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    Re: Hidden D'Addario Micro Tuners....

    I have mine on the strap where it attaches to the strap button and it works fine there.
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    Re: Mandolin stands

    I’ve been using one of these for many years to hold both my fiddle and mando for practices and performances and have been very pleased with it.
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    Re: Your Wegen Pick

    I like all of the ones I’ve purchased but like the white ones best because they are easier to find if dropped.
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    Re: Mando-inspired Haiku

    Is that a Ukulele?
    No, a mandolin.
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    Re: why no carbon fiber mandolins?

    I am fortunate to have one of the 30 Adamas MM80-NWT carbon fiber Mandolins that were produced by Ovation just before their New Hartford factory closed. It is a wonderful instrument.
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    Re: Moving to FL

    If you can’t find any closer, there is the “Pickin’ Splinters” bluegrass jam every Thursday at the Woodwright Brewing Company in Dunedin:...
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    Re: Builder or Company

    I had a wonderful custom built f-style mandolin I enjoyed for many years, but found when I was ready to part with it (through a very reputable dealer I had dealt with for many other mandolin sales),...
  8. Country Music Museum fundraiser to include Monroe’s mandolin

    In case anyone is interested, it looks like a lot of historical instruments will be played during this October 28th virtual fundraising event:
  9. Re: Bacon mandolins - who actually built them?

    This Bacon Belmont mandolin was just listed but doesn’t look like any other Bacon model. I’m wondering if it was one that was produced after Bacon had sold out to Gretsch in 1939?
  10. Re: Carbon Fiber Builder wants our input on a Carbon Fiber Mandol

    I agree there would probably be more interest in a no frills travel/camping mandolin since they are less impacted by weather, temperature extremes, and transit jostling. If you can make it so both...
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    Re: Thomastik-Infeld Strings

    Thanks and worth a try to see if there is an issue. I usually change them once a year so the worst that can happen is I’ll have to change a few back to the other gauge.
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    Re: Thomastik-Infeld Strings

    I’d like to ask if any fellow TI fans if they have ever mixed TI sets? I’m thinking of combining Heavy G and D with medium A and E unless there is a good reason not to.
  13. Re: Getting better at Mandolin by Playing other Instruments

    I have tried to learn all the songs I play on both mandolin and fiddle. Some songs do sound better on one particular instrument, but it has helped stretch my playing to do some things I normally...
  14. Re: What are your favorite albums featuring mandolin?

    In addition to some others already mentioned, I enjoy listening to Will Patton. A good one to start with is “Latitudes and Departures” which includes a nice variety of different types of music.
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    Re: What are your go-to crowd pleasers?

    Hey Good Lookin’, Ring of Fire, Up on Cripple Creek, and Country Roads usually go over well and get people singing along.
  16. Charlie Daniels, fiddle (and mandolin) player dead at 83.

    I didn’t realize Charlie Daniels played more instruments than the fiddle, but apparently he also played mandolin, guitar and banjo. Thanks for some great music over the years and RIP.
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    Re: Thomastik-Infeld Strings

    Love them and use lights on an older Gibson and mediums on Ovation and Adamas mandolins.
  18. Re: Mandolin batch in the latest Skinner auction, incl. THREE Shu

    Just don’t look at them too closely, or you’ll Shutt your eye out, kid.
  19. Re: Mandolin batch in the latest Skinner auction, incl. THREE Shu

    I wonder if anyone making a very close examination of those could be accused of being Schutt faced?
  20. Re: Mandolin batch in the latest Skinner auction, incl. THREE Shu

    I’d be concerned if three Schutts hit the fan...
  21. Re: Dylan on bluegrass in the New York Times

    I recently learned that Dylan wrote the original version of “Wagon Wheel”.
  22. Re: What did we play on Mandolins 100 years ago in the USA?

    Check out “All the Rage” for mandolin orchestra songs popular from 1897-1924 by Butch Baldassari and the Nashville Mandolin Ensemble.
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    Re: Playing remotely with friends

    I haven’t found the right platform either. Latency is the biggest issue and apparently you need huge amounts of bandwidth to make it work. My duo partner sent me this detailed explanation, but I...
  24. Re: Any new pedals for multi-instrumentalists?

    Has anyone have any experience using the Zoom MS-70CDR?
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    Re: Lloyd Loar's Pick

    Perhaps someone could check with Roger Siminoff to see what might have been in the case when he purchased Lloyd’s personal F5 from his widow?
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