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    Re: Let's hear your BEST musical joke?

    Jokes seem to have this tightrope quality of producing tears either way. Ironically, that's considered a sign of success, as opposed to deadpan.
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    Re: Sad news: John Goodin died yesterday

    I played one or two of his tunes, and this is a moment to stand back in reverence. May he play on in a better world.
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    Re: Octave Recommendations?

    Happy with my Fylde Touchstone, never looked elsewhere again.
  4. Re: Looking at your hands while playing -- opinions?

    I look at the fretboard, mainly because I have to look at something that does not divert my attention, and to aim for the longer doublestop jumps (can't do without on the OM).
  5. Re: Looking for something darker and throatier

    I see an OM player in the making... Resistance is useless.
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    Re: Ugliest F-4 ever?

    Can't rule that out. They had their "version" of the '56 Ford Thunderbird, after all. But a sense of aesthetic beauty does not cost money, and whoever did this could have done better with the means...
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    Re: Ugliest F-4 ever?

    The headstock looks like flop-eared Batman with a port-wine stain. And the body shows symptoms of a miscarriage in the making...
  8. Re: "This mandolin was intact until my son sat on it"

    Kids seem to be more heavy-weight nowadays...
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    Re: Soares'y Electric Tenor

    I recently got a Strat with three single-coils from him, and it works fine for what I do with it. I have settled into keeping it switched to the middle pickup.
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    Re: Tell me it gets easier.

    The guitar player's custom of having his fingers parallel with the frets will run him into problems with the mandolin, because fingers can't be spread wide enough to cover a 5th, not even on a small...
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    Re: Not Mandolin butů..

    Tried it myself with the OM and a rosined wooden stick, but have by now moved to the Pickaso Bow that banjo player used (bit expensive, but works much better).
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    Re: Not Mandolin butů..

    On to something there, thanks for the heads-up, killntime!
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    Re: Not Mandolin butů..

    That bowing technique is something I must try.
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    Re: Do you name your instruments?

    I never name inanimate objects, with one exception: or vacuum cleaner robot is called "Franziska" (as you would have a name for a cleaning woman...).
  15. Re: A potential project or a horrible concept?

    I see two options -

    - make a wishbone and find water
    - follow the concept of Wood Viper violins
  16. Re: Looking for some insight into microtonal mandolin

    Same here. That's when an Irish musician falls through a time warp in mid-session and wakes up in a Marrakesh market.
  17. Re: What do you keep your picks and stuff in?

    I guess that was on the eve of April 1st - "elephant ivory guitar pick" :disbelief:
  18. Re: How has the mandolin changed your guitar playing?

    I never played DADGAD (or much guitar at all, come to that), but it is a compelling concept when you
    - love the drone of open strings
    - want to use a minimum number of fretting fingers
    - have no...
  19. Re: How has the mandolin changed your guitar playing?

    Since I never played the guitar in any serious way, nothing has changed.
    However, my exposure to CBOMs got me acquainted with open tunings, and if I had known that in my youth, I would have...
  20. Re: This weeks mandolin that won't get a bid or buyer

    Schr÷dinger's guitar, in fact. If mysteries are the new hype, we might as well sell empty locked mandolin cases with a "Shmergel" logo on them and a matching conspiracy theory.
  21. Re: What do you keep your picks and stuff in?

    Altoids tin here. It is just big enough for picks, fingerpicks, thumbpicks and a Shubb capo.
  22. Re: Just tuning. Will it make things better?

    With the fretboard being the compromise it is, compromise is the best you can do. Even the circle of fifths is mathematically not correct, because after going up a fifth 12 times you are not exactly...
  23. Re: Octave Mandolin/mandocello...that thing that's an octave lowe

    70% mandolin fingering on my 21" OM, but I do lots of doublestops where you have to let go of that, plus I avoid using the pinky in most cases and carry my doublestops up the neck by moving my hand a...
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    Re: Bouzouki, OM, or Mandola?

    With all the conditions given in the OP, I'll say go for bouzouki. With banjo experience in the scale length and open tunings, it's a small step for one player and a big leap for the band :grin:
  25. Re: Do great looking mandolins have to sound better?

    yes, that's a rather singular phenomenon, and they were never claiming better sound, rather more mojo, if you will.
    Plus, casks were not prominently used - the tops are made from washbacks (larch...
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