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  1. Schroeder's Idea for mandolin orchestra, free

    I have made the score and parts available for another one of my older mandolin orchestra pieces. Schroeder's Idea was commissioned by my friends in the Louisville Mandolin Orchestra to help celebrate...
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    Re: A sensational find...

    Thanks, Aidan. I love the sound of both the bouzouki and mandolin. The workmanship looks stupendous, too.

    For your (and my) convenience:
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    Renaissance songs for Tenor Guitar

    Czech Renaissance folk songs

    Songs: Muransky zamek 00:00​ Noci mila, procs tak dluha 00:56​ O krali Matyasovi 01:57
  4. Published: Anonymous mandolin concerto (sinfonia)


    Just wanted to share that I finally found enough time to publish editions of the mandolin concerto ("sinfonia") I discovered in 2012 (see initial blog post). (It's likely from around the 1750s...
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    Re: Mandolin classical literature

    I should mention that I am a retired Library of Congress music cataloger. Now I go into LC once a week as a volunteer to catalog mandolin music that has languished uncataloged in the stacks for well...
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    Re: High End mandolin cases... and theft

    This is why I keep my Loar in a Target shopping bag.
  7. Mandolin sources in Yale University library

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to share with you my latest blog posts about some discoveries of 18th century mandolin music at Yale University Music Library.

    First of all, a general blog post about Yale...
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    Puccini's "O mio babbino caro" solo

    I don't think I've ever shared this here, so here remedied. It's a super-easy (but—I like to imagine—super-effective) duo-style arrangement of Puccini's popular aria. When the aria is extracted,...
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    Re: A mandolin/violin relative price story

    They are way more than a bundle of horse hair... they are precisely handmade, balanced fulcrums that enable the user to execute passages, fast and slow on this stick that is not, does not act like...
  10. Re: 2 antique Mandolins, one Very unique . Looking for info .

    One of my favorite things about visiting the back rooms of the music department of the Metropolitan Museum was the drawers of pochettes also called dancing masters fiddles (first cousins to the...
  11. Canzon a 4 by Giovanni Gabrieli (1553 - 1612)

    A canzona in 4 parts by the Italian composer, Gabrieli whose work represents the transition between the late Renaissance and Early Baroque.

    I have scored the piece for a quartet of 2 mandolins,...
  12. Thread: Bowlbacks of Note

    by Tavy

    Re: Bowlbacks of Note

    Minty Vinaccia on eBay

    Crazy asking price, but it sure is pretty...

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    Re: Kaufman Kamp 2016--Who is Going?

    I'm going - and a newbie faculty member this year, really looking forward to meeting new folks and I'm bringing all my workshop materials, handouts, etc... I'll be bringing the A-game I promise! ...
  14. Re: Kaufman Kamp 2015 Roll Call--Who is going?

    I've got the notes down. I'm just really struggling with the mandocello buzzing if I don't fret it at exactly the right space. If I memorize the music and constantly stare at my left hand I do...
  15. New video - 'Andante con Variazoni' by Ludwig van Beethoven

    Hi all,

    Here is a new video of Ferdinand Binnendijk and Laurens de Man performing Ludwig van Beethoven's "Andante con Variazioni". Enjoy!

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    Waltz n 2 by D. Shostakovich

    The wonderful Waltz by Dmitri Shostakovich, from Suite for Variety Orchestra (1956), in my arrangement for classical guitar.
  17. East Of Eden soundtrack (L. Rosenman), for mandolin orchestra

    Leonard Rosenman (1924-2008): East Of Eden (Main Theme)

    This is the main theme from the soundtrack of the 1955 movie "East Of Eden" with James Dean and Julie Harris. My recording is based on an...
  18. Re: Olgertinno and Antonio Vivaldi Concerto for 2 mandolins

    Updated link on youtube
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    Ez sint guotiu niuwe maere - Octave Mandolin

    Well, I already introduced this one here about a year ago.
    But now we made a real arrangement for our band.

    The vocal line is more or less following historical composition rules. (There...
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    Re: Kaufman Kamp 2014 Roll Call!

    I had to miss a year, so I get to wait and avoid the Bear Bucks rush. Food… meh… BEEEEERRRRR!!!!!!
  21. Re: thank you mandolin, for keeping me out of jail!

    Well my neighbor came a knockin, with my mando I was a rockin, she asked me if needed a change.. She offered up a trio, along with some Cheeto's , with me, her and her good friend Mary Jane. She...
  22. Re: thank you mandolin, for keeping me out of jail!

    ..and now I'm sittin here in prison, wishin I was doin 4/4 time...:crying::mandosmiley:
  23. Re: thank you mandolin, for keeping me out of jail!

    Sounds like lyrics to a new bluegrass song. bb
  24. Re: Anyone build bowl backs anymore and why have they lost favor?

    Different instruments: is the steel-string guitar "better" than the classical guitar? Is the solid-body electric guitar "better" than the carved-top hollow-body "jazz" electric guitar? For certain...
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    Re: Most Common Clef for Mandola

    Speaking from a violist's standpoint, the very idea of attempting to read music written in treble an octave above the actual pitch makes my brain hurt. Treble at the actual pitch is all right,...
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