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  1. Re: Cheap beater mandolins that play, for leaving in the car etc?

    Savannah SA-120 mandolins are best value anywhere. You used to be able to buy them for 120 and they seem to be an all solid mandolin, believe it or not. I've had numerous high end mandolins costing...
  2. Re: Now that I have actually tried playing one.. a few questions

    Hi. I notice you have a Hogan F5> I just wondered if you could comment on it please. I know someone who owns one but I've never played and he is a long way from me. They read well. Even a private...
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    Stewmac Golden Age tuners

    A few months ago I mentioned on the forum that I had fitted Stewmac Golden Age tuners to my 1919 F4. Someone replied insinuating that it was a ridiculous idea and that in a few months they would turn...
  4. Re: Suddenly the 11th or 12th fret gave up on me

    Best to put a magnifying glass on the saddle slots and the NUT. It may be that, although not obvious, one of the strings is slightly higher or lower on the nut or saddle and this minute variation...
  5. Re: F5 Upgrade Guidance - Gibson, Collings, Northfield

    Northfield Big Mon is very hard to beat, all things considered. Definitely the best F5 I have played/owned in the last 50 years.
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    Re: Northfield 4th Gen F5

    I had a 2016 Big Mon and what a fabulous mandolin. Lockdown had me playing at home only and I found myself enjoying an old F4 I have. I ended up selling my Big Mon but after 50 years of handling all...
  7. Re: Made a Bone Saddle for my F4. Big Improvement!

    Really good article and well done on the whole thing. Mandolin certainly has a big full sound. I have a 1919 F4 which I'm very happy with but I must say the sound from yours is BIG.
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    Re: Gibson A-4, Teens vs 20s

    The only plus factor I see with snakeheads is that the strings don't touch each other (as they do with certain other old Gibson mandolins) and the nut slots don't have to be sideways as much. I think...
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    Re: My MAS is cured.

    I feel the same. MAS cured. I always loved the look of F4s yet after having 7 in the past 45 years I sold them all as they never worked in band situation. I had a good few great F-hole mandolins...
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    Re: Gibson A-4, Teens vs 20s

    The 1915 A4, if there are no issues, will be hard to beat for that oval hole sound. IMHO the '24 one falls into that category of rare and like snakeheads, somehow more desirable. Maybe to the...
  11. Re: Nature of instrument in 1845-1847 painting

    Mandolin-wrong proportions. Happens all the time.
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    Omeena built in Michigan

    The Cafe classified ads Omeena F5 built in Michigan looks like a great price for someone and amazes me in price. Be interested to hear what the buyer says about it. Just shows what can be done. as...
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    Re: Weird Intonation Issues

    I set up an Eastman octave mandolin for a friend a couple of weeks ago and happened to notice something very unusual. Normally the bridge top has E and D forward and A and G back. This original...
  14. Re: When did Gibson stop using Handel tuners?

    I seem to remember the definitive book by Walter Carter on Gibson mandolins saying that, contrary to years of speculation about Handel buttons being imported from Germany, they were actually made in...
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    Re: Frank Wakefield

    One of my favourite recordings is Butch Baldassari playing Frank Wakefield's 'Waltz in the bluegrass' from Travellers album. The mandolin is played wonderfully well as is the guitar solo.
  16. Re: Little Italy - my first composition for guitar and mandolin)

    These cheap Rogue mandolins used to b Savannah SA-120 and previously Johnson M100s (I think). I've had loads of them over years and they are best value mandolin by far. I often pick up my Savannah...
  17. Re: 4 string or 8 string that's the question....

    Agree 100%. If acoustic-8 strings. If electric- 4 strings although I think the Ovation 8 string electric mandolins have been well received over the years in terms of great pick up and no feedback. No...
  18. Re: Name the tune? (The Mandolin Store Eastman Mandola demo)

    Someone thinking of buying would be interested in tone, playability, action, intonation, volume comparison etc. I agree with other comments that this demo (and others) seem to be all about speed. ...
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    Re: Scottish Mandolins

    I play mandolin and am Scottish but I really don't think the term 'Scottish Mandolin' would refer to any particular instrument. It may be a term used to hint at the STYLE OF MUSIC having a Scottish...
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    Re: Nice Looking F4 at Music Folk

    Normally F4s have a pearl nut. I've had several F4s and replaced the pearl with a bone nut which I prefer, certainly on the Es and As.
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    Re: Nice Looking F4 at Music Folk

    Looks a good price for what it is. Strange how you an see some 1920s F4s at over $6000. This looks a good buy for someone.
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    Re: Two new Hlavaty F5 mandolins

    The First one sounds really good. Big sound and almost looks like a bigger body (like a Big Mon). Pity about having the fingerboard extension, being a new build. Serves no purpose, but , that aside,...
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    Re: My Gibson F4 and Eastman MD515v

    I think you have two really good mandolins and whatever maybe have been wrong with the F4 to make it half price doesn't seem to have had any great impact. The F4 has the warmer mellow sound, which I...
  24. Re: Any info on this mandolin would be appreciated

    Hi again. I just googled Cash Converters mandolin and saw a Repbl9c at 55. That is not the style they used to sell under the Republic name. It was the same mandolin as the Savannah SA-120 (many...
  25. Re: Vintage Bridge Placement - Wrong from the start?

    I don't think string tension/modern strings comes into this. The pickguard 'pin' which goes through the bridge may have seemed appropriate at the time but I dare say some of them were maybe slightly...
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