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    Re: Specific Pick Direction Question

    I was taught when I learned guitar that the smallest note value in the phrase, so 16th notes in this case, sets the "down up" pattern. This functionally turns your right hand into a subdividing...
  2. Sticky: Re: An invitation for members to use their real name

    Hi Scott,

    Please change mine to Benjamin Gieseke. The reference to a book I was into in high school is getting old. :D

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    Re: Why Mandolin?

    I think the first time I ever saw mandolin be played was the Goo Goo Dolls performing on some talk show, their guitar player had a mandolin that he wore up high and a Gibson SG slung low so he could...
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    Re: And just like that...

    Very nice! Congratulations!

    Regarding amp and effects pedals-not sure what your budget is, but probably the easiest and most cost effective way to jump in on effects and upgrade your amp at the...
  5. Re: Emando settings for ancient Digitech RP 200

    OK that helps, thank you! Individual settings are going to require some tweaking to taste on your end, but some broad recommendations (referencing the manual here)I would make are:
  6. Re: Emando settings for ancient Digitech RP 200

    Hello John,

    I used to have the Digitech RP80, little brother to your device, for years. Not quite as flexible but I imagine the sounds are pretty similar.

    It would help to know what you are...
  7. Re: When did you realize mandolin was your primary instrument?

    For me, it probably happened about 4 years ago in 2016 when I left my last job at a church that included a music component. I had wanted mandolin to be my primary instrument for years, but the demand...
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    Re: Rogue mandolin has no braces

    I've cut open a Rogue (long story) and as I recall it had one brace like piece of wood running straight down the middle. No idea if it would have held up over time.

    I did have a The Loar Lm-400...
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    Re: Mandolin Positioning When Sitting

    I second Chris Bowsman and Erin M's comments above. I was taught that whether you sit or stand your instrument should remain in the same position, so your technique does not change. For mandolin this...
  10. Re: Whatís going on with this bridge?

    I'm no luthier, but it looks to me like the bridge is sagging in the middle. I had one of those Fender mandolins and the bridge saddle actually broke in the middle and had to be replaced. Having a...
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    Re: Violinist to Mandolin Questions

    Hello! Welcome to the Cafe, and to mandolin! I also started out playing classical violin and took up mandolin along the way, I think you'll enjoy the experience!

    Regarding your questions:

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    Re: Dynamics for a beginner

    I've been wrestling with the dynamics question a lot over the last couple of years as I've started playing in a mandolin orchestra in addition to solo at home. Here's just a few of my...
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    Re: Favourite effects for electrics.

    Fulltone OCD for drive most of the time
    Outlaw Effects boost with bass and treble controls so I can sculpt it to the unique frequency range of emando
    Donner Golden Tremolo
    Earthquaker Devices...
  14. Re: If you could ask Chris Thile and the Punch Brothers one quest

    Thank you to everyone who replied for your suggestions and comments! They were very helpful and interesting to read. The VIP package was well worth it and easily one of the coolest experiences of my...
  15. If you could ask Chris Thile and the Punch Brothers one question.

    ...what would it be?

    I ask because my wife and I decided to treat ourselves to VIP passes to the Punch Brothers concert in St. Paul this weekend, which includes a Q&A session, and I'm trying to...
  16. Re: Why/how did you start playing mandolin?

    It's really fun to read how everyone got started!

    I started playing classical violin at 10 or so, in 5th grade, and picked up guitar as well when I was 12. Somewhere around age 14/8th grade I...
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    Re: NEMD! Eastwood Mandocaster content

    Thats a really good point, and one I need to get around to. I bought it used off Reverb, so I honestly have no idea whats on there for strings. I haven't played with the pickup height yet either, but...
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    Re: Post A Picture Of Yourself

    Love this thread! Replied once years ago but felt it was worth an update.
    Now playing a Summit F-200x in a community mandolin orchestra (I'm in the middle, wearing a tie):
    (Apologies for...
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    NEMD! Eastwood Mandocaster content

    Hello everyone,

    Don't post on here much, but just got an Eastwood Mandocaster in the mail a couple weeks ago and thought I'd report in.

    Here's the mando and rig I'm using at the moment (often...
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    Re: Post A Picture Of Yourself

    Hey everyone!

    Longtime fan of the cafe here, just introducing myself and thought this would be the best way to get started! I'm the guy on the left in the photo, taken when myself and a couple...
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