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  1. Re: String Gauges For Cittern, changing Unisons to Octaves

    If you calculated the tension and tried a pair of strings already, you just need to experiment a bit. If the tension is to high, just buy the next available (lower) weight. I once used a string that...
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    Re: Adding strap buttons

    Drilling a hole for the tiny screw that a strap button requires is a safe thing to do - and it can easily be fixed/closed later. Just make sure that you find a spot of solid wood. I added a button to...
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    Re: Octave mando 4 or 5 courses?

    I'm playing the Eastman MDO305 that has a rather short scale length of 21". I string it with the lower two courses in octaved tuning (Gg dd' a'a' e''e''). I use strumming to accompany a singer as...
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