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    Re: Should I Resist Waverly Tuners?

    I really like my Waverly tuners, but they came on the 4th Gen. I'm not however planning to upgrade my F5S from the Gotohs. There is a noticeable difference, but I'm not sure I'd be happy with the...
  2. Re: Alan Bibey Mandolin Camp - Surfside Beach, SC

    Going to be a great time as always, looking forward to the new venue!
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    Re: What's this? 0-3-2-0

    It's basically just tab, but written horizontally instead of how it really should be vertically.
    Perpendicular tab? Chord tab?
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    Re: Monel strings - what to do, what to do?

    I actually just bought a few NB packs again (the 11.5-40s) to shake things up. I think I like them (again).
    Interestingly, I noticed on the Curt Mangan site that they state "Monel is also known as...
  5. Re: Article: Frank Solivan Hold On Album Interview

    Have listened to the record a couple of times through. I am enjoying it as much as I did the If You Can't Stand the Heat record, very good!
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    Re: Ready For The Times To Get Better

    My favorite version here. Bibey just kills those triplets

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    Re: Monel strings - what to do, what to do?

    I only have f hole mandolins. In my experience I preferred both Cut Mangan and D'addario monels over the Martins. Of course the Martins are the cheapest.
  8. Re: Transcription of Sam Bush's Cattle in the Cane

    So timely, I was just starting to work on that with Amazing Slowdowner the other day.
    Awesome, thank you for sharing!!
  9. Re: Knob Creek tab from Mike G of Steep Canyon Rangers


    Yea that D7 should be correct. You might be hearing it kind of clash with the F note that he brings up to F# after?
    I know on guitar Woody often capo'd up to 3rd fret and played out of E...
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    Re: Pro Plec 1.5

    I had actually switched from Blue Chips to the Pro Plec after hearing Mike's recommendation (and being very skeptical). Took a little time to grow on me and then I loved it.

    I do agree that the...
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    Re: Pro Plec 1.5

    The last pack I bought was pretty warped, but they didn't really bother me much. I did switch to Apollo picks though instead, but the price to quality ratio of Pro Plecs is sure hard to beat warped...
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    Re: Todd Phillips Released

    thanks for bringing this thread back up. I just found a nice copy of Released on Discogs. A nice addition to my collection!
  13. Re: Who Has a Northfield F5-S with Airloom case?

    No issue with the fit of my F5S or 4th Gen in the Recurve, Airloom rectangular, or Tura Dlx.
  14. Re: Darren Nicholson on obtaining his Lloyd Loar F-5

    Unfortunately, word on the internet is that Darren has turned to eating possum.
    Is this due to the large expense of acquiring such a fine instrument, or is he just a lover of the taste? Time will...
  15. Re: Jams and Music Stores in/around Boone, NC?

    I bought a wonderful Larrivee guitar from them about 20 years ago. According to Facebook they put the store up for sale in 2021 and Google says permanently closed. :(
  16. Re: Jams and Music Stores in/around Boone, NC?

    If you're after a 4th Gen, just order it from NF. You won't be disappointed. F5S are great and I own one too, but the 4th Gen is a beast and NF has a pretty high level of consistency.
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    Re: Airloom Tura carbon fiber mandolin case

    And several hundred dollars :)
    Glad you like it! I am struggling with the decision to put stickers on it or not. I love the look of the carbon fiber so much I am tempted to leave it alone. Maybe...
  18. Re: Gilchrist Using The Tone Traveler On Mike Compton's Mandolin

    Frankly, to me it sounds like you have some kind of invested interest in these things from the tone and content of your posts, which rubs me the wrong way. I also think it is hocus pocus. Carry on....
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    Re: NMD - Northfield Big Mon

    those sides are gorgeous!
    I recommend the straps Northfield sells or you can go to Harrison Straps on Facebook. He makes them for NF and will do custom names if you'd like that sort of thing. Great...
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    Re: Airloom Tura carbon fiber mandolin case

    There is significantly more room around the headstock sides with this case than with the older Canadian Calton I had (which actually touched sometimes).
    I have a Tone Gard and armrest on both of my...
  21. Re: Northfield Airloom Tura case versus Hoffee carbon fiber case

    There are not any locks on the latches. I have never owned a Hoffee and have only briefly seen one here or there, so I can't directly comment on the pros and cons comparing the two.

    My thoughts on...
  22. Re: Article: Northfield Airloom Tūra & Tūra DLX Cases Announced

    It feels really solid to me. Being that I got the case on it's own it basically had not had a mandolin in it before other than any test fit they might have done. Took a little wedging it get my 4th...
  23. Re: Article: Northfield Airloom Tūra & Tūra DLX Cases Announced

    I have had two Recurve cases (still have one) and have a Tura DLX. It is MUCH tougher, stiffer lid, etc. The storage area in the DLX is also significantly bigger. The Recurve is a great lightweight...
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    Re: Mandolin solo gigs with backing tracks?

    Here is the clip. Interesting. I argue that it would have been a more impactful performance if he just sang it solo, but that's my taste.

  25. Re: The weight balance between the head and body

    I use a Tone Gard and arm rest for other reasons, but they do help with the balance as well.
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