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    Re: Today's favorite stomp box...

    My fave pedal for eMando is my Pigtronix Envelope Phaser. I can get mine to sound like a trumpet!

    I like a bit of delay and reverb under the tone then build from there.
  2. Re: Remember that $199 MK mandolin from years ago?

    As a matter of fact I was playing mine this morning thinking what a wonderful instrument it is, and such a good deal (thanks Mike). Lots of volume and crisp "snap" but with body. Great neck, tuning...
  3. Re: Epiphone MM-30: Should I Improve It, Or Upgrade?

    From the pic all that seems to need is a fret level and dress, part of a routine setup procedure.

    If you can spring for a better instrument, by all means, but you'll always need a beater and this...
  4. Re: Gig or inexpensive case for Ibanez tenor guitar

    Check out the Harley Benton first. It's the same design but has a solid sitka spruce top. The Ibanez is plywood.
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    Re: Eastwood Rickenbacker

    It's somewhat ironic that guitar players complain about how skinny Ric guitar necks [12 string in particular] are while mando players complain about how wide their mando necks are. :grin:
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    Re: Mando vs. Mandola for swing jazz

    Mandola is in the tenor tuning range - tenor banjo and mandola are tuned the same - so that sound has a long history in jazz.

    I agree with the 5-string suggestion. Mandola and mandolin tuning in...
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    Re: Dillion Electric Mandolins

    You might get more feedback posting in the Electric Mandolin section.

    Dillion makes some interesting designs that have tempted me over the years. I think all these off-brands are coming out of a...
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    Poll: Re: Thoughts on electric practice instrument

    I have a Fender 5-string emando that's a 4 with a low C (or a tenor with a high E). It's built like a thinline Tele so as a semi-hollow it doesn't have much acoustic volume.

    Primary difference...
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    Re: another Republic Highway 49 coming

    I had a Republic Mandolian for the longest time. As well made as any of them but it did need a serious setup and a new biscuit bridge. The one that came was a soft wood so my luthier made one with...
  10. Re: New Kentucky KM-606 mandolins are in the wild!

    You make good points. AFAIK the LM600 is The Loar's rendition of what Lloyd was signing back in the 1920s. While I've not tried one of those I do have a LH-300-VS archtop guitar of theirs that is...
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    Re: Case for Kay Archtop

    I sorta went through this with a Harmony tenor. Because of the depth at the bridge you're looking at a very large case.

    My Harmony fit perfectly (except for the short neck) the case I have for my...
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    Gibson K-5 Mandocello story

    Vintage Guitar magazine has an article on the Gibson K-5 Mandocello with a lot of early mandolin history
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    Some new tenors

    Looks like Eastwood is planning a bunch of new tenors and such including a Strat-style tenor and mandola and a Les Paul styled 8-string eMando (NFI):
  14. Re: Eastwood Classic Tenor - Experiences from other owners?

    I'm doing fine, Huck - thanks and kind regards to you as well.

    I don't have any experience with TV Jones pickups, sorry. A few thoughts to keep in mind though. There wasn't much thought put into...
  15. Re: Eastwood Classic Tenor - Experiences from other owners?

    I don't have a problem with any of that. In fact I encourage players personalizing instruments to their tastes

    Unfortunately this guitar sold as a semi-hollow - which means a center block to...
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    Re: Eastman El Rey?

    No problem. Fretboard has a radius to it.

    I really like the feel of the neck - sits nicely in the hand. No pencil thin or tree-trunk. Reminded me of my Paris Swing which has a modern neck carve to...
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    Re: Eastman El Rey?

    2 considerations - volume and tone. The K&K is going to get you a bit of a better acoustic tone but will cause feedback problems at gigging volumes. For a working musician I would take the El Rey...
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    Re: Eastman El Rey?

    I got to try an El Rey in a store today and I'm sold.

    Beautiful build. Looks great, feels great and - plugged in - sounds great. Even the HSC is done with lots of class. The whole package just...
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    Re: my homemade mandolin and case

    Very nice. And it's super special!

    (Not sure if it's the lighting or not but in pic 5 it doesn't look like the bridge foot is making even contact with the top.)
  20. Thread: Danelectro

    by Verne Andru

    Re: Danelectro

    That's a nice piece.

    Nat Daniels, the Dan behind Danelectro, was a genius whom we all owe a huge debt of gratitude. The most important of his many contributions was to design the push-pull (or...
  21. Re: Article: Out of Stock - A Pandemic Supply and Demand Story

    Considering many sectors had moved to a just-in-time inventory system it's curious it took a year for this to manifest. Guess it speaks to the amount of inventory in the channel when the pandemic...
  22. Re: Article: Out of Stock - A Pandemic Supply and Demand Story

    Thanks - very nice read.
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    Re: Alternate Reality Fender Tenor Tele

    After a lot of years mucking about I put together a rig that handles most chores. I went with separate clean and crunch rigs that I switch between with an A/B pedal.

    Each rig has it's own effects...
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    Re: A little pickup advice?

    Yeah you can buy mass produced cables but I opted to go DIY. I've had lots of problems with noise and such in cheap cables.

    I used the best quality audio cable and jacks I could get to ensure...
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    Re: A little pickup advice?

    It's wired to a TRS output jack.

    When Piezo is selected on the 3-way it's obviously just that pickup solo.

    When Both pickups are selected (middle position) they are mixed in parallel (not...
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