Lins with the...
  17. Re: Adrian Gross - Ashland Breakdown


    I dare you some other Bill Monroe tunes. How about some "Old Ebenezer Scrooge" or better some "Melissa’s Waltz for J.B." (but without getting nervous with the first notes), or my alltime...
  18. Re: $1000 Budget - What should I get?

    True! I just overlooked that the OP desires an F-style mandolin.

    But at that price point I would concentrate on a great A-style mandolin. And of course I am biased, narrow minded and stuck up....
  19. Re: $1000 Budget - What should I get?

    I have to advise to check this thread: (Great Vintage Mandolins Under $1,000, published in 2012 and still absolutely recomended...
  20. Re: rarest of rare in the classifieds, great instrument, super pr

    Iīd just like to give a cross reference to the other thread on the other HoGo for sale (on Reverb), which is quite a coincidence.

    Adrian, the picture of that youtube video should show you in...
  21. Re: This just came up on Reverb 'The Hogan'

    As I said in the other thread:

    They are as rare as henīs teeth, they are very (!) well made, they sound extremely nice and they are a value, that is unbeatable at that price range (sound quality...
  22. Re: Finding a strap with holes the right size for my mando.

    I am using a selfmade strap from leather shoestrings (kind of the Bill Monroe thing). That is the strap on my expensive mandolin. It looks extremely cool (I think) and it has worked all these years...
  23. Re: Should I put a Mandolin Cafe Sticker on my Vintage Lifton Cas

    I would have liked to put the sticker from my favorite musical gathering on a certain case of mine. It didnīt work. The sticker didnīt stick. It sticks perfectly on my Presto case (from down under, a...
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    Re: In search of a mandolin...

    Obviously your predicament is not only not knowing what type of mandolin you might prefer to play but also not being able to answer this question without any hands on experience.

    Therfore the...
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    Re: Stupid string question

    I had the reverse experience (on my beautiful guitar). I put on new strings on the evening before a show. I played the guitar for about two songs on the show. I met up with people after the show in...
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