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    Re: Best Banjo joke I've heard in a while

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    Re: Best Banjo joke I've heard in a while

    Say no more!
  3. Re: What is a 12-15 Year Old Eastman MD-915 Worth?

    Rosanna, here is an Eastman 915 on Ebay in Japan for sale for $1774.99 USD - ok it is in very good condition but you can see what they are going for overseas....
  4. Re: What is a 12-15 Year Old Eastman MD-915 Worth?

    Just bought my 2006 915 Eastman of the Cafe member here and it was setup by Mandovoodoo and it is a great player. It sounds better than my Kentucky Km1000 plus it has more bark as well. It really...
  5. Re: This weeks mandolin that won't get a bid or buyer

    Not sure if anyone has had a look in at this very rare " collectable" at $3000 USD -...
  6. Re: Definition of a good mandolin player’s spouse

    I have been married ( this time) for 22 years and have played various instruments but have had a break from the mandolin for 10 years now( due to health issues). Just recently, I decided to get...
  7. Re: Any modern(cheaper) mandolins with a Gibson model A 1924 soun

    Everyone, please excuse my ignorance, but doesn't a near 90 to 100 year old mandolin have around that much playing under its' belt compared to a new to 5 year old mandolin. I always believed that...
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    Re: Newbie to the Cafe and the Mandolin

    Hi Scott,

    Music can be a refuge for the mind and that is what I use it for in all different ways. I have Migraine Disorder ( for 20 years) I play music at low levels through ear buds to take my...
  9. Re: 1930's Gibson AOO Mandolin, somewhat easy fix

    Honestly, IMO this would be a better buy for your money and would be a player and keeper straight up, even if you could find a period case. The "1930's A00" is a great one to learn on if you could...
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    Re: dumb question

    David Grisman uses a modified Saxophone neck strap and that attaches around the scroll only. This seems to eliminated the head drop tendency of some mandolins. Check out some of his photos to see...
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    Re: John Wynn Mandolin

    Is this the one?
  12. Re: International shipping: any recommendations

    I am in the process at the moment with a State side seller. But when going through UPS ( even through OZ) you have to get the seller to sort out the paper work and find out the costings first. Then...
  13. Re: ALVAREZ MANDOLIN F Style A900 early 1970's on Ebay

    Vernon, Yes, I think sight unseen is very risky business indeed!
    But my heart says otherwise ................ 18 hours to go, but no I am letting it go and going for something a little different.
  14. Re: ALVAREZ MANDOLIN F Style A900 early 1970's on Ebay

    A good mandolin setup the right way by someone who knows what they are doing can raise the bar on that mandolin. They can make it sing and you can feel it in your chest. years ago, I just loved the...
  15. Re: ALVAREZ MANDOLIN F Style A900 early 1970's on Ebay

    The issue is that is may need work, or it may not but if the neck is not right or there is major repair somewhere it is hard for me to get to a decent luthier, as none are close to me. A Kentucky...
  16. ALVAREZ MANDOLIN F Style A900 early 1970's on Ebay

    Just looked tonight on Ebay and saw this add starting at $1000 US or make an offer........
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    Re: Pandemic Reading

    Bill, keep active no matter what age you are is the best thing.
    Ronald, just love that one too, sad but nice in it's own right.

    Thanks guys

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    Re: Pandemic Reading

    Honestly I can't stand reading much now that I am older, as I feel I am missing out on "doing" stuff. Same with these restrictions, that is way I have several hobbies in my shed. I mainly do leather...
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    Re: E-mandolin set book

    Received my cover start away after I email Rob and I found it is a great resource too. Thanks again Rob!
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    Re: Old mandolins versus new a conclusion

    In the price range that you mentioned you are limited to either new laminated top or a s/h solid top but again there are exceptions to that rule too; depending on where you live etc. The other thing...
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    Re: Bridge upgrade on new Eastman mando?

    You won't know unless you try, and anyway, you not going to make it worse are ya?
    The old Kentucky may get a new lease on life and surprise you, and be great for the holiday mando.
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    Re: Inherited renovation

    Is it like this one? I think this one is a Goldtone 12 string but could be wrong. Not mine, but posted on FB.

  23. Re: Ideas for what could be rattling on Mandolin!

    Since you bridge has been raise so high on the G side, does the G strings "hit" the tail piece cover when you play? It seems that they or at least one of them would.

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    Re: Mandolin leather case restoration

    Do NOT use marine varnish ..........please. If you want to save the leather use either some MINK OIL very sparingly and lightly over the whole item and let dry for a day or two, then do another...
  25. Re: Who thinks a Mandolin Cafe Patch would be a Good Idea?

    Lol, I could placed them in a few places that would do good, but yes me too.

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