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    Case for a Calhoun

    I decided to buy a Calhoun and it will ship from the shop on Monday. I ‘d rather have a hard shell case than the gig bag but I’m told a standard A case will fit the shape but is deeper than the...
  2. Re: Update on "The Irish Mandolin" - and other stories

    Thank you so much!
    I don’t know beans about technology but that must have been a ton of work. As a beginner mandolin player and a relative newcomer to the music “The Irish Mandolin“ is a...
  3. Re: The sheer inexpressible delight of stumbling across a new tun

    A lovely, joyful ditty.
    Something I’ d want to whistle on a walk on a spring day.
    So, a welcome bright spot on a chilly November day.Thank you!

  4. Re: The sheer inexpressible delight of stumbling across a new tun

    I can’t read dots. So I did search to see if I could find a recording. I only found the financial establishments in a town in Alaska. Which I think was good for a laugh this morning.Guess I’ll have...
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    Re: Where To Find a Mandolin

    I live in suburban Chicago and while there are some real quality guitar shops within an hour drive, I can’t find one that stocks more than a few mandolins. One would think this close to one of the...
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    Article on Chief O’Neil

    Not mandolin specific but a good article about Chief O’Neil in...
  7. Re: What's your favorite mandolin resources?

    I have returned to learning mandolin after having given up years ago due to an injury. I had never got past the early beginner stage. This website is probably my most visited one . Since I came back...
  8. Re: Couple of tunes on the mandolin from Ye Vagabonds!

    Thanks for posting that.
    On the strength of it, I just ordered The Hares Lament.
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