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    Prayer for Dennis @ The Mandolin Store

    For those of you so inclined, I would ask that you keep Dennis Vance in your prayers. He is facing some medical issues that must be addressed in the near future. I do not wish to, nor do I intend to...
  2. Re: Do I need a repair person who specializes in mandolins?

    It all comes down to the competence of the person who does the work, and unfortunately, we have no good way to know how competent someone is until we are personally familiar with his/her work. We...
  3. I got a really cool compliment yesterday!

    I got a really cool compliment yesterday!

    So, I'm the pastor of a small yet awesome church in Illinois. We had our church Christmas program yesterday. I played along with the...
  4. Re: More Bad News/Press for Gibson's Electric Guitar Division

    Just imagine what Gibson mandolins will sell for when they aren't made anymore...
    Or maybe Two Old Hippies will buy the Mandolin division and offshore the production.
  5. Re: Does this look legit or scammy -- offer to buy

    100% pure scam b.s. Take this from someone that blocks this crap every day of the year, year-round, for decades.

    OK, I'll play along to the next person on the internet that wants to engage in...
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    Re: Selling a Mandolin

    Interesting thread. Especially for me, as I am the owner of RedLine Acoustics! Great feedback, by the way, both for Kevin and myself.

    This (lack of a sale) so far puzzles me too. Kevin is a great...
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    Wimping out

    I did myself a favor. I used to play J-75's but dropped to J-74's (now EJ-74's). Today I put a set of EJ-73's on my F5G and I have rediscovered the joys of clean picking :cool:

    I'll attribute it...
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    Re: Retirement

    I've been retired for almost 4 years now. A friend asked me what I do every day. I told him, "Any thing I want to do."
  9. Thread: Retirement

    by Br1ck


    Thought I'd start a new thread as the dream thread has had a bunch of folks mention retirement. Yesterday I was having some minor work done on my trailer and a young guy there was thinking how nice...
  10. visited Cumberland Acoustics last weekend

    Last Saturday I had the pleasure to meet Steve Smith at Cumberland Acoustics near Nashville. I bought a new CA bridge from him, as well as a nifty jig he makes for perfectly fitting the bridge to...
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    sometimes, its right in front of you

    in 2011, my daughter(8 yrs old at the time), spoke up one day while the family was riding down the road.
    "I want to learn to play the mandolin"

    both of us jerked up I suppose, there...
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