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    Re: Adapting violin music for mandolin

    At the risk of blowing my own horn (or plucking my own string), I edited several movements from the Bach sonatas and partitas specifically for mandolin. I'm sure not every mandolinist would agree...
  2. Re: Sebastian de Grebber, Dutch Mandolin Chamber Orchestra

    I haven't seen anyone mention Neil Gladd. His name also should be included on your list.
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    Re: Mandolin classical literature

    Fwiw, here's a list of some of my own scribblings. I think they'd classify as "less well known music written specifically for Mandolin."
  4. Re: Any sources of classical works for mando and piano?

    At the risk of engaging in some shameless self-promotion, you might check out Some are available for free downloads, other are published.
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    Re: Tempo of a Mazurka?

    Fwiw, I wrote a "Mazurka of Malevolent Spirits" in a recent ballet and suggested the rather slow tempo of 100 bpm. But this is for a student ballet, and I wasn't sure whether the young dancers could...
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    Mandolin Duets

    As duets seem to be a topic this morning, I suppose it is appropriate for me to mention a set of duets I composed several years ago called Six Pantomimes for Two Mandolins. They were premiered about...
  7. Re: Bach's Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin Arranged for Mand

    Then there's this:
  8. Re: Het CONSORT celebrates its 25 years of existence with 2 conce

    My best to all on your upcoming concerts! May there be many years of performances yet to come! I deeply regret not being able to be with you in person this year, but I look forward to the day we can...
  9. Re: News from the Netherlands - Ferdinand Binnendijk

    Congratulations to all !!!
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    Remembering Alison Stephens

    I began this morning listening to Nigel Gathere's lovely homage to Alison titled 'My Beautiful Mandolin Friend' and recalled what a charming person she was (in addition to being a superb...
  11. Re: Pantomime No. 1 for Two Mandolins (John Craton)

    Nicely done, Martin!

    My original intention for these pieces actually was to make them all about the same level as No. 1, since at the time I was planning on writing them for a student. But --...
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    Re: Mandolin Orchestras in the U.S.

    You'd think I'd remember the H, given that I'm a huge Penguins fan. We'll chalk it up to old eyes.
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    Re: Mandolin Orchestras in the U.S.

    Thanks so much for the Mandolislan link! I thought surely someone had compiled a comprehensive list before, but my search for one this morning did not locate anything. And I was quite surprised not...
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    Mandolin Orchestras in the U.S.

    I suppose my OCD is kicking in, but I am trying to compile a comprehensive list of all the mandolin orchestras currently active in the United States. Below I list all the ones I know of, all of which...
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    Curti Mandolin Method

    The German website Mandoisland has published a very comprehensive review of the Carlos Curti mandolin method (published in facsimile edition by Wolfhead Music) which includes extensive biographical...
  16. Re: CAPRICCIO SPAGNUOLO- Munier by Sebastiaan de Grebber, mandoli

    Fabulous performance! Thanks for posting.
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    Curious eBay listing

    Odd that the seller of this instrument would not know a mandolin when they see one but yet still know about the existence of a rare Serbian instrument called a gusle (which this isn't):
  18. Re: 6 Easy pieces by Edward Elgar for Mandolin (Violin) & Piano

    Thanks for posting these delightful little gems! They're all such lovely little pieces that are far too often neglected by many violin (and mandolin) teachers today.
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    Re: Members' Compositions

    John Craton - scroll down, there are quite a few pieces for mandolin. prob best to search for that word.

    Thanks for posting the link, Jim. Here's a link to a more concise listing of just my...
  20. Re: What are some good beginner Renaissance songs/tunes?

    Just tried it here on 3 different computers and it works fine. If it continues not working for you please let me know. You also could copy and paste the URL
  21. Re: What are some good beginner Renaissance songs/tunes?

    You might want to check out a collection of medieval/Renaissance pieces I put together several years ago called "Divertissements médiévaux." It's for violin & piano (violin all in 1st position) but...
  22. Re: New Video Sonata Marittima by Victor Kioulaphides

    Wonderful composition, wonderfully performed! Bravissimo!! Thanks for posting.
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    Re: Free sheet music

    After sending out several dozen of these CDs, somone finally notified me to let me know of a few discrepancies in the mp3 files. Evidently a few of the mp3s play something other than what is...
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    Re: Christmas Rag

    Thanks for the kind comments. I have posted a PDF of the score here. If anyone would like to request individual parts, please feel free to contact me privately at Thanks!
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    Christmas Rag

    As we move into the Christmas season, here is perhaps the only ragtime with a distinctly Christmas theme, the "Holly and Mistletoe" rag by Geraldine Dobyns, arranged here for mandolin orchestra:...
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