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    Re: Another Original Tune

    Hello Don, missed this on the first go 'round. Another nice tune, cool arrangement and playing. And the video and pics are top-notch. Larry
  2. Re: Andrew and Emily of Watchhouse Band hit by car in crosswalk

    We were shocked and saddened to hear about this happening in our town. We have been following and appreciating the music of Andrew and Emily for a very long time - and of course had tickets to the...
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    Re: Waltz in 2020 Time: Original

    Very nice Don.... a fine sonic and visual display. Thx for sharing. Larry
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    Re: NMD Stanley A5 #68

    Hey Don, the Stanley sounds great as is, can’t imagine with a good mic or better yet, in person. Maybe someday…! The wood on the back is beautiful. Enjoy. Larry
  5. Sticky: Re: An invitation for members to use their real name

    Please change to my full name : Larry Mossman.
    thanks. L
  6. Re: Current classified ad for 1956 Martin 0 18T

    So I misspoke, It's a 1947. Here's a rough recording but gives you an idea of the beautiful ringing tone.
  7. Re: Current classified ad for 1956 Martin 0 18T

    Don't give up on finding one of these vintage Martin tenors... I have a 1950s Martin 018-T. I think they are great, and feel very fortunate to have this guitar. I had not played many before this one...
  8. Well, that was just plain wonderful... Loved the...

    Well, that was just plain wonderful... Loved the melodic ideas and the execution. Looks like the project release date is tomorrow. I'm in... L
  9. Re: Quarantine Collaboration - (and appreciation)

    Thanks for all the nice comments. Music has a way of connecting us and I am so grateful for all the great folks and wonderful times I have had playing music over the years. There is something about...
  10. Re: Quarantine Collaboration - (and appreciation)

    the rest of the story - in speaking with Don in early 2020 during the sale / purchase of the Passernig, come to find out that I have a really great Baird A4 that also use to belong to - you guessed...
  11. Quarantine Collaboration - (and appreciation)

    hello mandolin lovers....

    so here is a fun tale of 2 mandolins, a happy coincidence and a new pal.

    Most of the regulars here will know of Don Grieser, his frequent supportive comments on the...
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    Re: What if I bought the wrong instrument?

    It seems that you all may have scared off our poor OP - Minstrelle… you there..?

    or perhaps he doesn't live on the Café like some of you (us)… :)
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    Re: Luthier Paul Hostetter has passed away

    ooops I see this HAS been posted, please delete if possible. L
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    Re: Luthier Paul Hostetter has passed away

    maybe this has been posted already - sorry if this is redundant as I did not look thru all this thread.

    I really nice interview with Paul.

    I did not know him but he seems like a swell guy -...
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    Re: Matt Flinner on Duff

    I believe that tune is Midnight on the Water.

    Nicely rendered.

  16. Re: Jarrod Wlaker w/ Billy Strings - Paste Studio

    Maybe everybody knows except me, but is Jarrod playing a Wienman F-style mandolin? Sounds fantastic in very capable hands.

    Also, if it is from Wienman, anyone know if he has built any A-style...
  17. Re: Mandolin Mondays #176 w/ Special Guest Simon Mayor

    Wonderful. Love the interpretation and execution.
    Thx for taking the time to share that beautiful piece with us.
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    Re: Trying again

    Welcome back Allen.
    I always appreciate your shared wisdom.
  19. Re: The Traveling Pick Sampler - Anyone Interested?

    That's me...
    Sent you a PM.

  20. Re: Modern Oval Hole vs. Investing in my Teens Gibson A2

    Hey Barry, here is link to one in the Classifieds -

    I have one of Gavin's A4s from 1998 and just love it..!

    Not sure where you are in Canada -...
  21. Re: The Traveling Pick Sampler - Anyone Interested?

    I am interested in adding my name to list for the pick sampler.
    Seems like fun. Thx all. Larry
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    Re: Ricky Skaggs arm injury ?

    hey Tony, we just saw Phoebe Hunt and the Gatherers Saturday evening in Cedar Rapids Iowa. Great show... and I was looking forward to seeing, meeting and listening to Dominick Leslie. We were talking...
  23. Re: Article: Mandolin Orange's Andrew Marlin Comes Out From Under

    Michael - thanks for the interview and MC for the recognition of a very talented musician.

    Andrew - I have thoroughly enjoyed your work with Emily over the years. I have seen you guys in concert...
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    Re: Case recommendations

    Hey Ivan -

    Yes, as far as I know these are very similar in construction to the Travelight.. I assume the "molded core" is Styrofoam...??

    Here are specs as listed in Amazon ad -

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    Re: Case recommendations

    I chime in to offer a recommendation that I seldom see posted when this question about cases comes up on the Cafe', which appear often.

    I have appreciated the Zero Gravity case from TKL... I...
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