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  1. Re: Whiskey Before Breakfast at Black Moshannon

    Thanks for a great tune (working on it on mandolin in the past year as part of my AW classes).

    My momís family is from up around Phillipsburg, Boggs Twp. and Osceola Mills, where I spent many...
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    Re: What to pay for an old Gibson

    There's a 1912 on the Beaumont CL someone is asking $2k for. Been on the list for 4 days and accepting offers. Looks to be all there. Says there's a stable, repaired back crack (I didn't see it in...
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    Re: Hangin' Dog (Nancy Blake cover)

    Rather than start another thread, here's another Nancy Blake tune we have been working on. First tried it out at an open mic last week - the host's suggested "theme" was Father's Day, so this fit. I...
  4. Re: Another misidentified Gibson mandola at Guitar Center

    Guitar Center charges for shipping used gear. Store-to-store is often the cheapest, though you should assume packing is hit or miss. And, yes, you are still out that charge if it's returned. Pretty...
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    Re: Martin D28 question

    The Martin site has the serial number lookup table, and it would place that guitar in 1977, which, as noted, is not a real desirable year. But, it could still be a nice guitar, though someone would...
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    Re: Guitar flight case in overhead?

    As others said, you need to be in the first group boarding. I haven't flown this year (next week that changes), but the gate folks were very much aware of when the storage is starting to fill up and...
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    Re: Clip On Tuners / What Cha Got ?

    I've got the D'Addario "clip-free" Micro on both mandolins. Works well enough for me. Having it always there, never marking the headstock, or breaking are enough plusses to outweigh any negatives....
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    Re: Back removal

    I always thought that these are the sort of things that, at least in part, begat "sunburst" (or black!) finishes.
  9. Re: Golden Gate "Clown Barf" Extra Stiff Pick

    Banjo Ben sells a lot of different kinds of picks. I just buy a bunch (to spread out the $4 s/h) and throw the ones I don't like in the collection that I'll dump at Fuller's one of these days if they...
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    Re: post a video of yourself

    Sounded really good to me! (And, I have to ask, where's that sig come from? Your own pen? :))
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    Re: Crossrock Mandolin Cases

    Ok, today I got a replacement, and it was a yellow fiberglas case for a mandolin. But, pretty sure it's going back.

    The case seems reasonably well made. Lid fits just fine, latches are solid,...
  12. Re: What to look for when buying a vintage mandolin

    Kind of following.

    It does look like it's been "gussied up" a bit, which is fine if that hasn't involved an undisclosed overspray, or something like that. Since the tuners were replaced and the...
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    Re: Crossrock Mandolin Cases

    Update - a box arrived today that was [Crossrock] labeled "Tenor Ukulele Case Vintage Green" - they sent the wrong case. (Amazon's own, small sticker/barcode had it labeled as a mandolin case.)...
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    Re: Travel with mandocello...?

    Once you get into the smaller/regional flights, you have to assume anything might end up in the hold. Now, you might not be flying at 35000ft, and the flights are likely short enough sub-zero temps...
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    Re: Calton Cases - in pictures

    Those cases are so tempting...

    I looked long at hard at one for an upcoming trip, but the problem I have is I don't yet have a mandolin worthy of a case in that $ bracket, and if I did, well, the...
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    Re: Franks' Mandolin Kitchen

    That's a nice set of mandolins you have there! Seeing as you have been giving the Northfield a good workout, I had to go back and listen to the Collings and Pava to see where the Northfield sits, and...
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    Re: "The Mandolin Case" by Dr. Tom Bibey

    I missed that. Just grabbed a used copy off eBay.
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    Re: Asleep at the Wheel

    I saw them first in the late 70s and just pre-shutdown. Always a tight, tight, talented band and great show.
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    Re: Crossrock Mandolin Cases

    PSA - I just looked on Amazon and they're now priced around $280 for the fiberglass A/F model. They have a few bright yellow ones for $240, and I ordered one. Been fretting (NPI) over my upcoming...
  20. Cover of Gillian Welch's "Acony Bell"

    More a country/old-timey kind of tune, with the vocal taking the lead. I poke around on the mandolin doing the high (capo'd) intro/outro guitar part of the original.

    It's something I wanted to do...
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    Re: Bourgeois Mandolins!

    The A is $2699 for an A-style. Ouch. That's a lot of money - certainly pushing into Northfield territory. I wonder how the Fs will price and match up. (Note my sig, I really don't have a dog in this...
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    Re: Tuner Advice

    If they are not attached with a screw, which is what I see in recent pics of that model, as suggested above, you can try gluing the old button back together, on the shaft, with epoxy or super-glue,...
  23. Re: Odd (long) mandolin tuners - looking for options

    Thanks. I haven't come across Gotoh tuners but I will look.

    And, it's probably my old-rambling-guy wordiness, but the problem isn't the button shaft length, but the string post's length, and...
  24. Re: Odd (long) mandolin tuners - looking for options

    I have an email out checking on spare parts.

    I was not planning to do "anything drastic." The "planing" statement was not intended to be an option, as it's not my own mandolin and involves more...
  25. Odd (long) mandolin tuners - looking for options

    A friend from a small little bluegrass jam that resumed a couple months ago asked me to look at the '14 J. Bovier F5-T he has and is having problems with the tuners.

    The initial ask he had was...
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